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The Conclusions Dr Herndon expresses in his paper are nothing short of stunning!

The results of this investigation provide evidence that is indicative of a deliberate effort to hasten the melting of glaciers, and thereby hasten global warming.  Considerable time, effort and expense was required to develop the air-drop material, that I refer to as synthetic cryoconite, or proto-cryoconite, and to develop and test the technology to dispense that material from the air in a systematic and effective manner; consequently, it seems unlikely that this was simply a local operation. [….]

Scientists worldwide should call for, and indeed demand, a full and open investigation into these covert geoengineering activities whose potential impacts on Earth’s climate system, the integrity of Earth’s biota, and on human health may prove to be extremely hazardous.

If you don’t believe its geoengineering and Fukushima, please:

Stop Breathing and Save the Planet (SBSP)

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The Vaccine Hoax

Excerpt :

This is an incredible claim, especially when considering the fact that even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a prominent vaccine-pushing government agency, admits that flu shots are not always effective. Back in 2011, CDC data was uncovered showing that for every 100 people vaccinated for the flu, an astounding 99 of them will confer no protective benefits whatsoever.

The  Cancer Scam

More medical hoaxes:

Fukushima meltdown

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