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Germans Blamed for Allied Crimes

By Mike Walsh, June 18, 2016

Very few people know detail of Joseph Stalin’s notorious Torch-Man Order. As a consequence people little realise that images depicting German atrocities are falsified. Filmed atrocities were the responsibility not of the Reich, but of England and America’s Soviet allies. There can be no excuse for using images of one’s own crimes to stigmatise one’s enemy. To do so to justify war is a war crime. The banality of evil is that the Torch-Man Order is censored in the West and disguised behind the bland index Order Number #0428.
The detail of this disreputable Order is confirmed as accurate by the Russian government. Stalin’s Order #0428 authorised November 17, 1941, instructed Bolshevik irregulars to destroy everything within 40 to 60 kilometres of the rapidly advancing German forces.


Stalin’s burnt earth policy was not what is claimed to be a strategy of depriving the Axis armies of sustenance. Stalin realised that communities terrorised by the Bolsheviks over twenty-five years welcomed the invading Reich armies as liberators. Churchill’s ally also knew that upon liberation entire Central European communities would assist the German occupiers. In Stalin’s eyes the peasantry were already collaborators.
The Order’s purpose was to indiscriminately slaughter communities before their being caught up in the German advance. The Order gave specific instruction that trained irregulars, wearing uniforms of captured and killed German troops, would indiscriminately kill peasants on an industrial scale. Especially sought for this purpose were uniforms of the Waffen SS.


Western media claims such suggestion is Nazi propaganda. This begs three questions:
1) The Reich controlled Europe between Moscow, Finland and the Black Sea. Why were these atrocities carried out only on Soviet territories before their being occupied by the Reich?
2) Why would any army film and widely distribute images of atrocities that would reflect badly on them and later indict them on war crime charges?
3) Where is the logic in an advancing army destroying its means of sustenance and support as it advances? These are questions of logic that simply cannot be answered in a way that would support victors’ spin. For such reasons open debate by Western media is off-limits.
In fact the German policy was precisely the opposite to that of Britain and America’s ally. The function of the Reich’s Ostacker Program (Eastern Fields Program) was to restore the lands and return rural property to the peoples of the regions occupied by the German forces: (Archive Series 429, roller 461, General Use Division, Foreign Units East li H 3/70 Fri 6,439,568th Filed: National Archives Washington).
The Torch-Man order signed by Stalin was released by the Russian government. The Order specifically carries instruction that it was ‘important to leave a few survivors who would report the supposed German terror attacks’. This strategy was confirmed by Axis troops who, having taken into captivity partisans wearing Reich uniforms, conceded their reason for doing so.
Order Number #0428 is quite specific and uncontested:
All settlements, in which German troops are found, up to a depth of 40 60km from the main lines of battle, are to be destroyed and set on fire; so too all such situated 20-30km from the roads. For the total destruction of the settled areas the Soviet Air Force will be made available. Artillery and rocket launchers will be used extensively, as well as intelligence units’ skiers and Partisan divisions equipped with bottles with flammable liquid. These hunting expeditions in their activities of destruction are to be dressed to the greatest extent in German soldier’s uniforms and uniforms of the Waffen SS looted from the German Army.
This will ignite hatred toward all fascist occupiers and make the conscription of partisans from the outlying areas of fascist territories easier. It is important to have survivors who will tell about German atrocities. For this purpose every regiment is to form hunter units of about 20-30 men strong with the task to detonate and incinerate the villages.
We have to select brave fighters for this action of destruction of settled areas. These men will be especially recommended to receive bravery awards when working in German uniforms behind enemy lines and destroying those settlement outposts. Among the population spread the rumour the Germans are burning the villages in order to punish the partisans.
The images distributed by the Soviets and their American and British allies depict graveside images of captives being shot in the back of the head. This method of execution was exclusively a Soviet CHEKA / NKVD method of mass killings. The forces of the Reich used conventional means to dispose of those marked for execution and did so within the constraints of international law.
Cui Bono (the legal term for ‘who benefits?): Again, logic suggests that only the Soviets would benefit from carrying out, photographing, filming and distributing images of these atrocities. The intention was to create an anti-Reich psychosis and encourage partisan recruitment. The strategy was also useful in providing the Soviets Western allies with propaganda that would assist their war against the Workers Reich. In other words these crimes are solely and exclusively the responsibility not of Hitler’s Germany but of the Soviet Union, England and the United States.

