Thought of the Day: If you voted you can’t complain…

Yes, I am pissed off and no it has nothing to do with Putin. Actually, I am already pissed off my whole life. The symptom of why, was seen yesterday with the result of the election. People were going to vote for change and voted for more police state. It basically confirms that the whole awakening of David Icke is a hoax.

When I was a child, I got a pretty correct, general idea of how the world was run. Based on my personal experiences I taught myself never to believe what people told me without evidence, question everything and hold on to deciding what the truth is till I had enough information gathered to feel comfortable making judgments. Therefore, it was almost impossible to brainwash me and it really pissed people off. Although I must admit, I did forget once in a while to question something,  basically I didn’t have to ‘wake up’ because I was never asleep. As I grew up there was a lot of info I didn’t have (internet was not there yet, so getting info was difficult) I knew most of the info I did have was false or doubtful.

The problem arising out of all this was that I was more or less the only one in my surroundings who saw through all the lies, hypocrisy and schizophrenic reasoning of people. That makes living in this country pretty complicated.

(Little Dutch Class:

Voting = Stemmen, Voice = Stem, Give your Vote = Geef je Stem = Give your Voice)

My dislike for this country and its people stems mostly from this:

  • The lies and hypocrisy over our very violent and destructive past. I am supposed to be proud of this country and what ‘we’ have achieved, unfortunately it makes me sick just thinking about it;
  • The whining of people over problems, but the absolute refusal to look at where they come from and do something about it (‘I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, so stop talking about banks or multinationals running the country.’);
  • This enormous trust in, and dependence on the regime, always asking for more laws to regulate our lives (”Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ need to solve the problem, we can’t.’);
  • The refusal to ask questions or think critically (‘Everybody knows it is like that, so why are you asking questions?’);
  • The extreme arrogance of the people in this country that they are the most progressive, intellectual and knowledgeable people on this planet (‘People in Russia have no idea what is going on in the world, not like us.’);
  • The sickening worshiping of royalties and billionaires, basically pedophiles and mass murderers;
  • The obsession with technology and everything called SMART and how that is a sign of ‘our’ intelligence and progress;
  • The fake tolerance meme, which means on the surface tolerance for all the wrong things (FakEwoMINISTS & LGBCDEFGHIdiocy, homo-parades, criminals, etc.) but complete intolerance for people who think and ask questions;
  • In other countries they don’t like muslims because muslim immigrants are raping women and children. Here people don’t like muslims because these children walk out of the classroom when they start explaining the Holy Holocaust. Everybody agrees you don’t ask questions about this story and criminalizing the possession of ‘Mein Kampf’ is a good thing. Freedom of speech is OK, accept when you want to say something people don’t agree on, or would like to ask a question nobody likes the answer to;
  • The muslims also protest against the regime’s pro-Israel attitude and policies. Dutchies (Dutch Zombies = Dutchies) don’t protest because they don’t want to make ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ angry. So, they only protest when a political party organises it, then they have permission to disagree with ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’.

The funny thing is that I have tried to explain to people in other countries that living in this country is no picnic, but they have this very positive picture of this place and don’t believe me. I think the voting of 80 % of the people for a regime that is going to turn this country into a full blown police state says it all. (It doesn’t matter who you voted for, because they are just puppets for the real regime behind the scenes. You voted for having puppets executing the will of the real regime.) For that I thank the Dutchies, who walked to the voting stations telling the bozo’s:

”I agree with having a regime that will ruin my life, and that of all the generations to come.”

Because now you can understand why I dislike this place and why I am pissed off. I will have to listen to the whining of these people, how things are bad and ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ are not taking care of them the way they want. Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla.

You voted moron, you can’t complain anymore, you gave your voice away, I can’t hear you!!!