The World’s First Anti-Holocaust Convention — Instauration Dec, 1979


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[In this article, written for the Dec. 1979 edition of the revisionist journal, Instauration, an interesting account is given of the first ever, “Anti-Holocaust” convention, with speakers including: Robert Faurisson from France; John Bennett from Australia; Udo Walendy from Germany; Louis FitzGibbonfrom Britain; Arthur Butz and James Martin from the US. This was held in Los Angeles and organized by the Institute for Historical Review  —  KATANA.]

Instauration – Dec, 1979

The World’s First 

Anti-Holocaust Convention



World’s First Anti-Holocaust Convention

— Instauration, Dec. 1979

A great and historic weekend — $50,000 offered for proof of gassing.

Labor Day weekend marked what may be the end of one historical epoch and the beginning of another — the end of the domination of the Six Million myth over the Western mind and the start of a new wave of historical revisionism that might well signal the reappearance of truth in history.
The Revisionist Convention of the Institute for Historical Review was held at Northrop Institute of Technology in Los Angeles. Speakers came from all over the world: Robert Faurisson from France; John Bennett from Australia; Udo Walendy from Germany; Louis FitzGibbon from Britain; Arthur Butz and James Martin from the US.
The proceedings began on Friday, August 31. Some of those present already knew each other. For the most part, however, the faces belonged to new converts to the anti-Holocaust cause. A significant proportion of the attendance were engineers — people with a liking for hard facts who instinctively resist overblown claims and sly innuendo. Also present were several physicists, a brace of computer programmers and one commercial airline pilot. The convention was dedicated to the memory of the founding father of revisionism, Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes, who passed into the realm of eternal history in 1968.*
*[Actually, Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes passed away on Aug. 25, I969]


[Image] James Martin (left) with Harry Barnes, 1954.
Saturday, the meeting began in earnest in the Northrop auditorium.
The delegates were formally welcomed by Willis Carto, one of the organizers of the Institute for Historical Review and the dynamic force behind Liberty Lobby. He then yielded to the permanent chairman George Resch, a libertarian investment counsellor associated with the Institute for Human Studies in San Francisco.


[Image] Willis Cartos (undated photo).
The first speaker was Dr. James Martin, life-long friend and colleague of Barnes, who presented a lively and informative chronology of revisionism. The only professional historian at the meeting, Martin remarked that we need not worry that very few present-day revisionists are professional historians. After all, not one of the Holocaust promoters is! Martin asserted many modern historians privately accept the truth of the revisionist argument, but are afraid to come out and say so. “There are two ‘Six Million’ atrocity stories,” Martin stated:
In Soviet propaganda the gassed six million are Slavs, not Jews. The Kremlin uses the myth to buttress the Soviet policy of keeping Germany divided and disarmed.
Dr. Arthur Butz, author of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, presented a fascinating account of developments in the revisionist field since publication of his book in 1976.


[Image] Dr. Arthur Butz, author of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.
Butz described the continuing persecution of individuals in Europe who dared to question the Holocaust. Manfred Roeder, the German attorney, was expelled from the German bar, prosecuted for writing the foreword to Thies Christophersen’s Auschwitz Lie, and had to flee the country. Christophersen himself was given a suspended jail sentence for writing the truth about Auschwitz and faces a further trial upon his return to West Germany.


[Image] Thies Christophersen’s Auschwitz Lie with a foreword by Manfred Roeder
See: https://katana17.wordpress.com/2013/05/05/auschwitz-a-personal-account-by-thies-christophersen/
Butz also explained that Dr. Wilhelm Staglich, author of the recently published Auschwitz Myth and a retired Hamburg judge who served in an anti-aircraft battery at Auschwitz, has also been subject to legal attack. His pension was reduced by 20% for five years for contradicting death camp atrocity tales.


[Image] Dr. Wilhelm Stäglich, (1916 – 2006) German judge and historian, was an important revisionist writer, most notably for his detailed study, Der Auschwitz-Mythos (The Auschwitz Myth). During the Second World War he served from mid-July to mid-September 1944 as an Ordonnanzoffizier (orderly officer) on the staff of an anti-aircraft detachment stationed near the Auschwitz camp. As part of his duties, he maintained contact with the SS camp command, and had unlimited access to the Auschwitz main camp, where the command was headquartered.
When he appealed, the judge ruled it was no good introducing the books, or articles of Butz and Faurisson as evidence, because Butz and Faurisson were pseudonyms! As for the German translation of the Hoax of the Twentieth Century, Butz said it has been placed on the Bonn government’s “Index“, which means that it may not be advertised, or sold to minors.
Butz went on to relate that late in 1978 a respected German historian, Professor Hellmut Diwald, had published his massive History of the Germans by Propylaen, a division of Axel Springer’s publishing combine.


