Over half a million Ukrainians looking forward to Russian citizenship

About 600,000 Ukrainians are waiting for the decision on granting them Russian citizenship, First Deputy Interior Minister of the Russian Federation, Alexander Gorovoi, said on Wednesday.
Russian legislation suggests a simplified procedure for the entry into the citizenship of the Russian Federation of foreign citizens who are native speakers of the Russian language. But, in order to exercise this right, they must obtain the consent of a foreign state to withdraw from their citizenship and submit an appropriate document to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.
“Today, according to our estimates, our agenda comprises about 600 thousand Ukrainians who have come to the territory of the Russian Federation and are expecting this issue to be solved. They have already integrated themselves, brought children and are managing everyday life, and we need to take this decision promptly,” Gorovoi said at the plenary meeting of the State Duma when discussing amendments simplifying the process of obtaining Russian citizenship by the Ukrainians.
“The Government of Ukraine deliberately does not respond and does not accept requests (on withdrawal from citizenship) and documents that citizens of Ukraine send to the competent authorities,” he stressed.
On Wednesday, the State Duma adopted amendments that simplify the process of obtaining citizenship and residence permits in the Russian Federation for Ukrainians. From now on it will be sufficient for them to sign an application for the renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship, a corresponding certificate from the authorized bodies of Ukraine will not be required.