Palestinian Resistance Figure: Arab NATO Plan to Cross Out Palestinian Issue

Palestinian Resistance Figure: Arab NATO Plan to Cross Out Palestinian Issue

TEHRAN (FNA)- Islamic Jihad Movement’s Representative in Tehran Nasser Abu Sharif warned that the plan for the start of an “Arab NATO” to unify some Arab nations in the region under a NATO-style command structure is a plot to omit Palestine from the world’s map.
“We understand that the Arab NATO is aimed at omitting Palestine from the world’s map and increasing cooperation with the Zionist regime,” Abu Sharif said, addressing a ceremony in Tehran on Wednesday.
He said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s repeated speeches about formation of an Arab NATO led by the US and the Zionists are aimed at weakening the resistance front which is thwarting the plots hatched by the arrogant powers and Israel in the region.
There was much hype leading up to US President Donald Trump’s Saudi Arabia visit that he would discuss an “Arab NATO” military alliance, but in the end the idea never was mentioned by name.
The US and its allies claimed that the idea was a military union among Arab states would help reduce the dependence on US forces for protection against terrorism threats.
The idea of a Middle East military alliance isn’t new and was promoted by the British in the 1950s as the Central Treaty Organization, or Baghdad Pact, to promote shared military and economic goals, but the new plan is admittedly meant to stand against Iran and the resistance front.