The ‘Fake War’; is on, the Implementation of Dugin’s Eurasia is Around the Corner


This is a continuation of the SRCWO series:
  1. Thought of the Day: What if….  What if Russia is controlled opposition and we are watching a theater play that will end in us consenting to the New World Order?
  2. NWO 2.0: Sino-Russian Communist World Order (SRCWO)
Did you notice that everybody is at war with everybody it seems?
> Russian Deputy PM Vows to Find Out Who Banned His Plane From Entering Romania
>> Iran Condemns US Sanctions, Will Continue Missile Program
>> Iranian Parliament’s Committee Approves Countermeasures Plan to US Sanctions
>> US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian vessel in Persian Gulf for 2nd time in days – Tehran
>> US Oil Industry Warns Washington Over Venezuela Sanctions
>> US Air Force Posts Ad for Bio Samples from White Russians
.@sigmargabriel: #NorthKorea‘s missile test has again violated current international law and poses threat to regional + international peace.

While the old order is falling apart it is time to start the implementation of Eurasia


Step 1

Creating a common enemy, which Russia is doing by some serious anti-US propaganda via RT, Sputnik, Russia Insider, Oliver Stone and several agents running around on social media. Of course the fact that the US, under Israeli control, is continuously destroying people, countries and the planet as a whole, is very helpful in making US the enemy.
Anyway, with the help of the US, by means of sanctions on Russia that will harm mostly the EU, the excuse has been provided to move further into the direction of the Sino-Russian Communist World Order (SRCWO) in which Europe is absorbed into the Eurasian wet dream of Putin and Xi. Of course Merkel is very happy to assist her comrades in this goal:
>> Germany Slams New Anti-Russia Sanctions as ‘Tool’ of US Commercial Interests
>> ‘Painful reply’: Russian senator urges asymmetrical response to fresh US sanctions
In the meantime: the Rothschild’s making sure their little projects are not going to hell in the process of their Greater, meaning planet wide, Israel Project:
>> Shell Vows to Act Accordingly to Nord Stream 2 Obligations Amid New US Sanctions
And then in a rare moment of sobriety:
>> Jean-Claude Juncker Wants to Block Chinese Takeovers of European Firms
In the meantime: >> Chinese Premier meets former Greek PM
In the face of the complex and volatile international situation, China hopes to beef up cooperation with the European Union nations including Greece to cope with the uncertainties, support trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and push forward the economic globalization in the direction of balanced development, shared benefits and win-win progress.
I think Juncker sobered up a bit too late in the game…….. have another vodka comrade…
While the FED and Trump are assisting in the world economic collapse to introduce the new one world government: >> Washington Signs Its Own Death Warrant: New Russia Sanctions Will Ensure the End of US Dollar Dominance ……
A few points:
1. To quote Max Keiser, “The so-called Washington consensus is disintegrating”:
The post-WWII order of the US dollar hegemony run out of Washington DC, the so-called Washington consensus – is disintegrating, it is falling apart. The US doesn’t seem to want to take on reality – they want to live in the past, and they want to believe they are the policeman of the world, and they are going to impose sanctions.
Germany is not going to go along with American sanctions quite obviously. They are just pushing Germany into the arms of Russia. Then you’ve got an enormous axis of power to Germany, Russia, and China, and they are going to get out of the US dollar. So then gasoline in America suddenly goes to $10, 11, 12 a gallon. How is that going to help the American economy if the US dollar loses its position as a reserve currency? 
….. the IMF wants to get out of harms way and settle in the new financial headquarters of the SRCWO: China.
>> IMF may soon be moving to China – Christine Lagarde
In China nationalism and protectionism are dirty words and everything is being done to eradicate this evil from the planet:
>> News Analysis: China-India cooperation helps promote open global trade, counter protectionism
They are actually at war at the moment, but never mind that:
>> What lies beneath latest India-China standoff?
>> China-India Border Crisis Puts Russia in a Tough Spot
>> China Navigates the Bumpy Road Towards Eurasian Integration
And Israel and India are best buddies nowadays. India used to back the Palestinians but those happy days are over:
>> Indian Air Force Says Shalom To Israel’s Largest Air Exercise
With India stepping up its ties with Israel, the Indian Air Force (IAF) will take part in the Blue Flag exercise to be held during November this year in Israel. This will be the largest multi-national exercise in Israel where the US, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, and Poland will take part.
Questions anyone?
Russia and China being BFFs we already discussed in part 2, but here some more:
>> China and Russia Hold First Joint Naval Drill in the Baltic Sea
>> China, Russia pledge coordination on strategic security
According to Netanyahu:
China, Russia and India all have special relationships with Israel that aren’t contingent on progress in the peace process, Netanyahu said. “They don’t care about the political issue.” He cited conversations with the leaders of those countries in which they said they were interested in what Israel had to offer them and disregarded the lingering issue of the Palestinians.
“We have a special relationship with China. And they don’t care, they don’t care about the political issues,” he said.
In: >> Netanyahu: The Worlds Best Stand-Up Comedian. In hot mic comments, Netanyahu lashes EU’s ‘crazy’ policy on Israel
While everybody is talking about Greater Israel as if that is solely a Middle Eastern project, Eurasia is of course also part of the Greater Israel Project.
Russia = Israel since the ‘Russian’ aka Bolshevik aka jewish Revolution
China = Israel since the Communist aka jewish Revolution
EU = Israel since its inception, after all it is an Israeli project. Adolf Hitler has done everything he could to prevent this from happening. But the dupes in Europe then and now are still convinced we ‘won’ the war. No ‘we’ didn’t win the war. We lost our sovereignty to Israel. The zionists won the war with the help of their communist/zionist/bosjevik/jewish buddies: Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.