[Image] Professor Hellmut Diwald’s book “Geschichte der Deutschen” (History of the Germans).
On two pages, Diwald wrote some critical things about the Holocaust story. The press shrieked for censorship. Golo Mann, Thomas Mann’s half- Jewish son, declared:
These two pages are the most monstrous that I have yet to read in a German book since 1945.
The publisher responded to the clamor by recalling the first edition of the book and substituting an altered version in which the offending pages were rewritten. Springer promised that this was only the start of an extensive job of rewriting and that eventually the history would be “unrecognizable.
In the English-speaking world, Butz said, most of the efforts to suppress revisionism have been through the “curtain of silence” technique. But from time to time there had been official government intervention. Harwood’s work Did Six Million Really Die? was banned in South Africa at the behest of the Jewish Board of Deputies, which published an “Answer to Harwood” called Six Million Did Die. The German translation of Harwood’s book was placed on the German “verboten-for-young- people” Index in late 1978.
The Institute of Jewish Affairs in London published in the psychopolitical journal Patterns of Prejudice the only critique of Butz worthy of the name that has appeared anywhere in the world. In April 1977, Butz wrote the magazine Index on Censorship in London, which is supposed to defend academic freedom, and followed up his letter with a personal visit in the summer of 1977. No action was taken.
Butz concluded his lecture by underlining the unacademic behavior of academics toward the controversy. He gave as an example Professor Wolfe of New York University who wrote to the New York Times condemning a book which he called Fabrication of a Hoax. He demanded that Butz be brought up on charges of “academic incompetence.” Clearly, the man had never read the book and had only seen a New York Times mention of it, where the title had been incorrectly reported. In an afterthought, Butz philosophized:
I’ve never been able to understand the hostile reaction from Zionist groups. Jews should be elated to discover that large numbers of their people were not deliberately destroyed.
Next on the program was Udo Walendy, the German translator of Butz’s book, who gave his first English-language lecture. His subject was faked atrocity photographs, of which he showed many dramatic examples.


[Image] Udo Walendy, born in 1927 in Germany, is one of the most prolific revisionist researchers, writers and publishers in the world. He has written numerous books and since the early 1970s has been publishing a German periodical called Historische Tatsachen (Historical Facts), so far encompassing over 110 issues — including the German version of Did Six Million Really Die? and the German language version of the first Leuchter Report.
Walendy, who had been fired from his teaching job, because of his political views, exhibited an enlargement of one widely reproduced photograph of supposed victims of Dachau gas ovens. When it was established that Dachau never had any gas ovens, investigation proved the picture actually showed German corpses collected after the saturation bombing of Dresden.
On Saturday evening the convention members were “entertained” with a variety of Holocaust propaganda films, including Genocide (Britain), The Nuremberg Trials (USA) and Nacht und Nebel (France). Butz, Walendy and Faurisson presented a critique of each film in turn, but it was not long before viewers themselves were able to decipher the routine formula of the films, since each used almost exactly the same stills and clips.
The “martyred Warsaw ghetto boy” (now alive, well and well off in Britain) appeared in the films looking as plaintive as ever. As Faurisson pointed out, the commentary did not state that he had been arrested in a crackdown on juvenile thieves.


[Image] “Martyred Warsaw Ghetto Boy”. This photograph, perhaps the most familiar Holocaust image, shows seven-year-old Tsvi Nussbaum as he raises his hands in Warsaw in 1943. After the war, Nussbaum moved to Israel, and then to the United States, where he worked as a physician in New York State.
* D. Margolick, “Rockland Physician Thinks He is Boy in Holocaust Photo on Street in Warsaw,” The New York Times, May 28, 1982, pp. B1, B6; P. Moses, “Haunting Reminder,” New York Post, Feb. 20, 1990, p. 5.; In 1978 a London businessman named Israel (Issy) Rondel claimed to be the “Warsaw ghetto boy.” See: J. Finkelstone, “‘Ghetto boy’ lives here,” Jewish Chronicle (London), August 11, 1978, pp. 1, 2.; C. Harris, “Warsaw Ghetto Boy: Symbol of The Holocaust,” The Washington Post, Sept. 17, 1978, pp. L1, L9. This claim later proved to be untrue. See: E. Kossoy, “The boy from the ghetto,” Jerusalem Post, Sept. 1, 1978, p. 5.
The audience searched in vain for shots and bodies piled up vertically/horizontally/pyramidically (depending on which Holocaust “expert” one reads) in gas chambers at Auschwitz. The gruesome shots came from Belsen, where thousands died of typhus epidemics, because no Zyklon B was available to disinfect the camp’s new arrivals.


[Image] Professor Faurisson. For more than 20 years, Robert Faurisson has been Europe’s foremost Holocaust revisionist scholar. He was born on January 25, 1929, in Shepperton, England. His father was French and his mother was Scottish. As a boy and young man, he attended schools in Singapore, Japan, and in France. He was educated at a Lycée in Paris, and at the renowned Sorbonne. For his views Faurisson has repeatedly been a victim of physical assault. Between November 1978 and May 1993 he was a victim of ten attacks, at least nine of them carried out by Jewish thugs. None of the criminal assailants in any of these assaults has ever been brought to justice.
Sunday morning, Professor Faurisson delivered an address on the fraudulent gas chambers at Auschwitz. He compared the alleged asphyxiation of inmates to the execution of murderers in American prison gas chambers, pointing out that it was the neutralization of the gas which posed the most problems. In the US a full hour must pass before the gas chamber can be opened. The prisoner’s body must then be hosed down by a clean-up squad wearing gas masks and rubber gloves. Fans expel the almost neutralized gas into the atmosphere, but even then the risk is still so high that the guards must come down from their watchtowers to avoid the possibility of receiving a fatal dose of gas. The gas chamber itself must be hermetically sealed.
[Image] Rudolf Höss (center) was born in Baden-Baden on 25 November 1900, the son of pious Catholic parents. Höss was appointed as the first Commandant at Auschwitz concentration camp on 1 May 1940 and held this position until 1 December 1943 (3 years, 7 months). Höss was arrested by British military police near Flensburg, Schleswig- Holstein, on 2 March 1946, tortured and then handed over to the Polish authorities just over two months later.  He was executed by hanging on 7 April 1947, next to the house inside the Auschwitz camp, where he had lived with his wife and five children.
Faurisson asked the delegates to compare these precautionary measures with the account of Rudolf Hoss, one of the commandants of Auschwitz. In his “confession” to his Polish Communist jailers, Hoss stated the gas chamber operators entered the chamber immediately (sofort) after gassing 2,000 jews, while eating and drinking (and therefore not wearing gas masks). Faurisson demanded:

