Nigeria: Boko Haram Confirms Chibok Girls’ Swap Deal With FG in New Video

Islamic terrorist Boko Haram group has, in a new video release, confirmed the earlier claims by the Federal Government that some of the arrested terror group’s members, particularly terrorist commanders, were swapped with the recently released Chibok girls in a deal it entered with the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government.
In the video clip just released, the terrorist group claimed that some of its dreaded commanders who had been variously arrested by security operatives were exchanged with the 82 recently released Chibok girls.
However, in the latest video released to Ahmad Salkida, a journalist who had previously involved in various negotiations between government and Boko Haram, the group countered the Nigerian government’s claims that only five of its commanders were released.
In a series of tweets, Mr Salkida said: “The video has Shuaibu Moni, one of the swapped BH commanders issuing threats to Nigerian authorities and it’s president.
“The commander in the video declared that it is not true that only 5 commanders were released, warning of imminent bombing of Abuja.
“He further said that there’s been no ‘sulhu’ dialogue with government and there won’t be. Only war is between us, he declared.”
Recall that on May 6, Boko Haram released 82 more Chibok schoolgirls they kidnapped more than three years ago, bringing the number of the freed girls to 103.