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This debate would have been funny, except for the witness testimony I listened to, from a woman who was present at a gathering where these 2 bozo’s were too, in which a child was raped and murdered.

Let’s blame Putin, we haven’t blamed him yet for anything:


Yes – that’s it; Russians are hacking Muslims now, with Syria’s assistance – and they’ll send an army of rapey migrants into Germany to influence their election by sexually assaulting the populace into voting Merkel out. After all, she does love her some North African migrants, and Germans certainly don’t like being raped. Coincidentally, a good friend of mine from Hamburg said his city has been destroyed.

Let me get this straight – Angela “Don’t touch me!” Merkel wants to keep Germany’s borders open, making it really easy for women and children men of fighting age to slip into the country and drive trucks through Christmas holiday crowds, or axe a few people on a train, or engage in mass sexual assaults at public pools – or New Years Eve celebrations, or make neighborhoods so unsafe for non-Muslims they’re considered “no-go” zones. Are you noticing a trend?

And the person responsible for all of the above is running for office again…  to which end the globalists are preemptively blaming sneaky Putin for her impending political doom. Pure comedy – and sure to add legitimacy to claims of Russian influence in the US election.

In addition to Germany’s problems, Sweden is in caliphate hell with a cucked government happy to feed their women to predators. France is suffering from annual Muslim riots, terrorist attacks, and their own no-go zones. The President of Finland said that migrants and terrorism are the biggest threats to Europe. Meanwhile, the MSM along with much of EU leadership is largely ignoring the problem.

As a direct result of this failed experiment in forced multiculturalism, Europeans who want to preserve their values and ensure the safety of future generations are joining the wave of nationalism sweeping the continent. Le Pen is probably going to become President of France – and even if she doesn’t, the whole world watched her bitch slap Merkel like a two dollar whore with the pimp hand of truth. Globalists are on defense:

Happy Hacking, Spying and Leaking


Or Barrett is the deep state stooge, keeping us of track, who knows nowadays who-is-who:

Delusional Americans, they are everywhere. I agree with her analysis of the UN, I also worked for the UN and it is true what she says, but the American values????? Sorry, who bombed Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Syria,……..,……..?? I forgot who was that???? Let’s talk about regime change, how many countries did you force to change the regime and put an American puppet in???? Whining about the UN who does your dirty work, brilliant, really convincing.

“We should replace the UN with an international organization that is actually worthy of being funded by American taxes and is in action—not just words—aligned with American values of freedom, liberty, justice and equality for all,” Kakoti-McHugh wrote, adding:

I envision a new international organization that delivers what former President Woodrow Wilson, who founded the forerunner of the UN (League of Nations), wanted for Americans. Wilson wanted America to be part of a group of peace loving and civilized nations with a high standard of morality. This does not exist in the current environment, where I’ve found evidence that UN staff practice racism, sexism, sexual exploitation and abuse, corruption, block sustainable development efficiency and are unfair to Americans.

Axis of Evil

Russia cleaning up the mess NATO made