What kind of super-powerful fan could have evacuated the room so efficiently that it even removed the hydrocyanic acid (gas) from the entire room, from the pockets of air in between the bodies and from the walls, clothing, hair and bodies?

He then asked the audience to compare the Hoss confessions with the reality of the structures at Auschwitz. With a series of slides, some of which he obtained from the Auschwitz museum staff, Faurisson showed that the structure which is currently represented as a gas chamber is nothing of the sort. The entry to the room is not a hermetically sealed steel door, as described in Holocaust tracts. The “peephole” so frequently described is not in the gas chamber door, but in the door of an adjacent anteroom. Since there is an ordinary glass window high up in the gas chamber, Faurisson wondered why those being gassed could not have smashed their way our, or at the very least smashed the glass to allow the gas to escape.

Resolution unanimously adopted at the Revisionist Convention

We, the speakers, delegates and officers of the Institute for Historical Review 1979 Revisionist Convention, meeting at Los Angeles this September 2, after reviewing the evidence that the Germans killed six million Jews during World War II in an unprecedented act of genocide, and considering both sides of this question, as well as the evidence of genuine atrocities, resolve the following:
WHEREAS the facts surrounding the allegations that gas chambers existed in occupied Europe during World War II are demonstrably false, and
WHEREAS the whole theory of “the Holocaust” has been created by and promulgated by political Zionism for the attainment of political and economic ends, specifically the continued and perpetual financial support of the military aggression of Israel by the people of Germany and the U.S., and
WHEREAS the constantly escalating level of “Holocaust” propaganda distributed by the mass media and government agencies is poisoning the minds of the American people, especially youth, and
WHEREAS we are conscientiously concerned that this strident hate propaganda is seriously impeding the necessary peace, unity, brotherhood and understanding that we desire among all the peoples of the Western World; now therefore,
BE IT RESOLVED we urge that the Congress of the US investigate the whole question of war guilt, military aggression in the 20th century, the relationship of private political and banking interests with military aggression, deceitful wartime propaganda masquerading as fact, the real responsibility for war, twisted history, the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, proven atrocities and genocide, such as the murder of thousands of Ukrainians and Poles at Vinnitsa in 1937 and Katyn in 1940 and the truth of the alleged extermination of six million Jews in Europe during World War II.
Most astonishing of all, Faurisson showed pictures of the far end of the gas chamber where there is an open doorway, but no door! In fact, it appears there was never a door. The doorway leads to the crematorium where corpses were incinerated. How was it, Faurisson asked, that the gas stayed in the room and did not flow out and gas the incinerator workers? And how was it that the Germans used hydrocyanic acid, which is inflammable and explosive, so near the ovens?
At regular intervals along the gas chamber walls were the remains of partitions which had previously divided the room into segments. Puzzled by this, Faurisson took the original German plans of the room to a specialist in mortuary construction in Paris, who took one look at them and said straight away that the structure was obviously a morgue. Part of it had been built underground to keep the bodies cool.
[Image]  Katyn Massacre (1977). Louis FitzGibbon (1925 – 2003), a British scholar and humanitarian, was active for years in publicizing the suppressed truth about the 1940 killing of thousands of captured Polish officers by the Soviet secret police. Although the facts about the massacre are now well established, during the 1970s his efforts on behalf of justice and historical truth were considered controversial because many people still endorsed the World War II claim by the Allied powers that the gruesome wartime killings had been carried out by German authorities.
Next on the program was Louis Fitz-Gibbon, the English author of Katyn, and half-brother of the pro-Holocaust writer Constantine Fitz-Gibbon (who translated the Hoss “confessions”). Louis presented a film about the Katyn massacre produced by the Polish Ex-Combatants Association in Britain. He then described his personal quest for 10,000 other missing Poles not found at Katyn. The author described how he had finally found what he was looking for, in the form of a KGB document which gave all the horrifying and clinical details of a similar massacre.
The final speaker of the morning session was Dr. Austin App, an elder statesman of the revisionist movement. The theme of his talk was the injustice of postwar reparations which pumped untold billions of dollars and marks into Israel – all, because of an “imaginary crime.
[Image] Dr. Austin J. App (1902-1984) was a German-American scholar, was a major revisionist author and publicist. App was the author of more than a thousand articles, columns and book reviews, which appeared in a wide range of American and European periodicals, as well as of eight books.
In the afternoon the delegates reassembled to listen to Devin Garrity, head of Devin-Adair publishing house, who spoke about his life-long struggle against censorship in the publishing industry.
John Bennett, an Australian civil liberties lawyer, gave a short talk on what he had been up to down under, publishing his own flyers and sending Butz’s books to libraries and historians.
[Image] John T. Bennett (1936-2013) was for decades well known in Australia as a vigorous and outspoken defender of civil liberties and freedom of speech and inquiry. He is also known as a Australia’s leading revisionist writer and publicist.
Bennett was drawn into the controversy when Australian Zionists tried to force a Palestinian radio program off the air. In the course of defending the Palestinians’ right of free speech, he found the Butz book was being suppressed by the same crowd. Bennett quoted a real gem from one of his critics, a Dr. Rubenstein:

