NWO 2.0: Sino-Russian Communist World Order (SRCWO)

For part 1 please read: Thought of the Day: What if….
I ended my piece with:

NWO by conquest or consent

I think it will be by consent, when we all see the total destruction caused by WWIII people will look up to the only leaders who were opposed to the violence and the NWO: China and Russia. It will be an easy transition and only too late people, especially the ones in the alt. news, will realize they made a capital mistake by trusting the controlled opposition.
In the mean time I got some new very interesting insights. First lets look at the new BFFs Xi and Putin. It’s getting very serious now:

Xi and Putin

And then in another Tweet:
‘s president Xi just received the Order of St. Andrew. Highest award in the Russian Federation, established by Peter the Great in 1698

In a Sputnik article: ‘Best Time in History’: Chinese President Praises State of Sino-Russian Ties
“China would welcome the normalization of relations between Russia and the US. But regardless of the state of Russia-US relations, this will not affect Sino-Russian relations, which are strategic and comprehensive,” Wang said.
And in another article we see another communist popping up in the new alliance:
‘Amid worsening US-German relations, Berlin may reorient itself to Russia’
 Xi Turns to Germany Instead of US in Call for Responsibility for Global Peace
“China and Germany as the second and the fourth largest economies in the world, as leading trading nations and states with significant influence should, on the one hand, to progress independently, and on the other hand — to take on great responsibility for peace, stability and prosperity and in the world and in their regions,” Xi wrote in an article published in the German Die Welt newspaper.
Well, aren’t we all rediscovering our communist roots and loving it?
And yes they are in favour of global governance:

China Xinhua News‏
#BREAKING: China, Russia underline free trade, oppose protectionism of all kinds #XiVisit
Now we need to know how this SRCWO is going to look like. I wasn’t sure how this was going to be presented, untill I stumbled over something you may have known but has escaped me in the past years: Duginism.
Duginism comes from the name Alexander Dugin who invented the ‘4th Political Theory’.
The first 2 presentations I watched on youtube got me totally confused and I thought this must be me, because the guys presenting it thought his ideas were great and apparently didn’t see anything contradictory. I got suspicious also because he has been on Alex Jones and Red Ice Radio. (The latter started OK but lately seem to have joined the other team.)
Anyway my confusion comes from this:
Dugin is a nationalist Bolshevist, zionist, communist marxist, globalist communist, advisor to Putin (rumoured) and funded by oligarchs and is AGAINST marxism, fascism and liberalism, which he calls the first 3 political theories. There are people who think this is possible and swallow the words of this new guru as the solution against the New World Order. Dugin is against order and for chaos, which should be clear for everybody after reading the first sentence.
I will write here some excerpts from his first book which you can find in the video below.
Alexander Dugin’s “Foundations of Geopolitics”
At the basis of the geopolitical construction of this (Eurasian) Empire, there must be placed one fundamental principle, the principal of ‘a common enemy’. A negation of Atlanticism, a repudiation of the strategic control of the US, and the rejection of the supremacy of economic, liberal market values. This represents the common civilizational basis, the common impulse which will prepare the way for a strong political and strategic union.
Creating ‘a common enemy’ is what Oliver Stone is doing with his Putin interviews.
The task of Moscow is to tear Europe away from the control of the US (NATO), to assist European unification, and to strengthen ties with Central Europe under the aegis of the fundamental external axis Moscow-Berlin. Eurasia needs a united, friendly Europe.
Hence, the new founded love between the Communists China, Russia and Germany.
This is the third video I watched. It was very helpful in explaining why I got confused, it’s long but worth watching:

And then I found another one. This one actually agreeing with my NWO 2.0 suspicions:

I love twists in a story. How cool would it be everybody going hysterical over the NWO headed by the USA, even Putin mentioning it almost every week at least ones (why would that be do you think?), and then from the East, while everybody is watching the West, flies in the

Sino-Russian Communist World Order


I know Ernie it is horrifying actually but still, loving the twist, brilliant plan, you have to appreciate that. In the end it’s all the same, the NWO or the SRCWO:
Rabbi H Waton: “The communist soul is the soul of Judaism”.