Part IV in our SRCWO Series: The ‘Fake War’ Heats Up, Buy Some Popcorn and Watch the Theater Play Unfold


Part I – III:

  1. Thought of the Day: What if….  What if Russia is controlled opposition and we are watching a theater play that will end in us consenting to the New World Order?
  2. NWO 2.0: Sino-Russian Communist World Order (SRCWO)
  3. The ‘Fake War’; is on, the Implementation of Dugin’s Eurasia is Around the Corner

As the saying goes: Currency War –> Trade War –> Military War.

In the past years we had the currency wars. Now we have Trade Wars all over the place in combination with a Diplomatic and Threat of Military War:
Putin: 755 US diplomats to depart Russia, time to show we won’t leave anything unanswered
‘Trump is danger to US & whole world’ – German chancellor hopeful Schulz
EU blacklists 3 Russian nationals, 3 companies over Siemens turbines to Crimea
‘Poland doesn’t need EU, Poland isn’t needed by EU’ Tusk HUGE bombshell as bloc rips apart
North Korea vows ‘thousands-fold’ revenge on US over sanctions
N. Korea ponders striking US base in Guam after Trump threatens Pyongyang with ‘fire & fury’
‘Missiles to fly over Japan & land near Guam’: N. Korea’s strike plan vs US to be ready in ‘days’
China accuses Japan of meddling in South China Sea issue: FM spokesperson
US to Overtake EU as China’s Largest Trade Partner
Trump approves new ‘flawed’ Russia sanctions
Spotlight: Russia calls U.S. sanctions full-scale trade war
Advisor to Putin recommends declaring US an Aggressor state
Putin Sends 100,000 Troops To European Borders
‘By no means for peace’: China accuses India of massing troops & supplies amid border dispute
China & India play ‘who blinks first’ over tiny strategic area in Himalayas
China, Move Over! India Considers Its Own ‘Silk Road’, Invites Iran to Join In
China ‘Ready’ To Declare War On India
Winds of War: Why is US Ordering Its Citizens Out of North Korea?
All American citizens are to leave North Korea by September 1, according to a statement by the US State Department obtained by RIA Novosti. Even though the decision has raised fears of a possible military showdown between Washington and Pyongyang, many experts still doubt that the two will actually come to blows.
They are not alone:
British Told To Evacuate North Korea ‘Immediately’ As WW3 Looms
More madness:
Trump Warns China: “War” Begins Monday

