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We have known for a long time that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was little more than the Turkish military in disguise. Now we have the Free Syrian Police (FSP), which is a Turkish police force to operate in the areas of Syria captured by the FSA.

Turkey has an agenda to capture large tracts of northern Syria and Iraq, including the cities of Aleppo and Mosul, two of the largest and most important in the Middle East. This agenda was laid out in detail in the 2001 book ‘Strategic Depth’ by former Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu. In this book he lays out the neo-Ottoman plan to expand the borders of modern day Turkey southwards and eastwards, in order to create ‘lebensraum’ for the Turkish people.

Turkey’s ‘Euphrates Shield’ anti-terror operation that sent the Turkish Army into northern Syria in order to combat terrorists was in fact, a thinly-veiled invasion of Syria designed to seize as much territory as possible.

Although Turkish designs on Aleppo are currently being foiled by the successes of the Syrian Army and their Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah allies and Mosul is about to fall to the Iraqi Army and their allies, it is clear that Turkey is not going to abandon its agenda and will continue to conquer more territory. Furthermore, the Turks intend to hold onto that territory and administer it like it was part of Turkey – hence the creation of the FSP.

Turkey seems to think that the US, NATO and Russia are too preoccupied with their own problems (which in many cases, have been created wholly, or in part, by the Turks themselves, such as the ‘migrant’ crisis in Europe. The Turks are trying to seize what they can before they are told to stop, or made to stop, and they appear to be succeeding.


The preparation of the war against Syria

In June 2008, NATO organised the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group [2] in Chantilly (United States) during which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama presented themselves to the participants.

Among the 120 people present were Bassma Kodmani (future spokeswoman for the Syrian National Coalition) and Volker Perthes (future assistant of Jeffrey Feltman at the UNO, for Syria). During a debate on the permanence of US foreign policy, they spoke up to commend the importance of the Muslim Brotherhood and the role they could play in the «democratisation» of the Arab world.

Jean-Pierre Jouyet (future Secretary General for the Elysée), Manuel Valls (future Prime Minister of France) and Bertrand Collomb (head of Lafarge) were present alongside Henry R. Kravis (future financial coordinator of Daech).


The construction of the jihadists’ bunkers

2,6 million metric tonnes for two years adds up to at least six million metric tonnes produced for the «rebels». I’m putting the word «rebel» in quotes, because these combatants are not Syrians – they come from all over the Muslim world, including Europe.

This amount of concrete is comparable to that used by the German Reich, in 1916-17, to build the Siegfried Line. Since July 2012, NATO – including France – have organised a war of position in conformity with the strategy described by Abou Moussab «The Syrian» in his 2004 book, Management of Savagery.

We can imagine the number of military engineers from the NATO Engineering Corps – including the French – who were necessary to build these colossal structures.

Lafarge, the Clintons and the CIA

During the 1980’s, Lafarge was defended in its Alabama pollution trial by a famous lawyer, a certain Hillary Rodham-Clinton. She managed to reduce the fine imposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencydown to only 1,8 million dollars.

During the mandate of George Bush Sr, Lafarge helped out the CIA by illegally transporting to Iraq the weapons which would be used later on during the rebellion, when Iraq was planned to invade Kuwaït, and the international Coalition was planned to come to liberate it.

During the same period, Hillary Rodham-Clinton became an administrator for the multinational, a post she left when her husband was elected to the White House. President Bill Clinton then reduced to 600,000 dollars the fine that his wife had been unable to avoid for Lafarge. Good relations continued between them, since the cement company donated 100,000 dollars to the Clinton Fondation in 2015, and its new CEO, Eric Olsen, never hesitates to have his photo taken with Hillary Clinton.