Step 2

At the same time, a fifth column is being set up in European countries, just as they did in WWII. Back then it was communist groups, considered the ‘freedom fighters’ from those ‘evil nazis’ who were against global governance. Now they have decided it is more effective and saver (just in case another charismatic nationalists pops up interfering with their plans) to have both sides in their pockets. So, not only the left are sponsored by jews like Soros and Israel, Russia/Israel also sponsor the alt/far/extreme right and nationalist movements:
>> How the Alt-Right and White Nationalists in the US were co-opted by the Russians
St Petersburg hosted the “International Conservative Forum” over the
weekend of 21-22 March, a gathering of European far-right political parties
organised by Rodina (Russian right wing party). The aim of the event
according to the organisers was to unite Russian and EU conservative forces
“in the context of European sanctions against Russia and the US pressure on
European countries and Russia”. There were representatives of far-right
political parties or organisations from the following countries:
 Sweden
 Spain
 Denmark
 Germany
 Italy
 Bulgaria
 Belgium
 Greece
 UK
2. Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson (a Scottish anti-abortion campaigner) formed the
UK delegation. The French National Front was absent, reportedly because
they felt attendance could jeopardise results at the forthcoming French
municipal elections.
The ones not sponsored by Russia like the PVV (Freedom Party) of jew Geert Wilders in the Netherlands are sponsored by Israel.

Step 3

NATO is supposed to fall apart in favour of an Eurasian army.
>> Bundeswehr ‘Secretly Building a Common European Army’ Under Its Control
>> ‘European army is inevitable’ – German defense commissioner
For that we have Erdogan: >> Erdogan touts missile deal as Ankara, Moscow exchange favors
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told members of his ruling Justice and Development Party July 25 that his country had signed an agreement with Russia to buy an S-400 missile defense battery system, apparently overriding objections from the United States and fellow NATO partners. Steps have been taken concerning the S-400s, he reported, declaring, “God willing, we’ll see them in our country soon.”

