Operation “Overlord”

6th Hour, 6th Day, 6th Month

By Mike King


                                              The ‘Lord’ in “Operation Overlord”
stalin-bio.jpgStalin wanted to prolong the war in the West.


Starting at the 6th hour, of the 6th day, of the 6th month of 1944,  the Allied armies of the evil NWO, based in England, successfully crossed the English Channel. The cost was high as nearly 10,000 men died storming the fortified beaches of Normandy (France). The invasion established an initial beachhead of 100,000 troops. From this base in northern France, theAllies were reinforced for the push towards Germany; which had a standing peace offer on the table throughout World War II.
In a 6AM radio broadcast, Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower declared to the Normandy populace:
“The lives of many of you depend on the speed with which you obey. Leave your towns at once – stay off the roads – go on foot and take nothing with you that is difficult to carry. Do not gather in groups which may be mistaken for enemy troops.” (here)
6a00d.jpgInstead of exploiting the “soft underbelly” of Italy, Allies storm fortified French beaches.
At the same time, the murdering, raping, and looting Soviet Army, armed to the teeth with state-of-the-art American weaponry, advanced upon Germany (and all of Eastern Europe) from the East. With Italy also under Allied occupation, Germany now had three fronts to defend (West, South, and East) as its cities, railways, dams, factories and civilian population endured relentless bombardment and Partisan sabotage.
168327.jpgRed Army Chief Zhukov presents a medal to Ike! – “Good job Comrade”.
Why, when the Allies were already storming up through the Italian Peninsula (Europe’s ‘soft underbelly’), did FDR, General Eisenhower, and General Marshall, over the objections of Churchill and British General Montgomery, INSIST upon storming heavily fortified beaches instead of advancing from the southern foothold?
37marsha.jpgGeorge Marshall: Joe McCarthy later called him a traitor..
The answer? The invasion of Normandy was intended to extend the war and give the Soviet hordes more time to conquer Eastern Europe. Later on, Generals Eisenhower and Marshall repeatedly delay the Eastward advance of General Patton’s unstoppable 3rd army, going so far as to cut off shipments of gasoline to General Patton’s army! Patton was beside himself! Before his sudden death (murder) in 1945, Patton had come to believe that there was treason in the highest levels of the U.S. government.
The Globalist War against peaceful Germany was itself a treasonous crime. But dragging it out further than necessary, just so that “Uncle Joe” could rape Berlin and impose Communism upon Eastern Europe, made the treason of D-Day all the worse.



Caen, France was destroyed by Allied ‘liberators’                              The “Good Guys” left death and homelessness in their wake.
Under temporary, wartime German occupation (1940-1944), life in Northern France had passed by peacefully for French civilians. The conduct of the German occupiers was impeccable. Many French women fell in love with German soldiers. But with the Normandy D-Day invasion, the peace and security of France was shattered into a million pieces.
To support the cross channel invasion, and to then push the Germans eastward, the Allies unleashed a ferocious aerial bombardment campaign. Entire towns were mercilessly carpet bombarded. Cultural icons and works of art were destroyed, 65,000 French civilians killed, 150,000 injured, and 1,250,000 left homeless. Incredibly, twice as many French civilians were bombed to death during only a matter of weeks, as the total amount of British civilians killed during the entire war!   (Of course, these numbers pale in comparison to the 1,000,000 + German civilians who were killed by Allied bombings!)
The horror did not end with the bombardment either. The Allied occupation and subsequent economic collapse brought new nightmares for the women of France. Under Allied occupation, American troops raped 1000’s of French women, and turned many 1000’s more hungry women into sex-for-food prostitutes. To appease the French population, the U.S. Army eventually hanged 130 of its rapist soldiers, the majority of them Black.
It took years for these areas of France to recover from the tragedy. Such was the glorious “liberation” that Churchill, FDR, and the French traitor DeGaulle imposed upon France, and it all began with “D-Day”.


The traitor DeGaulle was in Britain                                                            The Reds abused French women who ‘colloborated’ with
while he cheered the bombing of his own people!                                  German soldiers – shaving them bald!
The two photos shown below were taken at about the same time.
As 2 million German women were being gang raped on           By supporting ‘D-Day’, and later stopping General Patton’s
    Stalin’s orders, Eisenhower partied with ‘Uncle Joe’ –               advance, “Ike” enabled Stalin’s conquest of Eastern
                            atop Lenin’s tomb!                                                                     Europe and the mass orgies of gang rapes
                                                                                                                                              and murders which followed.

The anniversary of the Devil’s Day suicide mission – and the Marxist E.U. which it spawned, are nothing for Americans or Europeans to celebrate.
After 73 years of moral and cultural rot, unlimited Third World immigration, and now, a steadily eroding economy, the ever diminishing number of British & American D-Day survivors have got to be asking themselves, “What was it all for?”
To quote the British Historian David Irving:
“If the British soldiers on the beaches of Normandy in 1944 could look forward to the end of the century and see what England has become, they would not have bothered to advance another 40 yards up the beach.”


It was the sacrifice of the men who stormed the Normandy beaches that enabled the cultural Marxists to create a “new” Europe; one in which degenerate filth such as the “trans-gendered” Conchita Wurst could become an honored European celebrity.