The Country Club

This is a short story about a country club. It was set up just after World War II. European and North American elites needed to expand the profits of their businesses and banks and there was a need for bright people to lead that process. There was however no space for the intellectually less-abled elite. So, they needed to set up a country club whereby these people could retain their luxurious lifestyles and in addition serve their family businesses. They needed money for salaries and therefore decided that taxpayers from all over the world should contribute. To convince taxpayers to donate their hard-earned money for the upkeep of their lifestyles they gave it a nice mandate: Achieving Development and Peace. Right. They conveniently left out the words ‘in the First World’. They invited members of the elite from countries all over the world to become a member so it looked credible and nobody would suspect the country club would only serve the elite in the First World.
Over the years numerous books, articles and reports have been written that proof the real reason the country club was set up, but excuses are always found to continue as usual. The country club is riddled with wide-scale corruption, sheer incompetence, myths, misinformation, outright lies and increasing poverty, disease and conflicts in the Third World. They were outstanding in achieving development and peace for the elite in the First World though. Every time one of their hobby clubs becomes too incompetent and corrupt (even visible for the taxpayers) they change the name of the club (costing millions of dollars) and go on with business as usual. Whenever the situation gets too hot in the country where hobby clubs are stationed, they are the first ones to pack and leave, saving their own precious asses.
They are experts in providing people with computer-generated statistics that fit their cause (mostly more money is needed from taxpayers, or elaborating on what a brilliant job they do) but rarely reflect the reality on the ground. If, by accident, the computer spils out something undesirable, they ‘forget’ to inform the public, or create an incomprehensible story as why the statistics did not reflect their predictions. An example is the mass-hysteria they have created around 25 years ago about what they claimed was a deadly disease. They set up a few hobby clubs and demanded more money from taxpayers in order to be able to ‘save’ the African people from this deadly disease. They tested people on an invisible virus they claimed was causing this disease and would spread by means of blood exchange and sex. Incredible high computer-generated statistics were produced that predicted that by 2012 at least half if not the whole of Africa would be dead or dying. Right. Since it became obvious to everybody that they were wrong, they finally admitted that the percentages were already going down 18 years ago. Mmm.
Let me freely brainstorm what happened: They started with testing of the invisible virus on a group of people in every country. In stead of going door to door in the villages (I mean come on these people live in the Stone Age, they don’t even have airco!) they went to hospitals and clinics and tested the visitors. Guess who visits a clinic: sick people and pregnant women. But these people have a high chance of testing positive, not because they have the invisible virus but because they are pregnant or have a medical condition which interferes with the test giving it a false-positive. Maybe they also tested some of the people who accompanied the sick people or pregnant women. Those numbers were put in the computer and the computer generated statistics for the whole country. 18 years ago they started testing the general population, including people who were not pregnant or sick and who therefore tested negative. That means that slowly the statistics started reflecting reality. (Well off course about the percentage of people who tested positive, by no means how many have an invisible virus). The percentage certainly did not go down because of the efforts of the country club because (luckily) many people in the villages are still unaware of this ‘disease’, and most of the money for projects to prevent the spread of the invisible virus has ended up in the pockets of people responsible for the implementation of the projects.
When you read statistics about Tanzania they, more often than not, are computer-generated statistics based on a research done in Dar es Salaam. As if what happens in Dar has any relevance to what is going on in the rest of the country. But as I said, not the brightest people are working in the country club and they certainly miss any form of common sense. That makes generating statistics really a bridge too far. My advice: Do not believe everything you read which is produced by the country club.
