Thought of the Day: They call me….

They call me a Racist, because I believe that there are different races of people on this planet who have their own unique abilities and qualities and we have a duty to protect what the Creator created;

They call me an Anarchist, because I don’t believe that anybody has the right to tell me how to live my life;

They call me a Lefty, because I care for the planet, the animals and the people;

They call me a Righty, because I believe in taking responsibility for your own choices and actions;

They call me a Socialist, because I believe in equal living standards for everybody;

They call me a Capitalist, because I believe that no government should interfere in the businesses of people;

They call me a Republican, because I don’t believe in a god who gave a few families the right to own and rule over other people;

They call me a Democrat, beacuse I believe everybody in a community has a say in its organisation and activities;

They call me a Bore, because I refuse to pay for my own brainwashing by Hollywood, the music-, entertain- or sportsindustry;

They call me a Know-it-all, because I believe in the duty to collect as much information as possible before you come up with an opinion;

They call me a Conspiracy theorist, because I don’t believe the people who are being paid to lie;

They call me a Pacifist, because I believe that we can only have peace on this planet when we eliminate the entire military-industrial complex;

They call me an Aggressor, because I believe in the right to defend myself;

They call me an Anti-Semite, because I don’t believe in a god who calls a certain group of people his chosen people, gave them a certain piece of the planet and the right to violate other peoples rights;

They call me a Radical, because I keep stating what I believe to be true, no matter how unpopular that makes me;

They call me Rude, because I refuse to lie to make people happy;

They call me Ambitionless, because Idon’t believe in planning to achieve something that doesn’t exist;

They call me a Good for Nothing, because I follow my dreams and intuition and try to make my journey as enjoyable as possible;

They call me a Conservative, because I refuse to be ruled by technology;

They call me Anti-Social, because I refuse to participate on Facebook and Twitter;

They call me a Contrair, because I refuse to blindly follow the masses;

They call me a Discriminator, because I judge everybody by the same standards;

They call me a Nuisance, because I will point out hypocracy where ever I see it;

They call me Unflexible, because I refuse to give up my principles, no matter the circumstances I am in;

They call me Unpredictable, because I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions

They call me an Antagonist, because I don’t believe in following orders unquestionably;

They call me Uncommunicative, because I refuse to glue a smart-phone to my hand;

They call me a Globalist, because I don’t believe in borders and nation states preventing people from living where they want to live;

They call me a Nationalist, because I am against international finance and businesses and interference in other countries;

They call me a Traditionalist, because I believe humans are destined to live in small communities with self-determination as to how they want to live;

They call me Unreliable, because my views change when the information I have access to changes;

They call me Heartless, because my sympathy goes to real victims and not baseless claims of victimhood, or victimhood-by-proxy;

They call me a Supremacist, because I don’t believe in feeling guilty for what other people who look like me do or have done in the past;

They call me an Egocentrist, because I am man enough to admit that I am the most important person in my life and make choices based on my needs and desires;

They call me an Atheist, because I don’t believe in a god lurking between the clouds, telling me how to live my life and judging everything I think, say and do;

They call me Unfashionable, because I refuse to walk around like an advertisement board picturing the name and logo of a millionair;

They call me Crazy, because I refuse to comply with what is considered normal;

And after all that, they get angry and call me Scary, because I don’t care what they call me and that scares the hell out of them.