Part 1: COAs & UIs working together to keep everybody away from seeing the whole picture


By TWP, August 26, 2017

There are so many people claiming to be awake while parroting what the controlled opposition and intelligence agents in the alternative media are propagating, it’s amazing. The amount of intelligence operatives on social media and in the alternative media is massive. I am starting to think that at least 90% of all the alt media and social media accounts are controlled opposition agents (COAs). From the 10% left, 90% of the people aka Useful Idiots (UIs) are completely brainwashed by these COAs. That leaves a very sad 1% of the people who are more or less fully awake. However, I haven’t found anybody yet who is able to present the full picture, so the 1% consists of people awake on certain subjects, but go totally astray when it comes to subjects they haven’t done proper research in. Which means they also parrot the propaganda and lies on those subjects.
Before I move on let me clarify what I have done that makes me think I know what I am talking about. I have spend the past +/- 25 years studying the following subjects. I have a few university degrees and course diploma’s to proof that. The past three years I have broadened my research into areas not covered before in order to be able to connect all the dots. I must add that I was never ‘asleep’. I realized when I was 4 years old that people were lying to me all the time. So, from that age on I developed an ‘I believe it when I see prove’ attitude. I was not really popular as a kid (or as adult for that matter), to say it mildly, because I asked way too many questions people couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. So, I have a life long experience of critical thinking. That means also my opinions changed over time. When I receive, can confirm, more facts, my opinions will adjust to the new reality that has been created. I stick with the facts, wherever they bring me and try to keep my emotions out of the process as much as I am capable of.


(It’s possible I forgot to mention a few, it’s a long list that will be adjusted in time)
I am not an expert on all of these topics, as many people are experts in one or a few subjects. I am a generalist, I make sure I know enough of the subject to be able to use it in an analysis and draw conclusions. I don’t bother myself with details which are not relevant for the bigger picture. I can assure you that all these are connected and will all lead to the same source.
Enough about me, back to the subject at hand: the COAs & UIs.
Remember that controlled opposition only works when you mix 80% truths with 20% lies, which means not everything these people say is a lie. For instance, I think UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) do exist, because everything is a UFO till such time as you have identified it. In addition, I think technology has progressed long ago to where it is needed to make a ‘UFO’ fly.
In this article I will only touch the lies, not the truth mixed with it.
UFOs (See above. This movement is headed by Rockefeller sponsored: Steven Greer and co.) & Aliens: The alternative history says we were made by aliens. All inventions, architecture, etc. was done by aliens. For instance the Germans in WWII were not that smart, they got all their technology from aliens. Zecharia Sitchin, Jim Marrs, Corey Goode, Benjamin Fulford, William Tompkins, and everybody basing his/her theories on these people.
Message: White people are not so smart as they are telling us, because everything was invented by aliens. And it will be good aliens who are going to free us from the bad aliens who are in charge of the pyramid of power. They are very busy now in space wars to fight that battle. But if we all just trust these good aliens and focus our energy on supporting them, we don’t need to know anything else, they will solve all our problems.
The Matrix: Continuation of the above story: We live in a matrix, ‘proven’ by the movie ‘The Matrix’. The matrix was made and is controlled by bad aliens to keep us into a certain low frequency and if we just change that frequency to a higher level the matrix will dissolve and we will all be free. Schumann resonance, channeling and alien-healing is included in this issue.
Message: All our problems will go away if everybody would only focus on lifting their frequency by meditation and yoga (new world religion) because then the matrix will fall apart and we will all be free. No need to bother yourselves with research in any other subjects, like finance, politics, etc. Just focus on your vibrations.
Health Food / Cannabis / Anti-Mercury in Vaccines but Pro Safe Vaccines: All diseases can be cured by food/ cannabis/ vaccines, working on the same premise as western medicine that diseases come from the outside in stead of the inside. Pro-vaccine means viruses do exist. They all perpetuate the same lies as western medicine is based on and what I call:

Voodoo Science from foolishness to fraud

Message: The ‘science’ is correct, all diseases and cures come from the environment, only Big Pharma is the bad guy here. Just listen to us, buy OUR stuff and you will never get sick anymore, or heal very soon, promised, just BUY OUR STUFF and all your problems will be solved, because health is the most important thing. Don’t look any further you have solved the most important problem of our time.
Jesuits / Vatican / 4th Reich / ‘All roads lead to Rome’. The COAs have invested loads of time and money in this psyop. Many books and guru’s are perpetuating these lies. The most famous are Alex Jones, Jim Marrs and Jordan Maxwell. The biggest problem with this theory is that they are very vague on who these people are. It is impossible to find out who they are talking about. Which nazis and, besides the white, grey and black pope, who else is involved, and who are the jesuits who are running the show? The people they do mention are all jews, which make this a very funny theory.

