NWO: On the Road to WWIII

Ooops!!! These NATO morons cannot possibly think they can actually win a war against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea……The only option they have is throwing nuclear bombs around. In the Netherlands we don’t even have money for ammunition…..


The fake Ukro-Nazi Regime complaining at the ICJ that Russia is involved in race discrimination. I watched this theater yesterday and couldn’t stop laughing, what a clowns. And talking about schizophrenia….

I vividly remember voting in a referendum against this agreement, as the majority did, which was TOTALLY IGNORED BY THE DICTATORIAL REGIME OF THE ORANGE PLANTATION. Now you see what you have done????? I assume the Rothschild’s and their CEO’s the ‘royal’ dutch Shell family, paid you well for your services.


The Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) between Ukraine and the European Union, which came into force on 1 January 2016, was aimed at helping the East European economy to recover; however, the results after the first year fell far short of Ukraine’s expectations. The former Soviet Republic lost €2.2 billion more than it lost in 2015 on trade with the EU. While imports from the EU have surged, exports have barely grown.

As Polish media reports, the European Union has flooded Ukraine with goods, which is contrary to the aim of the free trade agreement: the document assumed the asymmetric openness of the markets in Ukraine’s favour. 

According to the Eurostat data, EU’s exports to Ukraine grew in 2016 by 17.6%, from €14bn to €16.5bn, whereas Ukraine’s exports to the EU increased by 1.9%, i.e. from €12.8bn to €13bn. As a result, Ukraine’s trade deficit with the EU has surged from €1.2bn to €3.43bn!