News, Fake News and More Lies…

BOLO: I have no idea whether this CNN-CIA saga is real or fake, but it is fun to read:


The CIA is indeed attempting, with all their might, to control the message to the masses!

They are embedded with all of the mainstream media – CNN, NBC, Huffington Post, New York Times, Washington Post, probably Fox, as well.

These are the exact words of our source, “It’s been really bad. We have CIA folks here all the time now.”

Our insider says the CIA are mainly talking to Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer and Jeff Zucker.  Our source says the CIA tells them what to say, and everyone is “so mad at this Vault 7 Assange person.”  

According to our source, Vault 7  “let the cat out of the bag.”

And (contrary to popular believe it is not the Fake News Factory in St. Petersburg):

The CIA runs the machine that creates the message. Folks, its no wonder Jake Tapper is scared. He is about to be exposed as a talking sock puppet for the clandestine services department of the Shadow Government.

News is dead. Let that sink in for a bit… The MSM News is DOA……What we have now is State Propaganda, and an Orwellian version of news. Not only can (and do) the CIA control the message, they can listen in via the delivery system.


This is the correspondence verbatim:

“Hello.  I have some new details, that I have overheard in meetings. They are adamantly pushing for a full-scale assault on Trump, Putin, and Assange.  I hope you remember reading about the first two Red Scares, because this is to be the third. It is currently in the finalizing process. This is an agenda hell-bent on destroying Trump, Putin, and Assange, and on pushing the CIA as a protective force of the people, from these men.  They are also planning on using psychological conditioning to validate severe forms of pedophilia and liberal extremism and to make anyone, who dares question it, labeled as a  conservative, alt-right, or neo-nazi.  This is so extreme, that I do not care if I lose my job.  This is so sick, I can’t look away. Please, Victurus, stay vigilant. Even with knowledge of it upfront, their psychological conditioning can make you side with them.  This might be my last word with you.  If it is, keep reporting the truth, that is all I ask for.”

Medical Scams

Vaccine Hoax

Russia, China & Iran

The friend of my enemy is my enemy, so we don’t let Turkey’s Ministers in our country. Well today, tomorrow they could be our friends again, because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Stay tuned for regular updates on ‘who is my friend today’:


During the briefing, a reporter noted Washington’s decision to “deploy Marine Corps artillery in Syria, which is a clear departure from the previous administration’s vow that there will be no boots on the ground,” and then asked for Moscow’s reaction.

Zakharova assumed the role of a Washington “policy maker” and  shot back:

What previous administration? What are you talking about? It didn’t have a consistent Syrian strategy in entire eight years: one day we bomb it, the next day we don’t, one day we pull out of Syria, the next day we go in, one day we overthrow the government, the next day we establish cooperation with it. Such fluctuations occurred on a monthly basis.


But, as usual:


Happy hacking, Spying and Leaking

Fukushima Meltdown

Economic Meltdown

Axis of Evil

Only the Axis of Evil are invited:


US hostility toward both countries is longstanding. Russian air power, Iranian advisors and Hezbollah fighters alone are aiding government forces combat terrorism in Syria.
America, NATO, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other rogue states support the scourge they claim to oppose.
On March 22 and 23, Washington will host ministers from 68 so-called coalition countries supporting, not combating ISIS……


Twisis in the making:


“Is Putin the ‘real decision maker’ in Syria?”

This is an actual question, asked by actual French journalists who flew all the way to Damascus to ask it.

After calmly reminding his French guests that Syria is no longer a colony of any nation, Assad praised Russia for its peculiar respect for national sovereignty:

[Russia] respects our sovereignty. Every step they took, whether a strategic or tactical step, it was in cooperation with Syria. They never [took] a single step without us.

They build their politics on values, and on their interests — especially in regards to fighting terrorism.

What a novel concept.

It’s almost as if the French can’t understand how brown, mostly-Muslim people could have their own country.

We’re sure there’s no historical precedent for this confusion.

Guess how many? Number rings a bell? Excerpt:

There are now nearly 6 million Syrian children suffering from the perils of war, including hundreds who were killed, maimed or recruited to fight in 2016, the worst year on record for Syrian children, a UN watchdog has said.

Erdogan is already seriously pissed off and now this:

Good, congrats Bashar! Then it is now time to start bombing the USA and demand ‘Regime Change’ there, right?? There are people in the USA who disagree with Trump, obviously. It is time we go help them with some bombs, chemical weapons and drones, don’t you think? A humanitarian intervention is called for because Trump is attacking his own people. We need to intervene, it is our moral and ethical duty to bomb the hell out of the USA. There are even intelligence reports that say they have weapons of mass destruction and are willing to use them against us, so, what are we waiting for??? We need to go in and save the lives of these poor Americans!!!!