Thought of the day: Is there a schizophrenia causing virus spreading?

Schizophrenia is hanging in the air…..

Saturday evening I watched CNN. I do that when I feel up to a bit of laughter, but restrict myself to 5 minutes at the time, afraid I will break my ribs.

But Saturday my 5 minutes of CNN were actually very enlightening. John McCain was in the house,  complaining and whining as usual. Can somebody please relief this man from his misery??

Anyway, they were discussing, ok complaining and whining, that Trump was calling the MSM fake news, what else is new. McCain was complaining because he was busy implementing the new world government and the MSM was essential for that project. He was worried because with Trump now dismissing the  MSM suggested not only that his plan was going to hell, but also that a dictatorship was in the making, since all dictatorships start with eliminating the media. (Of course they forgot to mention that the MSM, which was once upon a time called the defenders of democracy, has died long time ago. We now have a schizophrenic version of the MSM.)

In short, McCain was complaining that Trump is going to install a national dictatorship which will prevent him from installing a global dictatorship.

Then the whole MSM-is-fake-news saga. We all know the MSM is lying their heads of. But:

Trump says the MSM is fake news but does not think the MSM is fake news

when it comes to fairy-tales they tell about Iran, Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, do I have to go on? You get the picture. The fake news is limited to the news about him and his regime.

Then we had the curious case of the Travel Ban in which Trump temporarily halted the influx of immigrants from 7 countries to check whether the vetting process was solid enough. The world exploded in a huge wave of schizophrenic racism. Since:

A black president bombing the hell out of these muslim countries is ok, but a white president temporarily halting people from these countries to enter the USA, bad, bad, very bad.

At least the muslims from Trump are still alive, something we cannot say about Obama’s muslims.

Then there was the funny case of Mr. Flynn who violated the Logan act. A civilian talking about foreign policy with an employee from a foreign government. Brilliant I thought, this is great. Let’s

Drain the swamp.

Now they can arrest and detain all participants in think tanks and Bilderberg meetings, directors and CEOs of multinationals and financial institutions, government advisers, billionaires and other losers with too much toilet-paper who think they are more important than other people. Fantastic. Apparently:

They don’t want to drain no swamp, nobody else has been caught on this one.

Can’t we give these people a vaccination against this schizophrenia causing virus?  With a bit of extra mercury. Just to be sure, and then, you know, these FEMA camps, not a bad idea. We wouldn’t want to spread the virus and create an epidemic, or worse pandemic.

Where is the WHO when you need them?  Oh no, they have the virus too :

When you have antibodies to a virus you are protected against the disease, but if you have antibodies against HIV you get AIDS and you die, sorry.

Where is the CDC? Oh no they have it too:

Using a mercury thermometer for baby’s is dangerous, but injecting them with mercury is safe and healthy.