The absolute insanity of WWII: The Treaty of Brussels, 17 March 1948.

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Aimed at halting the spread of communism in Europe it focused on economic, social, cultural and military cooperation.

The treaty was signed by France, United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

Basically, after fighting and defeating the Germans who were fighting the communist, the allies signed a treaty to fight the communists!

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Founding of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Tekenen van het NAVO-verdrag


President Truman tekent het NAVO-Verdrag

The Warsaw Pact.

This Soviet Union initiative is the military response by 8 communist states in Eastern Europe to West Germany’s integration into NATO in 1955. The Warsaw Treaty is signed in Warsaw, Poland.

Warschau, Konferenz Europäischer Länder...

Signing of the Treaty of Rome, 25 March 1957, which leads to the foundation of the EEC.

The chief goal of the EEC (known as the ‘Common Market’) is to create economic cooperation in Europe. The wider vision is to eliminate barriers which divide Europe and create a strong united states of Europe.


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