>> Germany will have to pull its troops from key base in Turkey: Gabriel
And, by the way, NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg ‘was’ a KGB agent, so, don’t get over excited by the ‘fake war’ on the borders of Russia. And the state of the European military is abysmal. According to:
>> West Africa: The U.S. and the Wars in the Sahel
The Europeans are not really ready to assist in the Sahel, despite the EU plans. In 2015 when Angela Merkel made the grand gesture of sending weapons to Kurdish rebels fighting Isil, she learned that her cargo planes couldn’t get off the ground. At the time, the German military confessed that just half of its Transall transport aircraft were fit to fly. Of its 190 helicopters, just 41 were ready to be deployed. Of its 406 Marder tanks, 280 were out of use. In 2016 it emerged that fewer than half of Germany’s 66 Tornado aircraft were airworthy. The French Transall fleet is out of date and few are being replaced.
This matches the debacle of the European military effort to conduct warfare on its own, starting in Kosovo. The Europeans wanted to show they had some independent military capability. The amount of bombs, missiles and other tactical devices used in the first two weeks of the Kosovo campaign exceeded the total arsenal storage of the totality of the European Community. The amount spent per day on the bombing of Kosovo, including indirect costs, amounted to over $12.5 million. It would have been far cheaper to buy Serbia than to bomb it. NATO could have offered each Serb $5,000 a head plus moving costs and still saved money. Under NATO rules the US was obliged to pay two-thirds of these costs.
This was just as true in Libya. The Europeans (calling themselves NATO) quickly ran out of ammunition, bombs and money. The US spent almost $1.5 billion in the first wave of attacks by the French and British. As Secretary of Defence Gates said in his speech, “Despite more than 2 million troops in uniform – not counting the U.S. military – NATO has struggled, at times desperately, to sustain a deployment of 25,000 to 45,000 troops — not just in boots on the ground, but in crucial support assets such as helicopters; transport aircraft; maintenance; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; and much more.” He went on:
“We have the spectacle of an air operations centre designed to handle more than 300 sorties a day struggling to launch about 150. Furthermore, the mightiest military alliance in history is only 11 weeks into an operation against a poorly armed regime in a sparsely populated country – yet many allies are beginning to run short of munitions, requiring the U.S., once more, to make up the difference.”
That is the key point in analysing the struggle against terrorism in the Sahel. Despite the good wishes of the French and the other Europeans, success relies on an active U.S. participation and engagement. The French have requested the support of the U.S. military (through NATO) in its ambition to retain control of its former African colonial empire.
I think the European army will need the Russian army, who have had enough time to show their military capabilities in Syria, don’t you think?
In addition, the EU needs to fall apart of course:
>> European leader in SHOCK admission: The EU doesn’t work and we all barely know each other
>> European Commission Announces Start of Infringement Procedures Against Poland
>> ‘Revolt Against Brussels’: Who Can Benefit From Putting Poland-EU Ties to Test
Mmm, difficult question, who would benefit indeed …..

How is our new ‘paradise’ in SRCWO going to look like?

Tweet from:
In China they call it Sharing Economy and they are very proud of this concept.
>> China issues guidelines to promote sharing economy
And they share everything, even their beds:
>> China Focus: China’s shared napping pods closed over safety concerns
Now, you might think: I don’t want to share a bed with a criminal’. No problem, criminals are going to be arrested before they have committed a crime:
>> ‘Minority Report’ AI to collar suspects before they do the crime
Isn’t that good news?
Although we share everything, we do not share information, that would be too much luxury for our commie prison guards:
>> China shuts down 3,918 illegal websites in second quarter
And then of course, you will never ever be alone anymore. The government will guard over your well-being:
>>China is force-installing spyware onto Muslim citizens’ phones, to monitor them
>> Handy way to pay: US firm plans to fit employees with microchip implants
>> Sweden Becomes World’s Most Microchipped Nation
For people without a bank account:
>> Bill and Melinda Gates back an implant that could prevent HIV
Luckily, you never have to work anymore a day in your life:
>> China Focus: And so it begins – Robo-shops taking over China’s retail sector
>> Robots Begin Delivering Takeout in Washington DC
The police will never be hampered in their work by emotions like empathy:
>> Robocop? Crime-fighting robots to join police force
Although, they can be hacked, but never mind that:
>> Real-Life Robocops: ‘The Potential for Cops to be Hacked Is Very High Indeed’
And never more the burden of being afraid of being pregnant after a one-night-stand:
>> Sex Robots Are Here And Could Change Society Forever
Or if robots are not really your thing:
>> Liberal Canada Becomes First Western Country To Legalize Bestiality
The good news is, revolutions are going to be a thing of the past:
>> Anxious robots will be less likely to launch AI uprising – study
Doesn’t that sound lovely. So, what do we do?
Well our kids play with transgender and plastic surgery dolls:
>> ‘Plastic Surgery Princess’: How popular games in the Mideast are impacting kids
The rest of us will be in a constant confusion whether we are a man or a woman or one of the other 130 or whatever options available, so the computer will tell you what to do:
>> US military reveals $65m funding for ‘Matrix’ projects to plug human brains directly into a computer
And when you are sick, the robots will help you to get better:
>> Chinese Scientists Teach Robots to Swim Through Blood
And, well obviously we don’t actually need all these people do we:

Is this for real? I don’t know but I DO know that they are doing everything they can to reduce the world population. Not just the obvious like vaccines and other Big Pharma products, food, chemtrails, radiation devices like SMART products, WiFi, microwave ovens, telecom towers, electrical lines, etc. But also by instigating famines, epidemics, droughts and other natural disasters through HAARP.


And their most favourite: War. All the other methods target the weak: old, very young and sick people. However war depopulates most efficiently as it is the strongest people in a country who are going to fight: men and women of reproducing age.
How lovely is this going to be. Oh and for all you people who think that because you are a christian you are going to be saved: Think Again.
That bible was written by the people behind this mess. If you read that book carefully you will find that the whole plan is written in there and Jesus was a big promoter of this plan: ”Israel will rule over the planet and the goyim will lick our feet”. Great guy, Jesus.

You will be a happy ‘jew’ in the Sino-Russian Communist World Order.

Never Forget



But, never mind me, I am probably just having a bad anti-semitic dream….

Washington Signs Its Own Death Warrant: New Russia Sanctions Will Ensure the End of US Dollar Dominance

More sanctions would only strengthen Moscow's long-term strategic partnership with Beijing

More sanctions would only strengthen Moscow’s long-term strategic partnership with Beijing
Trump is just a stroke of a pen away from ensuring the downfall of the US dollar
An astonishingly daft bill is now sitting on Donald Trump’s desk in the Oval Office—and signing it will all but guarantee the downfall of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
Last night the US Senate almost unanimously approved the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. Hailed by beacons of misery such as John McCain, the legislation is meant to punish Russia for all of its alleged election meddling.
In reality, by targeting Russia’s energy sector, the bill will instead compel Washington’s European vassals to abandon mutually beneficial energy cooperation with Russia. Meanwhile, Moscow will be free to solidify long-term economic and security cooperation with Beijing.
In other words: Washington is now insisting that Russia and China team up. Could anything be more short-sighted and self-defeating?
A few points:
1. To quote Max Keiser, “The so-called Washington consensus is disintegrating”:
The post-WWII order of the US dollar hegemony run out of Washington DC, the so-called Washington consensus – is disintegrating, it is falling apart. The US doesn’t seem to want to take on reality – they want to live in the past, and they want to believe they are the policeman of the world, and they are going to impose sanctions.
Germany is not going to go along with American sanctions quite obviously. They are just pushing Germany into the arms of Russia. Then you’ve got an enormous axis of power to Germany, Russia, and China, and they are going to get out of the US dollar. So then gasoline in America suddenly goes to $10, 11, 12 a gallon. How is that going to help the American economy if the US dollar loses its position as a reserve currency? 
2. Beijing has absolutely no obligation to honor US sanctions against Russia. On the contrary, China is likely to accelerate cooperation with Russia in the area of energy. 
As the Global Times puts it:
The bill passed by the US House of Representatives, which targets Russian energy companies, banks, and individuals, is likely to reduce Russia’s share in the global energy market, especially in the US and EU. Beijing has no obligation to support US sanctions on Russia. Actually, China is likely to continue to tap the potential of cooperation with Russia in the area of energy. 