A summary of achievements of the country club since its existence:
1. The hobby club for monetary issues created Structural Adjustments Programmes and forced African governments to implement these, leading to the destruction of public services like health care and education;
2. The hobby club’s bank has developed and implemented large-scale (mostly) infrastructural projects in which millions of people lost their livelihoods;
3. The hobby club for health has provided the African people with deadly drugs for a non-existent disease, injects them with poison to prevent invisible viruses and destroys the livelihoods of people, claiming they are the cause of the spread of invisible viruses. They have not, however, been able to provide people with clean water, 3 nutritious meals a day or hygiene education in order to prevent people from getting sick and children and infants dying. Common sense, I know, a bridge too far. But who is complaining, the pharmaceutical industries in the First World are doing very well;
4. The hobby club for human rights is unfortunately unable to prevent the raping and lootings sprees committed by the hobby club called ‘peacekeepers’ stationed in villages they are supposed to protect or any other human rights violations committed by other hobby clubs, like destroying of livelihoods, killing people with deadly drugs, preventing food to reach the hungry, etc;
5. The hobby club for development has managed to increase the number of Least Developed Countries from 21 to 42. Congratulations! Your jobs are secure for at least another 100 years;
6. The hobby club for food and agriculture has managed to create enormous food shortages and increasing food prices and prevented the development of the agricultural sector in Africa;
7. The hobby club for food distribution is so corrupt that none of the food meant to feed the hungry ever ends up at those people in need of it. Although they do a good job buying all food from the USA, overproduced due to their subsidy-system, so they don’t have to throw it away. That is nice. I mean there is no reason why you should buy that food from African farmers, produced without subsidy, so the farmers have to throw their good harvest away, making huge losses and losing their livelihoods in the process.
8. The hobby club for peace is unfortunately only available to assist western countries increasing their access to the natural resources of African and Middle Eastern countries, by preventing the local population gaining access to their own wealth. ‘Occupy for Peace’ is the motto. I mean you are not going to interfere when one tribe tries to kill all members of another tribe, or when a few crazy idiots run amok for more than let’s say 20 years. No way. What is the upside of interfering? There is just no gain here for the First World.
9. The hobby club for population has been able to reach 7 billion. Wow. Was that your target? By making absolutely sure people in the Third World had no access to birth control you kept the households in Africa and other poor areas in the world as poor as possible. The fact that in the 21st century there are people on this planet who do not know that there is a possibility to stop becoming pregnant is an amazing piece of work you pulled off. I know, you had that enormous set-back when China implemented their 1-child policy. You were probably one of the protestors against that. But well done, good job! More people means more poor people and more sick people, which means more jobs for the growing elitist families and more money from taxpayers to fill the pockets of Big Pharma.
10. The hobby club for children has an incredible record. In Tanzania for instance an archaic law that allows girls to get married when they are 14 years old is still in existence. Not to mention the enormous amount of ‘illegal’ marriages with children as young as 10 years old, which also is the age when in the statistics the category ‘divorced’ starts. Imagine being divorced when you are 10 years old, what hell is that? Every year the amount of children being abused and killed by their parents/guardians grows and the amount of children not able to read and write after 7 years of primary school is steadily increasing. I mean you must be really determined that with all that money donated to the hobby club it was impossible to turn these events around.
I could go on and on, I guess you get the picture. It would be nice if we got some computer-generated statistics on how many lives have been destroyed and terminated in all these years of existence of the country club. But hey, who is complaining, we have seen major developments and peace in the First World since WWII. I mean, within 25 years they ‘walked on the moon’ (well sort of, OK they made a movie about it). People in the First World can sleep peacefully, they pay tax every month to the country club; what else can they do? They make sure all the members of the country club and their children and their children have good jobs which enable them to keep the lifestyle they are used to. And the rest is what the Americans like to call: collateral damage, unavoidable in the quest for development and peace.
However, in recent years the country club is more and more encountering an increase of obstacles to fulfil their mission. Some African countries are introducing laws which state that foreign investors are not allowed to have sole ownership over their natural resources, some implement laws that foreigners are not allowed to own land and some refuse to expose their people to deadly drugs for a non-existent disease. But this is madness. How is the country club supposed to serve their family members in the First World when access is being denied? They need free access to the natural resources and land. How else are they going to keep up their bank accounts? Is the country club able to overcome these challenges?? All of a sudden there is the rise in Muslim extremists like the Brotherhood and Boko Haram, thanks to the CIA/Mossad/MI6 terrorist training club, life saviours. Now they can send in the hobby clubs for the spread of peace and democracy.