Fourth Reich Myth

Message: The evil nazis in cooperation with the Vatican/jesuits are responsible for everything bad on this planet, they are at the top of the pyramid with as the ultimate boss the ‘Black Pope’ (or, now it seems to have changed, there is also a ‘Grey Pope’, I guess there are too many pictures of the ‘Black Pope’, he is no longer credible as the ‘behind the scene’ Pope, so now we have a ‘Grey Pope’ who is the ultimate boss) and it is THEM who are behind the NWO and are trying to enslave you in THEIR NWO: the 4th Reich, that is why ‘All Roads Lead To Rome’. No need to look at all the jewish connections, those are all lies invented by the Vatican and the nazis. Don’t look any further, you have reached the top of the pyramid.
Flat Earth: The CIA psyop with as only ‘proof’ that NASA lies, therefore they also lie about the earth being round. Now, I agree that there are many things NASA tells us, including about the sun and the moon, that does not add up, besides of course the obvious lies about the moon landing and the ISS. But jumping straight to a flat earth is a leap which is without any grounds, not backed by any science. And in the end, it doesn’t matter which shape our prison has: we are enslaved by the money system not the shape of the planet.
Message: It is not necessary to do any research in other subjects because when this lie comes out, people will revolt for being lied to at on such large scale, everything will change, all problems will be resolved at once and we will have peace on earth.
Currency and the Banking Cartel. For this problem we need a currency outside the system and a basic income. The crypto-currency is invented to very smoothly get people used to a cashless society with RFID, pretending this is a currency outside the system.
Message: The solution to all the problems is an untraceable crypto-currency not controlled by the Central Bank and no fractional banking. No need for more research in other subjects, all your problems will be solved when we all start using crypto-currencies.
You might start to see a pattern here: They are all leading you to an exit, preventing you from seeing the whole picture and realizing you are being duped and side-tracked. They are all fly-catchers and many people indeed are obsessed with that one subject: ”If we just all focus on this issue, we can solve all our problems.” Sure, keep dreaming.
Maybe the most popular issue is islam and migrants. Although I recognize the problems arising due to migration, islam and migrants are not the cause of our problems: they are just a tool to reach an objective. Stopping migration and islam into Europe and other white nations is essential, however, it will NOT solve all of our problems, it is just a start. It will take away a symptom. What we need is a holistic approach to get rid of the root causes of all our problems and for that we need to connect the dots.

Connecting the Dots

If you want to understand what is going on, you need to connect the dots, and I mean ALL the dots on ALL subjects. You cannot out of convenience or sensitivities skip subjects and ignore dots. One of the most important subjects and dots are to be found in the story of WWII: the causes, what happened during the war and the aftermath.
Anybody who refuses to acknowledge the truth about WWII, and I mean the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, is INCAPABLE of making the correct analysis of what is going on today. If you cannot bring yourself to the point
  1. in which you have to admit to yourself that you have been hating the wrong people for the last 70 years, and
  2. are able to forgive yourself for that, and
  3. move on:

You are absolutely TOO BLIND TOO SEE what is going on now.

You cannot trust anybody’s opinion, analysis or observation if he/she still believes the (((propaganda))) about WWII. It will be either based on ignorance or because they are paid to lie, either way trustworthiness of their opinions is zero.
In addition, if you are not capable to see and admit that modern day christianity and islam are invented by jews under the ‘Divide and Conquer’ rule:

You will never be able to see the whole picture.

