Morgenthauplan, re-education


Amerikaans 'Baby-Camp'

© AKG Images

Lessons in a “Baby Camp”, an American re-education camp.

Hitler Youth members who had fought in the “Volkssturm” and other 16-18 year olds who had been taken prisoner by the Allied Forces are re-educated about democracy.

Citizens of Burgsteinfurt on the march to the cinema.© Imperial War Museum

Outside the cinema, billboards announce the film in German: “Proof of the atrocities in the concentration camps of Belsen and Buchenwald”.© Imperial War Museum

The German audience see the irrefutable evidence. To the left of the screen, a board announces “BELSEN & BUCHENWALD”, on the screen it says: “Atrocities – The evidence”.© Imperial War Museum

Unhappy civilians leave the cinema after the showing.© Imperial War Museum

Captain A. Stirling directs two German girls, who laughed when they came out of the cinema, back to the cinema.© Imperial War Museum

The two girls who laughed sit in the cinema alone and watch the film again.© Imperial War Museum

Citizens of Burgsteinfurt watching a film about concentration camps Bergen-Belsen and Buchenwald.

The German village of Burgsteinfurt has been referred to as the ”Village of Hate” in the B.L.A. magazine ”The Soldier” because of its silent but very noticeable resentment to British occupation. The Military Government authorities, decide that Burgsteinfurt must learn its lesson, by showing the towns people the film “Atrocities – the evidence”. At first attendance during the showing of the film was negligible so on 30th May the citizens were ”ordered” to watch the film. 4,000 marched to the cinema.


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