Letter to President Putin

Dear mister President Putin,

How are you doing? I would like to ask you a favour. According to the club of conspiracy theorists in the Netherlands called AIVD you are planning to hack our elections to determine who is going to win. Brilliant, can you make sure that this time we will get a regime with people who can actually read and write and have more than 3 braincells which actually work? Do you think you can do that for us? I know this sounds maybe a bit strange to other people but you know, as we in this country do, that you are responsible for everything that happens on this planet. Did you know you killed one of the leaders of the resistance army in Ukraine because he was too depended on you? Yeah, you are a god with superpowers apparently, you are everywhere killing and imprisoning people all over the planet, hacking in all computers at the same time, having everybody who doesn’t agree with you getting sick, killing people who do agree with you, invading all countries at the same time, I am super impressed, you have convinced me: you are a god. So maybe you can use your superpowers to free us from decades of morons who think they have the right to tell us how to live our lives. Thank you in advance. By the way I am sorry if you start feeling a bit claustrofobic because of all the tanks, troops and other weapons of mass destruction we helped to station on your borders, but you know when inbreeding morons (as you know, they call them billionaire elites, basically a bunch of families who have been inbreeding way too long and suffer from mentally disorders like psychopathy and extreme low IQ) run the planet we all suffer. However, maybe you can help us to remove the inbreds and their puppets from this little piece of the planet called the Netherlands, so we can have our norms and values back we once had and be free from these communist marxist degrading ideas and habits they have introduced in this country.

Thank you so much in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Anti Inbreds Coalition (AIC)