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Bana Alabed: “I am Not a Terrorist”

Evidence has emerged that the family of Bana Alabed has close ties, not only with  ‘moderate rebels’ (i.e. barbaric extremists like al Zinki), but also with ISIS.  In the light of this, and of the indications of a close affiliation between ISIS and the gangs previously operating in eastern Aleppo, the Western media have several options: they can simply ignore the evidence (favourite); or they can attempt to rehabilitate ISIS.  Or they could admit to Bana’s undesirable connections, and even to the hoax itself.
When “Bana Alabed” started tweeting in September 2016, we were told that she had two brothers, Nour and Mohammed, and a mother Fatimah, who managed her twitter account for her. Her father was not mentioned, nor did he appear in photos or videos. Gradually more information emerged about Ghassan Alabed and in particular his links to the terrorist al Safwa Islamic brigades.

Ghassanterrorist.jpg large

At the same time her father’s colleagues were keen to take selfies with the rising star, so we had pictures of Bana cuddling up to people with the most dubious connections.


When Bashar al Assad rightly said that Bana’s tweets were not a credible source and were promoted by supporters of terrorism, the Bana Project responded with a series of tweets denying that she was a terrorist.


The tweets were designed to ridicule the idea that little Bana had anything to do with the brutal gangs blighting the lives of the people of Aleppo, and to deflect attention from the reality of her family’s connections with al Nusra, al Zinki etc.
Revelations about her parents were likewise met with protestations:


It was claimed that both Assad and ‘Bana trolls’ were accusing Bana herself of being a terrorist, part of a campaign of persecution against a small girl (rather than to prove the fakery of the account), e.g, ‘All of this hasn’t stopped the trolls, who seem to follow Assad’s claim that Bana is a “terrorist”‘.
The Bana defence relies heavily on straw men, and goes something like this:
  • – Bana trolls (ie sceptics) claim that Bana doesn’t exist (false)
  • – Bana trolls claim that Bana herself is a terrorist (false)
  • – Bana trolls claim that Bana does not live in Aleppo (false: matter of debate amongst Bana critics themselves; by no means an essential part of the argument for dismissing her account as fraudulent).
All of these straw men are the focus of Bellingcat‘s analysis, which makes no attempt to confront the real reasons for doubt, which are based on, for example, the contrast between Bana’s native adult speaker command of English and her practically non-existent spoken English, some very damning ‘accidents’ and the people Bana chose to follow – Charles Lister, fellow at the Middle East Institute and an anti-Syria propagandist well-known for his close links with terrorist groups, was an especially bizarre choice for a seven-year old.

Bannot terrorist Lister

Syrian journalist Khaled Iskef has just released a video that records his examination of the Alabed’s house in Aleppo:

Iskef prefaces the video with information about the Alabed family, gleaned from what appears to be a document from the Civil Registry of the Aleppo Governorate Council concerning Ghassan Alabed. Bana’s grandfather Mohammed or Abu Ghassan owns a gun shop, which fixed guns for al Nusra, and provided them with ammunition. Her uncle Munther was arrested for smuggling guns, but released by the government under the 2009 amnesty, which suggested that the Alabed’s links with the planned insurgency may predate the war.

Not terroristFatemah

Iskef finds a notebook in Ghassan’s handwriting, which contains his CV, or a draft CV. The notes reveal that Ghassan worked for a ‘Sharia committee’, furthermore that he was based in the Aleppo Eye Hospital when it was used by ISIS between 2013-2015. It would appear, therefore, that Ghassan Alabed was working not just with groups that the West likes to term ‘moderate’ but with ISIS itself.
It would be good to have confirmation of the handwriting, but in the case of doubt being cast on the notebook, there would still remain the question of what lawyer Ghassan was doing in those years when ISIS was occupying eastern Aleppo.
ISIS has always been the fall guy for terrorist crimes in Syria, with the impression given that other groups, despite the awful evidence, were not in the same league in terms of barbarity and extremism. Barack Obama steadfastly refused to name any other group as a legitimate target for his war on terror – the US was always ‘fighting ISIS’, even though al Nusra was also on the terrorist list.  After al Nusra merged with four other groups in January 2017 to form Harakat Tahrir al Sham, the renamed group was not even declared a terrorist organisation by the United States.
However the affiliation between the gangs in Aleppo and ISIS has become increasingly apparent: the ISIS insignia that Murad Gazdiev saw flying on al Nusra’s front line in December 2016 could also be found inside buildings used by terrorists – if the gangs that took over from ISIS did not install the insignia themselves, they certainly made no attempt to remove them.


