Israeli Ambassador Backs Moscow’s Input in Sobibor WWII Camp Memorial Renovation

New Ambassador of Israel to Russia Gary Koren

© Sputnik/ Vitaliy Belousov
Israeli Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren stated that he supports the participation of Russia in the international managing committee for the restoration of the museum of the former Nazi death camp Sobibor in Poland.
MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Israeli Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren had expressed support for Moscow’s participation in renovation of Sobibor death camp memorial in Poland following Warsaw’s refusal to allow Russia to continue taking part in project, the Israeli embassy told Sputnik on Thursday.
Earlier in the day, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned ambassadors of Israel, Slovakia and the Netherlands, the three countries that also participate in renovation of the museum.
“At the meeting, the ambassador confirmed that the support for the participation of Russia in the international managing committee for the restoration of the museum of the former Nazi death camp Sobibor has been and remains the official position of the Israeli Foreign Ministry,” the embassy representative told Sputnik.
According to the embassy, Koren said at the meeting that Israel would always remember the heroism of Soviet-Jewish officer Alexander Pechersky, who led the uprising of the camp prisoners. The ambassador also stressed the importance of Russia’s contribution to commemorating the Holocaust victims.
At least 170,000 people were killed at the extermination camp which was open between May 1942 and October 1943. In 2013, Russia was invited to join the renovation project, initiated by Israel, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia, which includes building a new memorial, setting up infrastructure, re-equipping the museum. However, in July Warsaw notified Moscow that the international managing committee for the restoration of the museum decided in June not to continue collaboration.
The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed its disappointment with this decision.