Thought of the Day: Do You Remember…???

Do you remember Gaddafi? I remember living in Africa for several years and admiring the way he led his people. He was not perfect, oh no, he had made many mistakes in his life, he was a bit of a weirdo too (but hé, so am I), but he was for sure the only African leader who truly cared about his people. Free education, free healthcare, no interest on loans, a free house when you got married, or a plot of land if you wanted to farm, are just a few of the things that made Libya one of the best countries on this planet to live in. He had a deal with Berlusconi that he would make sure no African would cross the Mediterranean Sea. All of them could choose: Go home or settle in Libya. He had managed to pump up primary water out of the desert, and with the help of a man-made river, the water was transported through Libya, and made the desert country fertile.

We, in Africa below the Sahara, knew that NATO had decided they wanted to take over the country and murder Gaddafi. We knew NATO sent in their mercenary army, al Qaeda, to start a fight with Gaddafi. We knew nobody in Libya was protesting against Gaddafi, because these people knew very well they were living in the best country in Africa. What we didn’t understand is how they managed to convince people in America and Europe that it was necessary to destroy Libya. We didn’t know about the avalanche of savage propaganda people here were bombarded with. For us, things were kind of confusing. When he was murdered we were in shock and came together in a bar to have a drink, on the death of Gaddafi, the death of beautiful, prosperous Libya, an example for all African countries, and the death of the African dream. Gaddafi had great plans for Africa, to finally get rid of the occupation by western multinationals and banks. It was a black day for all Africans and people who cared about Africa and its people.

There are several theories as to why Gaddafi had to me murdered. First of all, if he would be alive today, the people of Libya would not be defeated; they would have kept fighting for him. Secondly, the Libyan people were belonging to the few millions of people on this planet who were no Rothschild slaves; that was solved even before Gaddafi was buried: a Rothschild central bank was established, and the Libyan people are now one of us. Thirdly, Gaddafi was planning to sell his oil in gold and make sure all African countries would do the same; the oil belongs to NATO now and is still being traded in US dollars. Fourthly, we heard a rumour, which is not confirmed, that Europe wanted to occupy the Sahara desert to fill it up with solar panels and Gaddafi was against this occupation. That would be one of the reasons the French and Dutch are occupying West Africa: to clear it from protesters and fighters. That was the word in Africa; I haven’t heard anything about that on this side of the Sahara.

But I think there is also a more encompassing reason, and it is the same reason why we had WWI and WWII. The plan of the New World Order was already on the table before WWI. They needed to convince the people of Europe to join in a League of Nations, which became the United Nations, and a European Union. The people in Europe were not willing to give up their sovereignty, so a big war was called for, ‘to end all wars’ and unite the countries of Europe in the UN and EU. Everything went according to plan, but then after being humiliated in the aftermath of WWI, the people of Germany voted for a man who promised to make Germany great again. And he did. In a few years he had transformed the country from total devastation to one of the strongest economies in the world. A man, who loved his people and his country, and who refused to give up its sovereignty by joining the UN or establishing an EU.

Guess what: from everybody’s best friend, he was all of a sudden a monster and a threat to the peace in the world. Sounds familiar? It should, because the intellectually challenged inbreeds who are implementing this plan are not very creative and every few years they come up with a new ‘monster’ who is a threat to the peace in the world. Anyway, they cooked up some stories and convinced everybody that Hitler had to die and all the Germans with him. The crime Hitler committed was: Blocking the NWO plan. The same reason Saddam Hussein had to go and Assad had to go.

Gaddafi was blocking an important aspect of the plan. For the NWO plan it is essential that the white race is going to be erased from the planet. Why? Because the inbreeds know that as long as there is a white race they will never be seen by the rest of the human races as belonging to a superior race. There are way too many examples of inventions and progress made by white people. There will be too much resistant as long as the white race exists, and that is the reason Soros and other Rothschild stooges are pouring billions of dollars in creating a migration stream of savages and hooligans who come to take over the European countries, and rape every woman they come across. This is the same strategy they used in Germany, during and after WWII to erase the German people from the planet: the people who, from the entire white race, have excelled most in inventions and progress.

Back to what is happening now: Gaddafi would have never let this migration stream happen, and as long as he was alive he would have found leaders in Eastern Europe and Russia to help preventing this mass rape spree by an African invasion army. I am absolutely certain that he would have never let the African people being used as pawns in this imperial war against humanity. But now Libya is occupied by NATO, the enforcement army of the inbreeds, and their terrorists, who are more than willing to allow these savages to cross the Mediterranean. And as ‘price’ for themselves they rape every Libyan woman they come across.

If I had known what was coming I would have had a beer on the death of Gaddafi, a beer on the death of Libya, a beer on the death of the African dream and a beer on the death of Europe as we knew it.

Proost, Prost, Cheers Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Pole Sana, May You Rest In Peace.