Were the Holocaust shown to be a hoax, the number one weapon in Israel’s propaganda armory disappears.

The convention ended with a dramatic announcement from Willis Carto. He said the Institute for Historical Review was releasing a press statement offering a $50,000 reward to any person, anywhere in the world, who could prove that Nazis had operated gas chambers to exterminate Jews.
News of the reward, Carto stated, would be forwarded to the publishers of so-called “witness testimony” with the request that the witnesses step forward to have their evidence examined by a panel of knowledgeable investigators. As of November 25, no claimants for the reward had shown up. Carto also announced that the Institute would soon be starting a new publication journal of Historical Review to provide a platform for revisionists from around the world and that the first issue in the spring of 1980 would contain transcripts of the papers presented at the convention.*
Before the convention disbanded, the delegates were unanimous in expressing their profound thanks to the organizers for their foresight and courage. They had reason to only a few years ago such a meeting on such a subject would have been unthinkable.
* Subscriptions to the Journal of Historical Review cost $20 per year. But as an introductory offer charter subscribers will only be charged $16 and will also receive at no additional charge Katyn by Louis Fitz-Gibbon. The address is Institute for Historical Review, P.O. Box 1306, Torrance, CA 90505.


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AUSCHWITZ – A Personal Account by Thies Christophersen

Auschwitz - A Personal Account- Cover NEW

By katana17, May 5, 2013


A Personal Account by

Thies Christophersen

Introduction  by Dr. Manfred Roeder
First published in German in 1973 under the title Die Auschwitz Luge


More than 100,000 copies in five languages distributed!


First English edition 1974 under the title The Auschwitz Lie
Completely revised and supplemented new edition, August 1979
Preface by Dr Manfred Roeder ……………………………… iii
About the Author, Thies Christophersen ………………. vii
About Dr Manfred Roeder …………………………………….. viii
Horror Propaganda Against Germany …………………… 1
The Truth of Auschwitz: Silence by Blackmail ……… 3
Kok Sagis ………………………………………………………………. 5
Life in the Camp ……………………………………………………. 7
Olga ……………………………………………………………………….. 13
The Death Camp …………………………………………………… 15
Epilogue ………………………………………………………………… 25
Liars at Work” Reprint from Jewish Weekly …. 28
A Letter from Simon Wiesenthal …………………………… 29
Manfred Roeder’s Reply to Wiesenthal ………………….. 29


by Manfred Roeder, ‘Attorney-at-Law’