The energy sector is a strategic pillar of the Russian economy, which may take a new blow from the US sanctions. However, an economic breakdown in close proximity is not in line with the interests of China. If there is economic chaos in Russia, China may need to consider a financial bailout for Russia to help the country address its problems caused by the US sanctions. Economic chaos caused by the US sanctions is only a “worst-case scenario” with a very low probability. The political and economic realities of a multi-polar world have reduced US power over international affairs. The most likely outcome is that Russia will remain a superpower whose overall influence may wane but is never genuinely challenged. 

And the cherry on top: Cutting Russia’s energy sector off from the west will likely “expand the currency swap between the ruble and the yuan.”
3. If Trump doesn’t veto, you can kiss rapprochement goodbye—probably forever
Kommersant is reporting that if the sanctions are approved, Russia will retaliate:
  • 35 diplomats expelled and all diplomatic mansions seized
  • ALL US IT companies banned
  • all US agricultural products banned
  • Stop exporting titanium to Boeing (30% of their titanium comes from Russia)

The Bible Says What? ‘A stubborn and rebellious child can be stoned to death’


By Mark Goldsmith

Rabbi Mark Goldsmith takes a controversial passage from the torah and applies a progressive response
This month, more than 250 sets of parents nationwide breathed a sigh of relief as their 16-year-olds set off for RSY-Netzer’s three-week Israel tour.
They joined hundreds of other teenagers in Israel as the Reform Jewish contingent of this annual rite of passage for the UK Jewish community.
Many of these 16-year-olds are a pleasure to have at home, but we can be reasonably certain that the words “stubborn and rebellious” could describe them well.
We encourage our teenagers to find new ways to do things, to experiment in their young lives, to push the boundaries.
But it can go too far. The Bible, in Deuteronomy chapter 21, seems to have a solution.
“If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son, who will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and who, when they have chastened him, will not listen to them…” this son could be brought to the priest of the Temple and when evidence was presented of how bad his behaviour was, could be stoned to death as an example to others.
The Talmud, in Sanhedrin 68ff, essentially made it impossible for this extraordinary punishment to take place, yet kept the principle that a child on the cusp of adulthood needs to be responsible for how they behave towards others.
Equally, their parents and society around them are entitled to set limits on their behaviour, especially if it is dangerously self-destructive.
Summer youth camps and Israel tours help our young people become great, responsible people.  It gives parents quieter homes for a little while, but it also gives them back young people who have truly grown.
Mark Goldsmith is rabbi at Alyth Synagogue


EXCLUSIVE: Saudi investor ploughs millions into liberal icon of UK media

Independent’s newspaper folded in 2016, but fortunes have since improved with digital growth (AFP)

By Jamie Merrill

Sultan Mohamed Abuljadayel gains ‘significant control’ of Independent alongside Russian media mogul Evgeny Lebedev
LONDON – A mysterious Saudi-based investor has ploughed millions of dollars into a British news organisation renowned for championing liberal causes, in a move that will enrage human rights and media freedom campaigners.
Sultan Mohamed Abuljadayel, 42, listed in company records as a Saudi-based Saudi Arabian national, has acquired up to 50 percent of the Independent website, whose newspaper shook Britain’s journalism establishment in the 1980s before struggling financially and ditching the printed word in 2016.
According to registers updated on Companies House on Friday, Abuljadayel controls up to 50 percent of voting rights within Independent Digital News and Media, the company that controls the Independent brand.
An informed Saudi source described Abuljadayel to Middle East Eye as coming from an “established business family based in Medina”.
He now sits with Evgeny Lebedev, the son of a Soviet KGB spy turned Russian oligarch, as a “person of significant control” in the company. Justin Byam Shaw, described by close associates as a “serial entrepreneur,” is a third.
A source with knowledge of the deal said the investment may be as much as $130mn, although MEE was unable to independently confirm the exact amount changing hands.
But such a figure would be an incredible reversal of fortunes for a company that had lost millions of pounds a year for decades and was sold to the Lebedev family in 2010 for £1.

