NWO: On the Road to WWIII & 1984


However, events of the last couple of weeks have once more baffled us as to what is really going on between Russia and Turkey. First, we watched as Turkey failed to capture Al-Bab in Syria from IS, realising something was very wrong when the third largest military in NATO was proving incapable of capturing a town held by less than a thousand mercenary headchoppers. Then we discovered that this was all a farce and the Turks had not been trying to take Al-Bab at all, in fact, there was no fighting going on and the forces holding Al-Bab under the guise of ISIS were nothing of the sort, proven when all 950 of them boarded Turkish army lorries and drove off into Turkey to be re-supplied before being re-deployed to Raqqah to join the ISIS forces there. The next day the Turkish army marched into Al-Bab unopposed and claimed it had won a great victory, driving ISIS out in hard fighting.

We noted that Russia remained utterly silent during this farce and quite frankly, that concerned us.

Next we learn that Damascus is threatening to drive the Turkish Army out of Syrian territory because they, quite rightly, saw the Turkish incursion into Syria as illegal and dangerous. No doubt, Damascus was counting on Russian and Iranian support in their tough stance against Erdogan’s aggressions.

Which brings us to last week and the disturbing news that the Turks had blocked the flow of the Euphrates river, thus depriving the cities of northern Syria, including Aleppo of both water and electricity, a clear act of aggression by Erdogan against Syria.

Then Turkey followed that offence up with an onslaught of aerial bombing against the Syrian armed forces, a clear act of war. Damascus reached out to both Moscow and Tehran to intervene and stop this Turkish onslaught. They were met with stony silence, something that must concern everyone as it may mark a paradigm shift in the alliances surrounding the Middle East conflict, particularly the relationship between Russia and Turkey.