For God’s sake, can’t you carry on with your fight against pornography and moral degeneration without getting tied up in politics. Why are you so concerned about the past. Surely, you don’t want to justify National Socialism or deny the crimes of the past?” Even very good friends made such imploring appeals to me after I had mentioned the word Auschwitz in connection with horror propaganda for the first time. An honestly concerned priest wrote to me, “I have to tell you that your turning to political right-wing radicalism has frightened me a little, but I will stand behind you also in future, because I know you.
As pleased as I was about the confidence, it was alarming to realize how every effort to find truth and justice for Germany is termed: political right-wing radicalism. Yes, how much I would like to let the past rest if there was a mutual promise from all sides to forgive and forget as it was done in the peace treaty after the Thirty Years War in 1648. Nothing was to be touched upon, no persecutions were to be held. This was indeed a heroic achievement of dignity in the spirit of Christ!
What do we see today? Who is willing to forgive, to forget and heal old wounds? Only the Germans, and especially German refugees, have offered their intentions again and again, supported by deeds. What does the other side do?
The government of the German Reich was illegally removed from office. German officers, who had done nothing but their duty, and whose characters were far superior to those of the Allies passing judgment on them, were sadistically strangled, whilst no single soldier or partisan of the enemy was brought into court for war crimes. German jurisdiction and search for truth was made impossible. Only the victors were to sit in judgment and to write history. The persecution of war crimes in any other country was promptly prohibited. Not only were alleged deeds of Germans prosecuted in a most brutal manner, without consideration for any international legal principle, but it was explicitly ordered to lift the Statute of Limitations for so-called German war crimes or genocide. The Germans, thus being marked as outlaws as a result, can now have revenge taken on them until doomsday. This way, insidious partisans became national heroes; honorable German officers who defended themselves against these scroundrels were called war criminals.
The present government of the German Federal Republic has ordered a 14-volume documentation concerning crimes committed on German prisoners of war and civilians-not to be published, but to be pulped.
Golda Meir, as prime minister of Israel, made it known in unmistakable terms that “completely normal relations between Germany and Israel” would never exist. How can a past be left alone which is stirred up anew daily to be used against our people?
All schools continue to spread the lies about atrocities in concentration camps. There is, for instance, at this very moment an exhibition being shown in Wiesbaden under the patronage of the prime minister of Hesse, which is titled “Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen,” where all the long-disproved propaganda lies are brought up again. As class after class is being channeled through the exhibition, the horrified children read that a gas chamber was built in Sachsenhausen in 1943, although it has been [Page iii] proved long since that there have never existed any gas chambers on German territory. It causes one to shudder when you read, “Day and night the sweetish smell of burnt human flesh was hanging over the camp.” Such statements are being made in spite of the fact that the international Red Cross regularly inspected the concentration camps up to March 1945, and never reported on any gassing or cremating facilities or the sweetish smell.
It is further maintained that every SS-Man in Sachsenhausen had the ‘right‘ to beat up and even kill a prisoner during roll call. Of course, cruelty occurred occasionally, but almost entirely between inmates themselves or were committed by auxiliary guards, the so-called ‘Kapos.‘ If an SS-Man or any other German official committed any crime against prisoners or touched their property, he was immediately court-martialed.
What possible interest could Prime Minister Osswald of Hesse have in spreading such lies about Germany?
Our entire school youth is being poisoned with these lies about their fathers to deepen the hatred between generations ever more. But this is the recipe of the world conspirators to destroy a people. And we who know better, should we keep silent? One who then still wants to tell us that this is the Christian thing to do, is in my eyes nothing but a worthless coward and scoundrel.
The Minister of Education in Hesse has commissioned the Jewess Hannah Vogt to write a book about Germany’s past entitled Guilt or Destiny, which already had its 11th printing, and is distributed to all high school graduates. A Jewess will hardly be qualified to judge Germany’s past objectively. This book turned out to be an absolute masterpiece of historical smear and hate propaganda in a scientific cloak, and can be put on a par with the works of the Komintern agent, Willy Muenzenberg, the unsurpassed master of anti-German agitation and lie propaganda who would shout to his collaborators, when they wrote an article against Germany:
Too weak, too objective! Knock them on the head. Make the world stand aghast with horror. Make them the stench of the world. All men must curse them and shudder with horror!
There is not one authentic document in existence which places the overall losses of the Jewish population during the last war higher than 200,000. During one single night, in Dresden, more defenseless, innocent Germans perished-children, women, old people and especially wounded men than Jews have died in all the concentration camps in the years of the National Socialist Regime!!! And in these Jewish total losses even natural deaths are included. Thus the losses, taken as a percentage and absolutely, are much below those of any other power taking part in the war; keeping in mind that the Jewish world organizations had already in 1933 declared a holy war on Germany to be fought to the death.

Judea Declares War on Germany

[Image] “Judea Declares War On Germany” headline in the Daily Express, (Note: this image is not in the original booklet)
At that time not a single hair on a Jew’s head had been touched! Yet, the world resounds with the clamour for the dead Jews. But no outrage is voiced about Dresden and the genuine figure of six million murdered East Germans. No voice is raised about the millions of murdered German and European war prisoners who had fought on the German side. No plaque tells us of the 105,000 Frenchmen who were murdered because they were pro-German. No days of remembrance are held for the Dutch, Danes, Belgians, Norwegians, Rumanians, Russians, Cossacks, Ukrainians, who were slaughtered in a most bestial manner for having worked or fought on the German side. They wanted to save Europe from Bolshevism or, in [Page iv] some cases, German control was probably considered to be the lesser evil.
An employee of the present German Postal Service can be dismissed on the spot if he denies that Jews were gassed. This strange concept of ‘justice‘ was supported by a court in Hesse which agreed that no employer needs to tolerate such utterances against Jews, which “cannot be surpassed in their offensiveness.” Every scoundrel though may freely boast today that he committed sabotage and treason against Germany.
One of the concerned readers asked me if I were not perhaps falling victim to a new kind of Anti-Semitism? On the contrary! I like to see the Jews being treated the same as everybody else and not enjoy special privileges. These privileges, and the lies spread by certain Jewish World Domination Cliques are the cause of a new Anti-Semitism. Mr. Wiesenthal promotes more Anti-Semitism than I do. Every decent Jew will welcome our search for truth and therefore agree with this brochure. By publishing this sensational report we do not stir up nationalism or hatred, but merely serve the truth, and only the truth will make us and others free. Only injustice which was really committed can be made good or forgiven. Invented ‘atrocity’ stories will create new hatred and sow seeds of discontent without fail.
We are not so much interested here in running up and down the scale of losses and crimes, but first of all we are concerned about the spiritual recovery of our people. We have been accused of the worst crimes in the history of mankind: namely to have willingly started a global war, to have murdered millions of innocent people, and if we had had the time and opportunity, we would have eliminated also the rest of all ‘subjugated’ peoples.
One who can accept such an accusation without protest has neither heart nor brains! Now suddenly there are witnesses who stand up and say: All this is not true! Germany neither wanted nor started this war but has been forced into it by her deadly enemies. Hitler had no intentions to kill Jews and never has he given any orders for their extermination nor for the destruction of any other peoples. There were no gas chambers. All these are the inventions of morbid brains. Nearly all of the so-called war crimes and concentration camp trials have been held with perjured witnesses and falsified documents.
Any person who is accused of a crime will certainly be pleased when he is found not guilty, all the more so if it was proved that the crime in question had not even been committed.
We Germans should, therefore, rejoice when today witnesses do appear who can prove that Auschwitz was no death machinery, but an enormous armament factory and that the inmates of the camp were on the whole treated decently, and that any people from outside could visit the camp at any time. Most of our people react quite differently though. They behave as if one wanted to deprive them of their most precious post-war experience-their guilt complex. With claws and teeth they hang on to a German guilt. This is quite a unique phenomenon in the history of mankind. In any other people such a reaction would be unthinkable and can only be described as a deep mental disturbance, as it is not normal that someone should insist on being guilty.
This is the real problem and the true reason for the publication of this brochure. It is not a question of which side has done more wrong; that is almost common knowledge to everyone who even superficially studied the [Page v] available sources. It is a plain aquital for Germany. The book by Colonel Dall, son-in-law of Franklin D. Roosevelt, America’s War Policy, was not even necessary to prove that. Nevertheless, this book has uncovered, beyond any doubt, the sole guilt of Roosevelt and Churchill for this war and their criminal conspiracy against peace. Whoever still maintains the opposite is being malicious!
Why are we Germans so in love with the fairy tale of the six million gassed Jews? I can speak here from experience because I, myself, believed in it at one time. We Germans like brooding about a problem. We are God-fearing by nature. Therefore, we had to have a profound religious explanation for the immeasurable misery our people had been plunged into. To merely except the explanation that the others were stronger and more reckless, is insufficient for the German soul. We believe that nobody has to suffer such misery without a reasonable cause. It is the well-known problem of Job, who was talked into believing — by his ‘friends‘ and re-educators — that every blow from fate is a punishment from God. In that way, many Germans saw in the catastrophe of 1945 a divine judgment for sins and Crimes committed. The myth of six million innocent, murdered people actually satisfied the demand for a metaphysical explanation and was therefore so eagerly accepted. It seems to become all the more plausible when based on the Bible: We did not murder just ‘any‘ people, but we murdered the ‘chosen‘ people! As one of the readers wrote to me in these words: “Yes, we have assaulted the apple of God’s eye.“; what a ‘wonderful‘ explanation! Now we know why. Now we have got something to suffer for, and through subservience to all Jews and by paying colossal sums of money, we can regain at least part of God’s favor, or, as repentant sinners look forward to forgiveness. That is the reason why the German clings to the ‘murdered Jews‘ as though it meant the salvation of his soul. Without this explanation our terrible downfall would have had no higher meaning and be all the harder to bear.
We cannot therefore blame the poor citizen for believing in the concentration camp horrors. It would deprive them of their faith in a just God, the basic problem of Martin Luther’s reformation, which seems to be still deep-rooted with many people. But Job wrestles with his re-educators and gives them the proper answer:
This affliction comes upon me for no understandable reason. I don’t know why. It is beyond me. But I have not sinned against God. I have not gone astray from the right path. I want to reason with Him. I have kept the faith. One day He will justify me in public!
This is the voice of a righteous man. isn’t that the way we ought to speak? We do away with the two great lies on which the whole post-war development rests: There is no chosen people Israel who could claim to be identical with the Jews; and there is certainly no condemned, criminal German people! We shall fight uncompromisingly against anyone who upholds one of these lies or versions thereof and thereby drives our people deeper into its misery. The time has come to stand up and be counted to bring about a change of fortune. We shall conquer fate because we are fulfilling God’s commission. Therefore I am so very grateful to Thies Christophersen, who has set a shining example to our people with this courageous work and is a guarantor for the fact that we shall reverse the tide of the time.
Manfred Roeder
[Page vi]
About the Author, Thies Christophersen
Thies Christophersen, born in 1918, was a farmer in northern Germany before the war. As a soldier in the German army he was wounded during the western campaign in 1940, and was thereafter unfit for active military service.
After an agricultural study he was ordered to serve in the Ukraine on India Rubber research. This research department was transferred to Auschwitz in Poland after the re-occupation of the Ukraine by the Soviets.
Thies Christophersen, as a member of the German army with the rank of a second lieutenant (Sonderfuehrer Z), was part of the research team. Having worked with concentration camp inmates, Christophersen is publishing his observations and experiences in the brochure now before you.
Today, Christophersen is active as a writer and journalist on agricultural subjects. He is the publisher of several publications, i.e. the periodicals Kritik and Die Bauernschaft. The author resides at D-2341 Kaelberhagen/Mohrkirch, West Germany.20121108 0248
Thies Christophersen
[Page vii]
About Dr Manfred Roeder
Manfred Roeder, a successful farmer and an attorney, was born in 1929. His father was a dedicated National Socialist, and Roeder himself fought in the battle of Berlin in 1945 as a member of the Hitler Youth.
His initial involvement in politics goes back ten years, when he led a nationwide fight against pornography. Soon after that he became aware of numerous injustices in West Germany. He is the founder of two patriotic organizations: The German Citizens’ Initiative and The Liberation Movement of the German Reich.Manfred Roeder pic
In particular, Roeder has actively refuted the propaganda put forth, by the West German government which seeks to instill a sense of guilt and shame in the German people for the Second World War. Roeder has led mass demonstrations demanding the release of Rudolf Hess, and has been a leading figure in the movement to demolish the hoax that six million Jews were ‘gassed’ by the Germans during the war.
Manfred Roeder fled West Germany in 1977 to avoid incarceration on charges of;
defaming democracy in general and the West German democracy in particular and unconstitutional propaganda.
Roeder had received word that once imprisoned, the Bonn regime planned to file many additional charges against him in order to keep him locked up indefinitely.
Roeder has traveled extensively in North and South America since he left Germany, making friends and contacts for his organizations. He is presently being sought not only by the West German police, but by Interpol as well. While in the United States, the F.B.I. was interested in his movements. It is to be hoped that someday Manfred Roeder will be able to return to his farm in Germany where his wife and six children now wait for him. For the time being, however, this man who loves his country and his people must remain in exile from them.
From White Power, Nov.-Dec. 1978


