News, Fake News and More Lies…

I am telling you it’s a virus and it’s contagious (read my ‘thought of the day’s about schizophrenia):


Even more astonishingly, the very same NY Times writer who penned that story in January is now one of the writers contradicting that story in a new hit piece aimed at Trump entitled, “Trump, Offering No Evidence, Says Obama Tapped His Phones.”

The writer’s name is Michael S. Schmidt, and we are all wondering if he is schizophrenic or perhaps suffering from multiple personalities. Or maybe the far simpler explanation is just that the NY Times twists its daily reporting to fit whatever dishonest narrative the quack journalists on the Left are pushing at the moment. That’s the problem with being a left-wing operative pretending to be a journalist: You’re driven by an “ends justify the means” hysteria that abandons all journalism ethics or attachment to reality.

Economic Meltdown

The Global Warming Hoax

The Vaccine Hoax

Medical Scams


Happy Hacking, Spying and Leaking

NWO: One Religion




There is not enough death and destruction yet so let’s get a NATO 2.0:

This guy is an Israeli stooge (which is probably the reason he is walking around with bodyguards, the same psychotic paranoia as the Israeli’s suffer from) and in no shape or form even remotely comparable with Marine le Pen. This one will never, ever get my vote…: (There are 28 parties, just to clarify)

Marine-has-to-go Soap

Do we believe the polls????

Axis of Evil