Regime Change: Trump-has-to-go Soap


Republicans now know the only way they can undo what they have caused through getting in bed with the globalists and the fanatics in Tel Aviv, a Congress made up of “know-nothings” and slackers, of bumpkins and petty demagogues, is to either impeach Trump or convince the military to murder him.

This is not fake, not a word of it. Trump knows this, his handlers from Israeli intelligence spy on the Pentagon, on Congress, and he is given regular dossiers on their private conversations.

This is what led him to ordering a 10,000 man combat group to take up station on the Russian border with 1000 to be airlifted immediately.  He is staging a military confrontation with Russia to save his own ass.  Similarly he just ordered a carrier battle group to the South China Sea to challenge “navigation rights” around China’s new “created” island military bases.  It was either this or work with Israel and Saudi cash, like Bush did, to stage a massive terror attack on the United States, but Bush had positive poll numbers from day one, and Trump is already drowning.