Don’t Worry! Everything is going according to plan

Alexander Dugin

How New US Sanctions are ‘Throwing Europe Into Russia’s Embrace’
Eurasian Economic Union Expects to Sign Free Trade Deal With Iran This Year
After Putin giving large chunks of land to China:
Moscow in Talks With Beijing on Chinese Firms’ Participation in Privatization
Russian Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin said Wednesday he had discussed with Chinese Commerce Minister Zhong Shan participation of Chinese companies in privatization transactions in Russia, as well as steps to increase mutual investment.
SHANGHAI (Sputnik) — Oreshkin is in Shanghai, where the BRICS trade ministers’ conference is underway. A meeting of the Russian-Chinese subcommittee for trade and economic cooperation was held on the conference’s sidelines.
“[One more] area is investment. It is attraction of investments of Chinese companies in Russian business and Russian money into Chinese business. There are a number of great achievements here, including the establishment of the Russia-China Fund… I was talking about privatization deals too. We work here on all areas,” the Russian minister said.
Oreshkin also said that bilateral trade turnover between Russia and China might reach $80 billion by the end of 2017, adding that the trade turnover has increased by 37 percent in the first five months of this year alone.
The dragon and the lion: China’s growing ties with Syria
China has benefitted from the bickering between Russia, US and Turkey – emerging as a dominant player in Syria in terms of political and economic diplomacy
Last March, China quietly deployed troops to Syria. The soldiers, according to Chinese officials, trained members of the Syrian army, offering advice on medicine and logistics. Despite how little fanfare surrounded this move, it was, in fact, very significant: this is the first time China has sent troops to the Middle East for any reason other than to protect ongoing commercial projects.
The war in Syria has had a significant impact on global stability with grave implications for European security, the American presidential elections of 2016 and for Islamist non-state groups operating in Asian countries such as China, Philippines, Malaysia and even the secure city state of Singapore.
The effect of the war on China’s policy in the Middle East since 2014, particularly in Syria, has transformed it from one of caution to one of proaction.
While Beijing’s engagement was initially motivated by security concerns – including fears of Chinese nationals fighting in Syria and returning east – over the past two years, the blossoming relationship has seen both China’s economic interests in Syria and the country’s hold in the Levant more broadly flourish.
Remember this one:
Pursuing the China Dream through Africa: Five Elements of China’s Africa Strategy
China to establish intercontinental ‘hack-proof’ quantum links with Australia, Europe
And of course this weird excerpt:
However, the China skeptics need to understand two important things.
One is that China has over the past 30 plus years worked hard to integrate itself into the international community, which is vital for the country to generate a huge economic success during that same period and become the world’s second largest economy.
Srikanth Kondapali, professor of the Center for East Asian Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University in India, told Xinhua that “China is a major beneficiary of the international order in terms of finances, markets, technologies, arms control and disarmament and as a member of the United Nations since 1971.”
The second thing is that China has no intention of pulling down the current world order and build a new one based on its own propositions.
Robert Hormats, vice chairman of Kissinger Associates and former U.S. secretary of state, said China does not want to undermine the current world order, but “a stronger voice” and “a bigger vote.”
Boris Volkhonsky, a Russian political scientist and an independent analyst said that China plays “an important role” in defending the interests of developing countries on many international platforms and forming new structures of a better global governance.
In: Spotlight: New global landscape calls for better world order
I think it means the UN stays but it needs new structures of a better global governance, not the American led NWO but the Sino-Russian led SRCWO.
Sudan to Expand Agricultural Cooperation With Russia in Near Future
Nowhere is the hidden Israeli hand visible except when it comes to Africa they act on their own:
Israel to occupy Africa
What a relief:
Trump Praises Kim Jong-Un’s ‘Very Wise Decision’ Not to Attack Guam

Amid all the war and conflict: Love is in the air…

Russian, Venezuelan Energy Giants to Sign Investment Deals in 2017
MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Venezuela’s state oil and gas company PDVSA will ink a bunch of deals with Russian energy firms later this year to promote bilateral investment, President Nicolas Maduro told the RT news channel.
“In the second half of the year we will sign important agreements to expand bilateral investment between Russian oil and gas companies and our PDVSA,” Maduro said in an interview published late Wednesday.
Some people get jealous:
CIA head says ‘Iran, Hezbollah & Russians’ involved in Venezuela, pose ‘risk’ to US
Never mind that the SRCWO train gains speed:
Russia, US will continue space co-operation despite earthly tensions – Roscosmos head
Japan Intends to Work Toward Signing Peace Treaty With Russia
French Astronaut Pesquet, Russian Cosmonaut Novitskiy Hold Joint Presser 
Russia wants to restore Gaddafi-era economic links with Libya
Russia, Iran Agree to Strengthen Military Cooperation After New US Sanctions
Beijing Seconds Moscow’s Call to Adopt Russia-China Plan on Korean Crisis
Rothschild Oil, Iranian Oil, Potato Potato, Tomato, Tomato:
Shell closer to major Iranian oil awards
Everybody loves China and China loves everybody. A match made in heaven:
France’s first lady to become Huan Huan panda’s twins’ godmother
Pope ‘loves China’, Vatican official says on trip to China
In the meantime in China:
China central bank drains 20 bln yuan from money market
And of course in the SRCWO we share everything:
China Focus: Beijing introduces joint ownership housing scheme
And then there is very helpful propaganda from people who are not capable of spotting the elephant in the room:
How a United Iran, Russia and China are Changing The World – For the Better
Sure if you do not want to be eaten by a lion you can choose for the leopard.
Don’t forget this post:
Bankers’ New SDR Crypto Blockchain Will Enslave Humanity
I am not sure whether or not they are actually going to stage a WWIII, trying to kill as much European and American white males and females of reproductive age as they can, or that they will just claim a war is on while restricting our access to info via internet.
It does look like though that they are planning a civil war in US and in Europe. Seeing what happened in Charlotteville and the preparations in Europe:
But I am absolutely certain the whole thing is staged and they are all in on it. These are the planners behind the curtain: