Selection hysteria runs high on the Orange Plantation

Watching the state controlled news is always good times but tonight they have really gone out of their way to make it thoroughly enjoyable. I am going to reveal some inside info. It is actually old, but I thought it was a joke, but now I realize I am actually supposed to believe it.

Let’s start at the beginning. First of all, we started a serious fight with Erdogan, because we are against his referendum. Therefore we prevent Turkey‘s ministers from campaigning here. And of course the management team will lose the votes from the anti-Erdogan crowd if we let them in. Of course, I saw this completely wrong as the state controlled news network explained, we are the victims and we were very accommodating but then Erdogan got pissed so it was all his fault. Seriously, you think how did I end up in this kindergarten, but that is basically the level of our politics, since they just follow orders they have no clue what they are doing.

But then things got really exciting. Wednesday we are going to vote with pencil and paper, NO voting machines anymore, because, yes, guess……. Russia is going to hack our elections. According to the club of conspiracy theorists, AIVD , we know the Russians are hacking us, it is a fact, we just can’t proof it…. Yeah you can’t have everything, it’s Russia, who needs proof??? According to the state controlled news network : Russia is on a large scale involved in digital warfare. It is an information war, it is a news war. Yes, people we are at war with Russia.

They invited a guest from Russia to give his opinion, brilliant man, who explained that nobody in Russia is in the least interested in this country, and hacking this election is not worth the effort.

These Dutchies are absolutely impossible. I am always surprised at the arrogance of thinking anybody is interested in this country. I have lived many years in several countries and found out that it is practically impossible to explain to people were I come from and where you can find it on the map. This country is one of the most insignificant countries on the planet, but the bozos in the Hague live in the delusion we are a world superpower.

Anyway, so of course we don’t believe the Russian guy, because the state controlled news network found last month  that all fake news comes from St. Petersburg, Russia from a


Really I am not making this up. There is a fake news factory in Russia that produces fake news 24/7. I don’t think I will ever stop laughing. I am actually supposed to believe this. The first time I heard this I thought they were joking. It’s REAL!!!

BOLO for Russian Fake News from the Fake News Factory. And guess what: They opened a second one. Two factories. That Putin is a very busy man, I tell you.

You can see the factory here on EenVandaag

Starts with the Erdogan soap, the Russian item is at 18.57min

The February item in search for the Russian fake news factory: Brandpunt

Fake News Factory at 1.15min and proof of the factory at 14.00min

Second  broadcast of the factory: Brandpunt

Fake News item starts at 19.50min. At 23.22min Objectives of Putin. (Watch out he is going to conquer the whole of Europe.)

Look at 25.33min it is hilarious. Bellingcat explaining that Russia made the video of the Ukro-Nazi’s threatening the Dutchies before the referendum, because you can see paintball guns in the video and Russia has a lot of paintball clubs, airtight proof.

I love the news, who needs Hollywood, the best actors are on the state controlled news network. Brilliant! Do you think Soros paid these actors??? Soroswood?