Thought of the Day: What if…

What if WWII never ended? With a little bit of DYOR you will have found out by now that a peace agreement was never signed with the right German, who was assigned by Hitler to take over from him. Technically we are still at war. Practically, Germany is still occupied by the USA. We had something that looked sort of ‘warless’ in Europe & North America in the past 70 years, but it has all come back with a vengeance. The jewish war propaganda and censorship rules are in extreme seriousness being enforced.

The funny thing is that history is being written by the victors. All the books and movies about WWII are written by jews. Now, who won that war and how? Interesting he?

Back to the present, books are banned, speech is restricted and very soon they will have found out how to read our minds, and we will be imprisoned for the thoughts swimming in our brains. With phones, TVs, computers and other smart gadgets listening to our every word in the sacred space of our private homes for the CIA, which we all know is just the US department of the Mossad, any day now one can expect a doorbell ringing: ‘Sir/Madam, you were talking about the Holocaust and forgot to say Holy, can you come with us?’

For what reason would anybody be interested in conversations of other people? It is only the psychotic paranoid mind that needs to know everything other people think. (Yes, I do think that everybody who works for an intelligence agency is a paranoid psycho, who hasn’t figured out yet that they themselves are the terrorists they are searching for. They are running after their own tail, scared as hell of their own shadow, while we are watching in amazement how they destroy our lives and countries in the process.)

In the mean time the jews keep whining about people being anti-semitic. But if they would just stop forcing us to think like a jew, talk like a jew, behave like a jew and read the books they choose for us, we would get along perfectly OK. If any other people would do this I would also get pissed, no matter what the colour of their skin is or which god or satan they pray to. I don’t like people forcing me to behave, think and talk according to their rules. If that makes me an anti-semite, so be it. In any case, according to the jews, they ban every book that does not contain the jewish version of history, in order to reduce the amount of anti-semitism.

Do I have to explain how schizophrenic that is????

Any way, so either we are still in WWII and the ‘peace’ was merely a temporary break in the fighting, or WWIII has started. Which ever way, we seem to be in total lock down and reason and logic do not apply anymore. They just forgot to mention that the war is on and the One World Police State has taken over the planet. OWPS!!!

Happy 1984!!!!!!!


“The Bad War” has been banned by Amazon!

Sorry Mike and Sugar, but you are still on my website. I do believe in freedom of speech and thought and behaviour, as long as you do no harm..