Graphic 40-min propaganda video depicts battle of Mosul shown from ISIS’ perspective

By Chris Tomson
DAMASCUS, SYRIA (0:10 A.M.) – The latest lengthy Islamic State propaganda video shows the battle for Mosul and the extensive use of suicide bombers, drones and booby traps in urban clashes said to be comparable only to World War II.
The video features foreign fighters, homemade rockets, ammunition factories, snipers, collapsed buildings, civilian casualties, dead Iraqi troops, destroyed Humvees, and advanced technology such as mines on remote-controlled wheels and self-shooting weaponry.
Viewer discretion is advised. You must be at least 18 years old to watch this video:
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The video also called for renewed terror attacks on Europe and the United States, even advising potential lone wolves on how to conduct the heinous attacks.
Al-Masdar News condemns all types of terrorist propaganda but insists on allowing viewers access to unfiltered information, and therefore decided to publish the aforementioned video.