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He added, “Hollywood ever let facts and data get in the way of a good war propaganda story? Also, this Netflix-sponsored documentary is a fraud in itself, because all of the alleged ‘rescue’ footage was supplied to the western film production company by the White Helmets themselves – so the Netflix producers have no way of independently verifying what they’ve been given. Clearly, they do not care whether its real or staged, because reality is not the objective of this bogus documentary, rather, the film’s purpose – despite the claims by its front persons Joanna Natasegara and Orlando Von Einsiedel – was to reinforce the US-led Coalition fake narrative on Syria which has never resembled the facts on the ground.”

Exactly, why people still believe the ‘true’ Hollywood stories of WWII is beyond me. ‘But they say it is a true story’, sure that’s what they say about Santa Claus too. It is true till one day they say, ‘Well you know, we sort of lied you know, it wasn’t really true, but we believed it to be true so we didn’t really lie.’

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I like this woman, however as friends we should be able to criticize one another: Basing your knowledge of WWII on the glorification of torture, lies and misrepresentation called the Neurenberg Trials is not really convincing. You really should read one of these by Amazon banned books (there is a very good reason why they are banned and it sounds like bruth) and taste some reality. Basing WWII knowledge on the Neurenberg Trials is like basing your knowledge of Russia on the views of the CiaNewsNetwork, that should ring a bell.


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