Syria: Terrorist Commanders Sent to Dara’a with Hefty amount of US Dollars

Syria: Terrorist Commanders Sent to Dara'a with Hefty amount of US Dollars

TEHRAN (FNA)- Field sources said that a number of commanders of Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board) have been recently dispatched to Dara’a with millions of US dollars to reinvigorate the terrorist front and slow down the group’s collapse in Southern Syria.
The sources said that almost 30 senior members of Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at have recently left Northern Syria with several millions US dollars for Dara’a and Quneitra provinces to rebuild the terrorist group’s structure in Southern Syria.
The sources further pointed out that these commanders have started spending millions of US dollars to buy heavy arms, ammunition and employing fresh recruits.
They further identified Abu Dajane al-Sheikh that had earlier been to Idlib along with Abu Mariyeh Qahtani as to be among the same notorious commanders.
Tahrir al-Sham, meantime, announced that it has recently appointed Abu Jaber al-Shami as the new Emir in Southern Syria.
Reports said on Tuesday that a number of militants were killed and several more were wounded in a fresh round of clashes between the Syrian Free Army (FSA) and ISIL terrorists in the Southern province of Dara’a, local sources said.
The sources said that the militant groups of Jeish al-Thowra  and al-Janoubi Front affiliated to the FSA engaged in fierce clashes with the terrorist group of Jeish Khalid affiliated to the ISIL in areas surrounding the townships of Jalin, Adwan, Tal Ashra and LMD division base, inflicting major casualties on both sides.
A commander of one of the battalions of the FSA was killed in the clashes.
Spokesman for Jeish al-Thowra Abu Bakr al-Hassan said that his forces’ attempt to advance in areas around Jalin failed because the ISIL has been using anti-tank missiles in the battlefield.
Reports said that 17 members of the FSA-affiliated groups were killed and 15 more were wounded, while three tanks and three bulldozers were destroyed in the clashes.
Dara’a is among the De-Escalation Zones.
FSA was trying to send a large number of its forces from Central Dara’a to its countryside to drive ISIL out of the region.