Africa’s got talent [Culture on The Morning Call]

Africa's got talent [Culture on The Morning Call]

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In this week This is Culture segment, Linnete Bahati focuses on the recent 2017 edition of Britain’s got talent. A number of African names featured during the event including Daliso Chaponda, the son of former Malawian Agricultural minister George Chaponda.
In the preliminary stages of the competition in early May, the celebrity judges gave the 37-year-old comedian and comic writer a standing ovation, and the highest nod – the Golden Buzzer – to proceed to the live semi-finals after his five-minute skit. He was among the finalists who were eyeing the £250,000 cash prize. Unfortunately, he missed the prize but he managed to charm the world despite the stiff competition. He managed to get third place act in the competition.
Sarah Ikumu is yet another participant in the competition. She is a 15-year-old girl with a very powerful voice. Her powerful voice shocked the judges on Britain’s Got Talent and prompted Simon Cowell to press his first golden buzzer of 2017. She lives with her parents who are Kenyan immigrants in the UK.
Destiny Chukunyere is the daughter of Ndubisi Chukunyere, former Nigerian footballer who last played for Maltese Premier League, in the capacity of striker. He was named one of the most prolific African scorers in the European season by the BBC. Destiny has got great talent that even enabled her to win the Junior Eurovision 2015.