NWO: Humans have to Mix


Make room for poor “refugees,” the latest instrument in the globalist (Masonic Jewish) plot to re-engineer and enslave humanity.

This agenda requires the European Christian nations in the West be degraded and diluted using third world migration. Jacques Attali spelled it out  in his A Brief History of the Future (2006). Israel Cohen exposed it as a Communist Part program in 1912.  Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi proclaimed in 1925, “the man of the future will be mixed race.”

Illuminati Jews obviously regard European-origin people as an obstacle to their world hegemony. Their agenda is white dispossession. The Communist strategy is always to get the camel’s nose under the tent. Afterward, they reveal their real purpose. For example, in the case of feminism, they wanted “equality” for women. Now that women outnumber men 2-1 in many fields at universities, no one is talking about “equality.” When whites become a minority, there will be no affirmative action nor protection from “hate speech.” Look at the position of whites in South Africa for a lesson.  

Jews are on the forefront of promoting migration and intermarriage for the West while Israel bans refugees and pursues apartheid policies. Israelis are among the worst racists in the world. Israel and the West are responsible for the dislocation of millions of Arabs, genuine refugees who should be housed near their home countries and compensated.

I am suspicious when migration and intermarriage are part of someone’s sinister hidden agenda. I like diversity. That’s why I prefer that nations and races remain distinct. I don’t want any to disappear.