Ukraine’s Ex-Minister of Defense calls for terrorist acts in Russia

Kiev calls for terrorist attacks in Russia after a series of recent killings of Ukrainian law enforcers who had been involved in the punitive operation in Donbass – the so-called ‘ATO’. The corresponding summon was voiced by former Defense Minister Anatoly Gritsenko.
According to him, if the Ukrainian authorities really see this as a “Russian trace”, as the speakers repeatedly state, they should give symmetrical answers.
“This is a war, and this is not the first demonstrative, indicative and brazen murder of Ukrainian officers, the best officers. Prior to this, one of the best counterintelligence officers was killed in Mariupol, tellingly. If this is really the war, and not a play for the president, then for every car that was blown up in Kiev or Mariupol,  two in Taganrog or Moscow must be exploded. Then it will be convincing, and then it will not be “blah-blah-blah” about the Russian trace, about which Turchinov said, the Interior Ministry, the military prosecutor’s office and so on,” Gritsenko said.