Venezuelan Opposition Protester Dies Using Homemade Weapon

Lander Armas Neomar Alejandro passed away while operating a mortar that exploded on his chest during an opposition protest that had become violent.
The Venezuelan Ministry of Internal Affairs, Justice and Peace reported on the death of the 17 year old Lander Armas Neomar Alejandro on Wednesday in the municipality of Chacao, Miranda state, resulting from the handling of a mortar during an opposition protest against the Venezuelan government.
The young man who was known as “Neon” by his friends, died after a handheld mortar exploded during operation. He was transferred to the Avila Clinic.
Officials of the Body of Scientific Criminal Investivations (CICPC) are at the site investigating.
In opposition protests that have turned violent, protesters have been found utilizing various weapons, some of which are homemade.
Last week, Venezuelan special operation forces carrying out a search operation seized weapons including an AT4 anti-tank bazooka, C4 explosives, gas masks, grenades, helmets, mortars, military uniforms and bulletproof vests in the Bello Campo neighborhood in Caracas.
Over 70 people have been killed in the ongoing protests and clashes between Venezuela’s right-wing opposition and government forces.

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1.Lander Armas Neomar Alejandro (17) acaba de fallecer producto de una explosión de arma de fabricación artesanal (MORTERO) que manipulaba
1. Lander Armas Neomar Alejandro (17) has just died after an explosion of a homemade weapon (morter) that he was using. Source: Twitter

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Foto del joven Neomar Lander. Parece cargar un explosivo de fabricación artesanal que se detona con morteros.


Photo of the Neomar Lander. He appears to be holding a homemade explosive device. Source: Twitter

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Esta foto atribuida a Neomar Lander, tomada por @philipick, demostraría que joven que portaba un mortero sería el mismo que murió

This photo attrributed to Neomar Lander, taken by @philipick, demonstrates that the young man that was carrying a morter would be the same one that died #7junio. Source: Twitter