Katyn: The Story Hollywood Won’t Tell

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Noted historian Norman Davies wrote back in 2005 that President Gorbachev admitted that “the Soviet guilt in the Katyn massacre” is well known.[4] Davies is a decent historian and quickly realized that the Powers That Be and their puppets were playing double standards. He wrote:

“In some countries, Holocaust denial is a criminal offence yet Gulag denial is not even on the agenda. The British War Crimes Act applies exclusively to crimes committed “by Germans or on German-occupied territory.

“And the European parliament, when recently asked to grant a minute’s silence in honour of 22,000 allied officers shot by the NKVD (the communist secret police), refused.”


The Red Army, said Davies, committed more crimes than “all its western counterparts.” For example, “in one single operation in 1944, when demolishing the Army Group Mitte in Byelorussia, Marshal Rokossovsky destroyed a collection of Wehrmacht divisions equivalent to the entire German deployment on the western front.”[5]


Henry Makow: “Defiance” is another movie about Jewish victimhood and heroism. This story of Jewish partisans fighting Nazis adds to a growing Holocaust film genre that includes Sophie’s Choice, Shindler’s List and The Pianist.

But one incredible Jewish story of genocide continues to elude Hollywood. This is the execution of 20,000 Polish Officer POWs, (devout Roman Catholics who represented much of the Polish elite) by the Bolshevik Jewish-led NKVD in the Katyn forest in 1940.

Why has Hollywood ignored this story? My opinion is that, with six degrees of separation, Hollywood, (and indeed America) is ultimately run by the spiritual descendants of these murderers.

Thus we are brainwashed to ignore genocides that don’t fit the Nazi-Jew paradigm. Movies are essential to this programming. Part of an ongoing psychological war on much of the Western world, we are made to identify with minorities. If we object, we are counted as Nazis.

Andrej Wajda, 82, Poland’s most celebrated film director, lost his father at Katyn. In 2008, Wajda made a movie about this genocide and its effect on the victims’ families. Financed by Polish TV, the film, “Katyn,” was a major artistic and commercial success in Poland. It was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2008, but still has not found wide distribution outside Poland.

It didn’t win the Oscar. The award went to a Jewish Holocaust movie, “The Counterfeiters,” a “true story” from Germany. It described the moral dilemma faced by a Jewish master-counterfeiter forced to forge British and US currency. (“Should I sabotage this process?”) I saw this movie. It is an enjoyable piece of propaganda which helps the audience identify with Jews. In real life, I doubt if the hero had any such moral qualms. Even in the film, he filled his own pockets.



The goal of the Khazarian bankers and their Masonic gentile collaborators is to meld the world’s population into a single servant class in a “New World Order.” This requires the destruction of nations, families and religion, which are the cornerstone of Western civilization.

The Khazarian bankers established the USSR as a precursor to the New World Order. The execution of the Polish elite was necessary to the long-term plan.

The Khazarian Mafia and their puppets are Satanists. They wish to substitute their rule for God’s natural and spiritual (moral) order. They need to destroy the Western European Christian heterosexual middle class to fulfill their agenda. Culture is a function of money and the Illuminati control credit. Thus our culture maintains a conspiracy of silence about the gradual subversion of Western Civilization by its own traitorous elite.

So there should be no surprise that a film about Christian martyrs and patriots coming from an anachronism called a nation like Poland would be quietly swept under the carpet by Hollywood.

Heaven forbid that the sheep figure out that the same fate may await them.