Houthis is ready to cooperate with Qatar

By Leith Fadel
BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:30 A.M.) – The Houthis announced their readiness to cooperate the Qatari regime after the recent decision by several Arab countries to sever diplomatic ties with the small Gulf nation, Naseh Saleh reported from Sana’a on Monday.
“We condemn actions against Qatar. We are ready to cooperate with Qatar as they [Qataris] are known to us as men of sincerity, loyalty, and wisdom – we experienced this during Qatari mediation in the Yemeni conflict ,” Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, the head of the Revolutionary Committees of the Houthis, tweeted Monday.
Mohammed Abdul- Salam, head the Houthi delegation to Kuwait, and official spokesperson of Houthis movement said on his Facebook page:”The Saudi and Emirati regimes are seeking to extract the Qatari decision in a manner that favors their brutality and imaginary attempt to extract the national decision of the Yemenis, which they have been unable to do thus far.”
The Qatari regime attempted to mediate a peaceful settlement in Yemen between the Houthis and government of ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Saleh in 2004.
On May 8, 2007, the former Emir of Qatar visited the Yemeni capital of Sana’a; this visit was followed by the arrival of the former Qatari Foreign Minister and former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassem to Sana’a, just about a month after the Qatar Emir’s visit to Yemen.