Commander: ISIL Acting in Favor of Israel

Commander: ISIL Acting in Favor of Israel

TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Ground Force Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour underlined that the ISIL has been created by the arrogant powers and Israel in a bid to protect their interests.
“The ISIL is destroying the regional capitals and is making a cozy backyard for the Zionist regime of Israel,” General Pakpour said on Sunday.
“The Zionist regime’s existence relies on the rift and disputes among Muslims,” the senior commander added.
General Pakpour reiterated that the ISIL terrorist does not makes any distinction between the Shiite and Sunni Muslims.
“If the measures taken by some Muslim countries against others were targeted on the Zionist regime, there would be no name of the occupying regime in the world,” he said.
“Disunity is the biggest challenge that the global arrogance is using against the Muslims for pursuing its ill intentions,” Pakpour added.
Last week some Arab states, including Bahrain, UAE, Egypt and Libya, led by Saudi Arabia cut their diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing the tiny Persian Gulf gas-rich country of supporting terrorism. Qatar denies the charges. Qatar was also sanctioned by them, as the Arab states closed all their links with Doha, including their airspace.
Three male assailants fired several rounds at the guards protecting the parliament building in Tehran on Wednesday morning. The assailants opened their way into the parliament’s administrative building while shooting at the guards.
A similar attack took place at the holy shrine of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, parallel with the parliament attack.
17 people, including the parliament’s guards, were killed and 52 others were wounded in the twin attacks.
The ISIL claimed the responsibility for both attacks.
In relevant remarks on Sunday, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mostafa Izadi announced that the country is in possession of evidence and documents proving Washington’s direct support for the ISIL terrorist group.
“We are facing a proxy warfare in the region as a new trick by the arrogant powers against the Islamic Republic,” Izadi said.
“As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution (Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei) said, we possess documents and information showing the direct supports by the US imperialism for this highly disgusting stream (the ISIL) in the region which has destroyed the Islamic countries and created a wave of massacres and clashes,” he added.