Vanessa Beeley even found ISIS insignia in the headquarters of the White Helmets, the so-called Syrian Civil Defense (from 5: 20 but watch it all).

The western media have continued to whitewash the vicious gangs operating in Syria, a prime example being Britain’s Channel 4 promoting al Zinki (see video above, also this article.) As the links between these gangs and ISIS are exposed, it will be interesting to see if Channel 4 attempts damage control by in turn rehabilitating Islamic State.
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Eurozone faces doom no matter how hard France and Germany try to save it, warns top investment bank

A senior employee at Bank of America Merrill Lynch says the eurozone currency bloc has been gradually falling apart ever since it was formed almost 20 years ago (stock photo)

A senior employee at Bank of America Merrill Lynch says the eurozone currency bloc has been gradually falling apart ever since it was formed almost 20 years ago (stock photo)

By James Salmon

The eurozone is likely to break up no matter how hard France and Germany try to save it, one of the world’s biggest investment banks is warning.
A senior employee at Bank of America Merrill Lynch says the single currency bloc has been gradually falling apart ever since it was formed almost 20 years ago.
Although several countries including Greece and Portugal received emergency bailouts during the financial crisis, richer countries like Germany have failed to redistribute wealth on a permanent basis to poorer countries in the eurozone.
London-based Athanasios Vamvakidis, who worked for the International Monetary Fund for 13 years before joining the US bank, said this has driven members apart and increased inequality.
Although that changed briefly during the global financial crisis, he said ‘divergence seems to be the norm since the eurozone was formed’.
Describing that as a ‘red flag for the sustainability of the eurozone’, he warned poorer countries may decide to break away from the bloc as they fall further into debt.
He said: ‘Wouldn’t such countries want to have their own monetary policy at some point? Wouldn’t populism find the common currency to be an easy target – which is already happening in some countries?’
He added: ‘Without growth, debt could prove unsustainable in some countries and populism against the eurozone could find support in some cases, leading to exit of a country left behind.

Emmanuel Macron (pictured), France’s pro-Brussels president, has proposed sweeping reforms to safeguard the single currency bloc, including introducing a new common budget

Emmanuel Macron (pictured), France’s pro-Brussels president, has proposed sweeping reforms to safeguard the single currency bloc, including introducing a new common budget
‘The probability that a country, at the core or the periphery, may decide to leave under a populist leadership at some point in the future is not low, in our view.’
Emmanuel Macron, France’s pro-Brussels president, has proposed sweeping reforms to safeguard the single currency bloc, including introducing a new common budget.
Germany, which would have to finance a disproportionate amount of the extra spending, has reacted cautiously to the proposals.
But Mr Vamvakidis said a wealthier country may also decide to quit because transferring wealth to poorer countries may not be ‘politically feasible’.
He added that ‘even in an ideal scenario’, in which these reforms were introduced, the ‘eurozone could still be at risk if the lack of convergence continues’.
The prognosis echoes that of former Bank of England governor Lord Mervyn King who said the ‘one-size-fits-all currency’ was doomed.

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Tanzania: Social Media Fury As UK Paper Describes Dar Es Salaam as ‘A Fishing Village’

Photo: Ali Damji/Wikipedia, Dar es Salaam skyline (file photo).
Social media users have taken to Twitter to express their fury after a British tabloid newspaper, Daily Mail, published a story that described Tanzania’s capital city as a “fishing village of Dar es Salaam”.
The phrasing was used on a story about the visit of English Premier League club Everton to the east African country.
It read: “Everton have touched down in Tanzania ahead of their first pre-season friendly, with Wayne Rooney and Co welcomed by hoards of supporters as they arrived in the fishing village of Dar Es Salaam.”
This provoked anger on Twitter, with some referring to it as “shameful reporting”. The phrasing had, however, since been removed from the story which was still on Daily Mail’s website.