Evgeny Lebedev, the son of a former Russian KGB agent (AFP)
The paper’s enduring left-of-centre coverage had ensured the title remained an editorial force even as it struggled with declining sales and huge losses before eventually closing in what was a blow to British media plurality.
The Independent’s fortunes have risen since the presses stopped rolling last year, however, with the company reporting a record profit of £1.7mn ($2.2mn) as online readership increased by 20 percent and revenue jumped by 75 percent.
A spokesman said “editorial independence of the Independent has been formally protected,” but the Saudi purchase of a “significant” chunk of the company has sparked criticism among rights campaigners.
Peter Tatchell told Middle East Eye: “It would not seem consistent with the Independent’s record of championing liberal values for a Saudi sultan to have a significant share in the ownership of this media outlet.
“A lot more questions need to be asked, and answered, before the public can be reassured that there is no clash of values between the sultan and the Independent.”
Seamus Dooley, acting general secretary of the National Union of Journalists, told MEE that he had major misgivings about the purchase.
“The NUJ is in favour of maximum transparency in terms of media ownership, and we know nothing about this group,” he said, referring to the investor.
“Also, there are serious concerns about Saudi and their relationship with the concept of media freedom and the record of anyone from Saudi in terms of human rights is something that would be of concern to us.”
MEE understands the deal was signed as long as a month ago and that the Saudi move follows previous interest from a separate group of Gulf investors several years ago.
When asked about the involvement of a Saudi national in a paper that has championed progressive politics, gender equality and LGBT rights and opposed the use of the death penalty, a source close to the deal told MEE: “We really do live in weird times.”
Writing on the website six months after the closure of the print edition, the Independent’s editor, Christian Broughton, said: “Our guiding principles have not changed.
“An absolute rejection of party political ties and spin, a total commitment to honesty, a heartfelt empathy with people of every creed and colour around the world, a deep-set belief in progressive, liberal values, and passion.”
Broughton did not respond to requests for comment from Middle East Eye before publication.

Saudi Arabia and press freedom

Saudi involvement in the media outlet will prove controversial, given the kingdom’s use of the death penalty and well-document allegations of torture and mistreatment of prisoners.
According to Freedom House, which monitors press freedom, Saudi Arabia has “one of the most restricted media environments in the world”.
Writers critical of the Saudi government face “harsh punishment” and the ongoing military offensive in Yemen has seen the Saudi government “shape media coverage” by “cracking down on domestic dissent and restricting access to Yemen by foreign journalists”.
Lebedev, who also owns the London Evening Standard newspaper, is a regular on the London social circuit and is regularly pictured in his media outlets, often with members of the royal family.
He courted controversy earlier this year when he appointed former chancellor of the exchequer (finance minister) George Osborne to edit the Standard.
Lebedev was reported to have made an offer to buy the Daily Telegraph from the Barclay brothers.
Byam Shaw was brought in by former Standard editor Geordie Greig – now editing the Mail on Sunday – who said the “serial entrepreneur” would help negotiate the sale of the majority stake in the Standard from owner Associated Newspapers on behalf of the Lebedevs.


Ethiopia opens new South Sudanese refugee camp to ease congestion

Ethiopia opens new South Sudanese refugee camp to ease congestion

By Ismail Akwei

Another refugee camp has been opened in Ethiopia’s Benishangul Gumuz region for the increasing number of South Sudanese refugees in the country.
The opening of the camp, announced by the regional authorities, is aimed at easing the overpopulated Sherkole camp.
Bordered by South Sudan on the north, the region host majority of the over 200,000 South Sudanese refugees who are still trooping in due to the ongoing conflict in the world’s newest country.
The Sherkole refugee camp which was built about 20 years ago hosting thousands of refugees from South Sudan.
Other refugee camps are in Mao-Komo special woreda, Tongo, Tsore among others.
Ethiopia welcomes the largest number of refugees in Africa.
South Sudanese started fleeing their country after President Salva Kiir accused his former vice-president, Riek Machar, of plotting a coup in December 2013, triggering a wave of violence.
Millions have been displaced and thousands killed.