Thought of the Day: What if…..

What if our worst nightmare has become true? Watching congress unraveling the spying, hacking, colluding saga, 2 things became clear. First of all, that the whole purpose of the theater was about spreading anti-Russia propaganda around the world, as Comey refused to give any meaningful answer, so truth was nowhere to be found. The second was what scared the hell out of me. As I have said before Stephen Hawking is the scariest person on the planet, because he has a computer that reads his mind and then says it out loud.

But it is way worse than that. As became very clear during the hearing:

The director of the FBI can read Putin’s mind, whenever he feels like!!!

That is horrific. But that is clearly what he told us, he knows exactly what Putin thinks of Hillary, he really hates her (OK, that is not a stretch, everybody with more than 3 working brain cells hates Hillary, so I could have predicted that), but besides that, Comey can pinpoint to the day and minute when Putin decided that Hillary was going to win and it would be useless to help Trump. That should really scare everybody. We are talking different continents here, which means:

Who cares about the CIA reading e-mails, spying via a SMART TV and listening to phone conversations:

The FBI can read my mind!!!!