Radio Svoboda gives away masterminds of OSCE car blast in Donbass

Radio Svoboda published on its YouTube channel an exclusive footage of the recent explosion of an OSCE Mission car in the Lugansk region.

“The video shows the moment when a roadside bomb exploded during the passage of a vehicle carrying OSCE observers to the east of Ukraine. American medical assistant Joseph Stone died on April 23 as a result of the explosion – the first member of the OSCE mission, who died in three years of armed conflict in the territory of Ukraine,” says the video annotation.

According to the correspondent for Radio Svoboda Christopher Miller, the editorial board [Radio Svoboda journalists don’t work on this territory] obtained this footage from a “source on the government [Kiev regime] controlled part of Ukraine”, reports Censor. The fact that the authors of the video knew when and where the incident will occur, remains incomprehensible.
Miller says that the road where the explosion occurred is rarely used by civilians because of its proximity to the contact line. However, the full video shows a third unidentified car heading towards the explosion by the same road 9 minutes later.