If you ask a member of the country club for whom is the club working they will tell you they work to develop the Third World. Unfortunately that does not really explain all the above. So there are two options here:
Option 1:
The country club exists of members (100,000?) who have an IQ below 100 and lack all forms of common sense and are therefore not capable of solving the problems in the Third World and by accident making it worse.
Every person in the service industry, from an employee of a big fast food chain working at the counter to a nurse, knows if you want to know what somebody needs: YOU ASK THEM. But the enormous egos in the country club, no doubt needed to cover for the lack of IQ, have convinced themselves that only the rich with (fraudulently bought) Masters and PhDs are capable of solving this problem. (A former member of the club, who used to head one of the hobby clubs, told me that in order for me to be able to solve the poverty problem I had to make sure I had my life ‘in order’ meaning large amounts of money on my bank account.) So they invent programmes and projects based on the fiction they have created that there is no corruption, people are happy and content with their lives and fxxx like rabbits. Here is a tip: every uneducated poor person knows exactly what he/she needs to get out of poverty. Why will they never ask them? Let me explain.
The members of the country club share the collective delusion that they are rich because they are intelligent and poor people are poor because they are stupid. (What happened to you were lucky to be born in a rich family?) Since this includes also ‘poor’ people in the First World I guess they think this makes this delusion less racist. Therefore, according to the former club member, the fact that I was born in a ‘poor’ family actually disqualified me completely from this ‘job’ (finding solutions for the poverty problem in Africa). Further on in the conversation he pressed the point again (I might not have gotten it) by stating that he did not believe that all people were born equal. That was already obvious to me since having the conviction that a large part of the world population are lesser, inferior beings with no brains does not really go well with ‘all people are born equal’. They are mutually exclusive. (Was this the first time I had to listen to this crap? Not at all, I spent a few years as a ‘guest’ in the country club and they all have this delusion.) Coincidentally there was in 2012 a court case going on involving ActionAid about this issue. They refused to let Africans be involved in the policy making process.
This may sound weird but I have never met so many racists as in the years I worked in the country club and other aid organisations, these people are amazing. But then the whole aid business is of course built on the notion of White Supremacy: Intelligent white people telling stupid black people how to live their lives. Ultimately this makes the left and not the right of the political spectrum White Supremacists, funny heh? Yeah that is maybe why in Africa left and right are exactly opposite, making our left wing parties their right wing parties. Makes sense now.
Anyway they would never ask a poor person what they need, since these Big Heads (who have never been poor and have no clue as to what problems and stress are related to living in poverty) read some books, bought themselves some academic credentials and then have the arrogance to think that they are the experts on how to get people out of poverty. Therefore, they will never ask a poor person: they are way too stupid.
I know everybody is aware of this but it is always good to get confirmation from the inside: the former club member stated that he had seen so many development programmes of all kinds and they never work. Why would that be? So I told him I wrote a completely different programme based on the answers I got from poor people what they need. He looked at me with pity in his eyes, talking like he had a mentally disabled child in front of him and said that I should not waste my time trying to solve a problem that is way too complicated for me, I had better focus on getting money on my bank account. Says the man who just admitted that none of these Big Heads with big bank accounts can come up with a programme that works.
He actually claimed he got depressed because he couldn’t solve the problems he was facing in the hobby club for children. Conveniently he waited with becoming depressed till he had a million dollar on his bank account. Don’t worry that took only a few years, these people get around 15,000 to 50,000 US dollars a month (depending on their level) and living in Africa is cheap. Basically all these Big Heads are multi millionaires, thanks to you folks the tax payers and the concept of development aid. There is really no incentive to make your job obsolete, on the contrary, the only reason Africans are still alive is because without them, no country club. Which brings us to option 2.
Option 2:
There are a few members with an IQ above 100, who cook up the programmes and projects with the real objective of keeping people in the Third World in poverty, disease and conflict. The rest is just too stupid to figure out what the real objective is and really do not give a damn as long as they receive their hefty salaries every month. According to the club member, who felt a bit of anger coming up when I suggested the only reason people worked for the country club was because of the high salaries, he knew a FEW people working for the club who ALSO wanted to do some good. I rest my case.
You choose.
More on option 2 will be revealed in the series Death and Diseases by Western Medicine and the blog about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
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