Die Auschwitz Lüge
AUSCHWITZ A Personal Account by Thies Christophersen (Version 2)
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God’s Chosen What?

By Axe of Perun, 

There is one particularly interesting paragraph within the Jewish Zohar. One that will make you laugh. When I saw it while reading this Jewish science fiction book, I stopped and read it several times – again and again. I figured I must be reading something wrong, perhaps I’ve gone mad from too much data and information, but no – no, no – there it is, sitting right in front of me in its full glory. Questions popped to mind : Are Jews really this schizophrenic? Or is this God of their schizophrenic? Was this God so desperate that he finally came to them? Anyways, let us read it together once more :

The Zohar translation and commentary by Daniel C.Matt.-Pritzker ed., 2007 Stanford University Press, Stanford, California, Zohar Education Project; Volume 4
Shemot, 2:3a, pp.6
According to rabinnic tradition, before giving the Torah to Israel, God offered it to the other nations, including Edom (who dwelled in Seir) and Ishmael (who dwelled in Paran). However, they refused to accept its moral constraints.

God offered the supposed Bible, which he – according to the Zohar – wrote thousands of years before creating the Earth, to non-Jewish nations. Truly makes you wonder, especially because the entire Torah is about Jews. Let that sink in. The Torah consists, very shortly, of some kind of Creationism and then immediately jumps to God choosing the Jews as his special people. Everything else afterwards are Jewish commandments and laws that are to be observed. If God is omnipotent, all-knowing, and all the other all-crap : Then why didn’t he go to the Jews immediately? How could he write the Torah if he didn’t know whom to give it to – it isn’t Universal in its Nature when you read it : It is explicitly designed for Jews and their story.
Or did some kind of God actually indeed write some kind of Universal set of Laws which should be observed and the Jews simply hijacked it? God, according to the Zohar, came to many other nations before them – including Edom and Ishmael – and here you have to sit down again and stand back in amazement. Edom, according to Jews and the Zohar, are Romans and later on Paulianized Christians. When the hell did the Romans get into contact with Yahweh? And why would they reject such a “Divine God”? And why would the omnipotent God even go to them if he knows the future, if he knew that he would be rejected?
But here comes the most amazing thing : God offered the Torah to Ishmael before giving it to the Jews?Ishmael, as many of you should already know, was the Mixed-Race hybrid offspring of Abraham and his Egyptian slave and he is the ancestor of all Arabs, including Mohammed who would end up creating the Jewish off-shoot of Islam. How does this statement make sense in a linear progress of time? God already established a covenant with Jews, but didn’t intend to give them the Torah? How then was Jacob studying the Torah before it was finally given to Moses by God centuries later? Jews will tell you : Not only AbrahamIsaac and Jacob, but also Noah and even Adam knew the Torah.


So, after not being able to give the Torah to anyone else on the planet, God supposedly finally came to the Jews and they accepted it. They were probably the most lawless people on Earth and needed laws to tell them not to kill each other and fuck each others wives. And after the Torah had been given to them, God randomly sends out Jesus and Paul to spread it to non-Jews. Then he picks out a descendant of Ishmael, namely Mohammed, and spreads his Word now to the Arabs and Muslims.
This God is truly desperate to spread his poison, now isn’t he? And always with the idea that he has “chosen” someone new to do something spectacular, the message usually being to Fear Him and submit to Him and His will. Everyone must be a willing slave and servant to this One crazy God.
“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.” — Edward Abbey

No wonder this God is a jealous God and no wonder that his message is so hateful every time it is applied. No wonder that all those who didn’t take his Torah are suddenly sub-human degenerates who are to be enslaved, killed, raped, used and abused forever and ever till one day they will finally all be exterminated, leaving nothing and no one behind except those people who still follow Him. Fuck me, if that isn’t a psychopath God then I don’t know what is. Sounds like a feminist woman on a never-ending period. Or, you know, it could just be that Jews are very good at making up such psychopathic religions since they are, by their very nature, psychopaths.
Anyways, once someone finally accepted this lunatic God, it was payback time to all those who rejected him. Even more so, he sends supposedly his Chosenites into Gentile lands – but! – if any Gentile Nation expels his Chosenites they are to be punished and exterminated. What a blessing these Chosenites truly are! And, can you imagine, they are sent from God himself! From God who told us that he “Creates Evil” – well, you must not Resist Evil then – because it comes from God himself. There is, according to Jews, also a lesser version of Yahweh whom some identify as Enoch; Zohar, Be-Reshit, 1:21a, pp. 160 : Metatron The chief angel, variously described as Prince of the World, Prince of the Presence, celestial scribe, and even YHVH Qatan, “Lesser YHVH” (3 Enoch 12:5, based on Exodus 23:21).
Finally, after all of this, and in addition to all the other wonderful things we already know about not only the Jews, but also about Yahweh, Jesus, God, etc. – one cannot feel anything else but strong Truth and Confidence when reading the following part of the Zohar, Be-Reshit, 1:21b, pp. 163 : Moreover, the Eternal One of Israel does not lie or change His mind, for He is not human that He should change His mind. (Also to be found in Numbers 23:19 and 1 Samuel 15:29) At some point you just have to wonder how much bullshit, how many lies, how many idiotic Jewish theories and words a single human mind can take. I sure hope that I am helping you smell the gefilte fisch in all of this nonsense.



