Thought of the Day: Hacking, Spying and Leaking; What if….

What if the latest wikileaks are part of the enslavement programme?

I am not 100 % familiar with everything that happens in the hacking and leaking scene, so maybe I am missing something, please don’t get upset. What I have been wondering is first of all the name. We sort of know that wikipedia is a Mossad controlled encyclopedia, which information you have to take with a truckload of salt. Now, we have these wikileaks. Wiki, wiki. Does that mean anything?

What I find strange is that somehow the operations of the biggest bully on the planet never gets leaked, hacked or spied on. We get all this boohah about the CIA and MI5 spying. Yeah right. Were is the master spy agency of the planet in all this??? Everything that happens on this planet can be tracked back to the occupied territories of Palestine called Israel.

But somehow, all of a sudden, there is an American Deep State running the USA and it is the American and British intelligence agencies spying on everybody.

Is all this, making a huge fuss in the MSM on these issues (which we have been told, for decades now, are conspiracy theories), merely about creating a total distraction from what is really important and we should focus on (in stead of this old news, being confirmed)?

A distraction in order to get people angry at the American Deep State and American and British spy agencies, so Israel can make it’s move on implementing the One World Police State while everybody is looking the wrong way.

Nah, they wouldn’t do that to us, would they???