Thought of the Day: What if…

What if the only reason you are encouraged to vote is that you let them know you agree with the system?

If I would go voting on 15 March, no matter which party, I legitimize this system of having a regime ruling over me. We have a political party, which you can choose, for the non-voters. They have promised not to take up the seats they are going to win, they leave them empty for the rest to see that so many people did not vote.

My problem is, that I would still participate in this charade. (And I’m not 100% sure they do what they say, these are total strangers who participate in politics, rings a bell????)

We live in Rothschild Occupied Territory (indeed it is ROTten to the core), with a bunch of delusional people who call themselves a royal family running his plantation. They decide what is happing in this place and who is going to sit in the next regime. The clowns in the regime are just window dressing: Cheerleading and following orders is all they do.

Not one of the political parties, and there are 30 or something, do what I would like to see happening: Dismantle the Plantation and get out of every international organisation that is based on the principle that ‘some pigs are more equal than others’.

I don’t want to vote, because I don’t agree with living in a ROTten country.

Oh yeah,  and I want to buy ‘Mein Kampf’ and ask questions about the Holy Holocaust and being allowed to think critically without being called a ‘conspiracy theorists’  or ‘being confused’.  And I want to live my life the way I feel like, and do what makes me happy and proud.

And most of all I don’t want a regime clown telling me to be NORMAL.

None of the parties guarantees me that. You know what, I am going to do something that makes me happy and proud on 15 March, just to spite them. Yeahhhhhh!!!!!