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Ambassador Nikki Haley brags about bullying UN for Israel; angling to be 1st woman president?

Am 09.05.2017 veröffentlicht
Read the retracted U.N. report on Israel’s practices of apartheid against Palestinians: http://iakn.us/2nLKj0u
Read the response by Professors Richard Falk and Virginia Tilley to Ambassador Haley’s actions: http://iakn.us/2qnyDpf
More information about AIPAC and Haley is at the If Americans Knew Blog: http://iakn.us/2r0fW7g
Politico reports that Haley’s name “is often raised in Republican circles as a potential future contender for the White House or other high-profile roles in government.” Haley denies any such aspirations. http://iakn.us/2pgKMw6 (YouTube)

In the jewish utopia are some animals more equal than others: Berlin court: Jewish leader can call far-right politician a Holocaust denier

Wolfgang Gedeon, member of the right-wing populist party AfD (Alternative for Germany) in the regional parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg, southern Germany, leaves a session of his party's parliamentary group on July 5, 2016 at the regional parliament in Stuttgart. (AFP/dpa/Bernd Weissbrod)

Wolfgang Gedeon, member of the right-wing populist party AfD (Alternative for Germany) in the regional parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg, southern Germany, leaves a session of his party’s parliamentary group on July 5, 2016 at the regional parliament in Stuttgart. (AFP/dpa/Bernd Weissbrod)
Judge says matter of opinion protected under German constitution, throws out injunction filed by AfD’s Wolfgang Gedeon
A Berlin district court ruled that is permissible to call right-wing German politician Wolfgang Gedeon a Holocaust denier, saying it was a matter of opinion that is protected by the constitution.
Gedeon, who represents the far-right party Alternative for Germany in the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg, had filed an injunction last spring to prevent Josef Schuster, head of Germany’s Jewish umbrella organization, from referring to him as a Holocaust denier.
Schuster had done so publicly in early 2016, noting in various German media that Gedeon had “trivialized and relativized the dimensions, historical significance and classification of the Holocaust.”
Holocaust denial, trivialization and relativization are illegal in Germany.
Gedeon’s attempt to stifle Schuster was rejected on Tuesday by the Berlin judge, the German Jewish weekly Juedische Allgemeine reported. Gedeon can appeal the decision.
In a statement, Schuster applauded the court for taking a stand at a time when “aggressive anti-Semitism in Germany is gaining an ever-stronger foothold.”
“Verbal hostilities on the Internet, the denial or relativization of the Shoah and physical attacks on Jews are no longer an exception,” Schuster said.
The Allgemeine reported that Gedeon’s attorney said his client wanted to prevent the stigmatization of his political party, which entered the German parliament in September for the first time, riding a wave of resentment against refugees in Germany.
Furthermore, the attorney said Gedeon could not be compared to notorious Holocaust deniers like self-styled historian David Irving in England or the German author Ursula Haverbeck, who recently was sentenced to six months in jail for her Holocaust-related statements.
In the courtroom, Schuster’s attorney, Oliver Stegmann, cited a text that Gedeon had published under the pseudonym W.G. Meister, in which he said that he could “imagine an eventual modification of certain aspects of the Holocaust, particularly when it comes to the numbers [of those murdered], but in no way a revision of the entire matter.”


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Movie by Michael Kingsbury, now available online

Dissidents begin to find out the real reasons they were put in the GULAG. GULAG MAGADAN follows Marxist USSR dissidents Elizabeta, Pyotr, and Larisa, as they talk with one other in the Gulag, and begin to examine both one other and themselves. Dissident Larisa a former art student, forced to be the mistress of a Commissar, had a Commissar’s baby as she thought it would protect her. Dissident Elizabeta, former GRU agent, begins to unravel the real reason she is in the GULAG, she had pride in her Karelian people, an ethnic minority in the USSR. Dissident Pyotr, the camp doctor, who has never given up his Old Believer Christian morals of not having hate. Pyotr changes to have Hate of injustice. Elizabeta begins a Manifesto, encoded to smuggle out as she becomes a Saint. Larisa survives a horrific flashback of gang rapes in Communist Party brothels, and begins to reprogram her mind, to regain her Pride. While several of the Dissidents, Dasha, Sveta, and Verka either go into survival mode or insane, the Commissar Yagoda begins to close in on Pyotr and Elizabeta, with horrific and tragic consequences. Larisa and the rest of the Gulag Dissidents slog on in the dehumanizing Gulag slave work.