California Rabbi: Jews are Sodomites

By Quintus Sertorius

Every so often, the jewish propaganda machine backfires with hilarious results. In the California failed state, a rabbi attempts cleverness in an effort to make the disgusting, unnatural, and perverted act of sodomy a joke, but inadvertently exposes the true predilections of the jews. The odious Rabbi Rothbaum proffers five easy steps to become a sodomite for jews and non-jews alike, and encourages us to look to the (((wholly babble))) for guidance. The smug moralizing of the rabbi, obviously intended to instill White guilt and encourage Whites toward self-abnegation, instead exposes the blatant jewish hypocrisy and double-standards. We can safely ignore the rabbi’s toxic five steps to becoming a sodomite; by his own twisted logic they can be condensed into a single step: be a jew.
Here are five simple steps to becoming the best Sodomite you can be: 1. Be blessed with a lot of money… If you really want to be a good Sodomite, it helps to be in the top 1 percent.”
Listen to the rabbinical gibberish, goyim! Get rid of all your money, impoverish yourself! It’s the Right Thing To DoTM says the man with the rat face. In other news, 48% of US billionaires are jews.
2. Develop a paranoiac fear of parting with that money. Despite having tons of money, the Sodomites irrationally obsessed over losing it… No doubt the people of Sodom would today live in guarded and gated communities, raging against any tax money that might somehow, tragically, end up in the hands of the poor.”
It’s like the rubbish-spouting rabbi simply changed “jews” to “Sodomites!” According to Jurgen Rahf’s lengthy article entitled Paranoid Judaism: “Psychiatric texts tell us it is characteristic of the paranoiac that he never forgets and never forgives. So it is curious to note how very often Jewish organizations and prominent Jews, on so many occasions, insist that they will never forget or that they will never forgive, using precisely the same words that psychiatry attributes to this category of the insane.”
3. Despite having plenty, refuse to help the needy in any way. So sure, of course you’ll want to refuse to help the poor in your town. But don’t stop there! Make sure you refuse to provide the poor with any of the basic elements of subsistence, like proper wages, healthy food, safe housing and health care.”
It goes without saying that the kosher depredations against the vulnerable people of societies parasitized by jews are as devastating as they are common. Through the vulture capitalism of (((Steve Mnuchin’s))) foreclosure machine to (((Donald Tokowitz))) – alias Donald Sterling – the slumlord billionaire to infamous fraudster (((Bernie Madoff))), the jews are heavily represented amongst the ranks of rip-off artists who mercilessly strip people of their homes and their life savings. Meanwhile, one need look no farther than the loathsome cast of jewish Silicon Valley billionaires advocating for ever increasing amounts of immigration and flooding the labor market with an endless supply of H1B visa indentured servants from India and China, to witness the jewish hand in ruining the prospect of a decent wage.
4. Prohibit immigration, and torture any immigrants who make it to your town… A really good Sodomite would hound and harass immigrants and refugees, condemning them to torturous detention camps.”
Again, the jews themselves seem to have a long history of meeting the rabbinical definition of being Sodomites. An illustration of the jewish propensity to torture and harass immigrants and refugees is found in jewish historian Josef Kastein’s History and Destiny of the Jews in his account of the return of the Babylonian exiles to Judea: “There sprang up overnight, as it were, side by side with the respected families with old traditions, a new capitalist class who were in a position to lend the needy money for house building, the purchase of seed, and the payment of taxes…And if the loan was not repaid, they seized the property together with the owner and his family and made them slaves.” In modern times, it is the jews who bring misery upon immigrants and natives alike through their toxic promotion of multiculturalism, diversity, and equalitarianism. The semitic insanity of forcing incompatible branches of humanity to live in unnaturally close proximity leads to the inevitable collapse of the social contracts and institutions necessary for civilization, followed quickly by poverty, desperation, and violence.
5. Brutalize everyone else, just for good measure. As fun as it is, abusing immigrants and the poor sometimes just leaves you hungering for more… To ensure that violence fills the land, consider flooding your land with deadly weapons, like firearms.”
Edward Gibbon noted the savage brutality of the jews over 200 years ago in his famous History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire: “Humanity is shocked at the recital of the horrid cruelties which they [the jews] committed in the cities of Egypt, of Cyprus, and of Cyrene, where they dwelt in treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting natives.” Gibbon goes on in a footnote to elaborate on those horrid semitic cruelties, which included: massacring around 500,000 people, sawing them in half, devouring the flesh and licking the blood of their victims, and twisting the entrails around their bodies. If history is any guide, the jews appear much more culpable for flooding lands with violence than inanimate objects like firearms; and that culpability continues to present times with the relentless jewish promotion of violence in Hollywood productions, and their tireless efforts to balkanize White homelands through the diversity plague.
In truth, plenty of people, just like you and me, are right now doing their part to create a Sodomite society of cruelty to immigrants, indifference to suffering and a borderline orgiastic celebration of greed.”
There it is: the bald admission by the rabbi about the jewish efforts to create a “Sodomite society,” a talmudic nightmare state that is the product of the jewish anti-soul.
Whether they are sodomites, or Sodomites, or jews, these vile nation-wreckers have no place in a healthy White society. We have no need for the spiritual and moral degeneracy offered by g*ds chosen people. We do not need the usury, pornography, cucktianity, miscegenation, homosexuality, and empty hedonism that the jews use to poison White communities. We need to turn off the talmudvision and stop the jewish-orchestrated White genocide.
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