Everything is connected and fits smoothly in each other like a jigsaw puzzle, but ONLY if you are willing to use ALL of the CORRECT puzzle pieces.
OK, let’s start at the beginning. When I seriously dived into this and tried to connect the dots I made the same mistake many people make: I assumed that the people who had been on this longer than me knew what they were doing. I stupidly assumed that everybody is like me and follows scientific procedure when analyzing data. Stupid mistake! Most if not almost all of the alternative media is the same as the MSM: just parroting other people, assuming the others actually did the work properly. Now we all should know by now that maybe up to 90% is actually controlled opposition. There are only a few genuine researcher/journalists in the alternative media.
This means you have to do the thinking yourself, finding in all the garbage the pearls of truth you need to be able to connect the dots. You will find these mostly by people who are not one of the popular crowd. The ones nobody is really listening or paying attention to because they are not promoted.
When I started, I heard the same theories being told everywhere. It sounded like proven theories, except they aren’t. However, everybody is repeating them. Now let me first explain the rules of analyzing data and scientific work attitude.
  1. Leave your emotions at the door, emotions are the enemy of truth seeking and science;
  2. Start with an hypothesis, lay out what you think at this moment, what your thoughts/ theory is about a certain subject;
  3. Collect as much information and data as possible;
  4. Connect the dots and see if you are able to DISPROVE your hypothesis;
  5. Only when disproving your hypothesis has failed, can you consider your hypothesis as a proven theory.
Now you will understand the flaws in most of the research done by the MSM and Alternative Media equally: they are looking for facts to PROVE they are right. However, proving yourself right is 100% fail-proof, just take the facts that support your theory and leave everything else out. Let’s call that Voodoo Science, or self-fulfilling prophecy.
I want to help you through a few of these theories everybody is repeating as trues and will seriously hamper your ability to end up at the truth of what is going on. We will not discuss all the data, just what is useful to show you the process of where I ended up and why.

Hypothesis 1: The Rothschild’s control both sides of the conflict/war since Napoleon.

This theory is brought forward, among others, to ‘prove’ Hitler was controlled by the Rothschilds.
So let’s skip for the moment that war and go to the conflicts/wars since then:

USA bombed invaded

I doubt all these countries wanted to be invaded by US soldiers, but I am absolutely certain that Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Ghaddafi and Bashar al Assad were NOT interested in their country being invaded by NATO, not to mention: Milosevic got arrested and murdered in prison in Scheveningen, Saddam got a mock trial and was executed and Ghaddafi got murdered by sodomy. Sounds not really a viable hypothesis does it? In addition all the governments that have been overthrown by the US and all the colour revolutions all over the world, were probably not sanctioned by the presidents who were running the country.
Most of the above wars were started because the Rothschild’s did NOT have control over that country, since there was no Rothschild Central Bank or because the countries decided to trade their natural resources in euros (Iraq) or gold (Libya). That was precisely the reason NATO invaded these countries: lack of control by the Rothschilds & Co.

fighting for GOD

Do we actually believe that all the presidents who were killed in ‘Regime Change’- Operations were in on it? And does that mean that John F. Kennedy also played a part in his own orchestrated ‘Regime Change’ – Operation?
But it is not just the US. This is (just one out of many, many examples of) Britain: You think Iran was in on it?

Again this is the hypothesis:
Hypothesis 1: The Rothschilds control both sides of the conflict/war since Napoleon.
Were the Palestinians in on the Nakbar? Were all African countries in on their own colonization?
If you can say at least one time: ”No, the leaders of that country were not in on it” the hypothesis is false.
I have come to the conclusion the hypothesis is false and the reason it is promoted is to give you a completely false narrative of history.
Message: The Rothschilds (international jewish bankers) are not so bad, all these countries wanted the destruction that befell them themselves. In addition, you can keep your hatred for Hitler and those evil nazis because they wanted the destruction of Germany themselves, so THEY are responsible for the destruction of Europe AND their own people.
half truth movement
I think this theory started with somebody coming to the conclusion that the two opposing ideologies: Communism and Capitalism were, and still are, controlled by the Rothschilds & Co. Now that is true of course. They own the banks and companies (capitalism) and they created communism (communism = judaism). People then apparently decided to apply this fact on ALL the wars, which is ridiculous. In WWI and II they had the capitalists: France, UK and US in their pocket AND the communist Stalin and made them work together to defeat the enemy of their NWO plan: Germany and later National Socialism. Remember the Cold War, in which they supposedly were against each other, was NOT a military, violent war. It was just a pretext to stock up military hardware. It was all a ruse to get taxpayers crazy enough to waste their money on the military-industrial-complex and banks, who all became very rich from this hoax.

Hypothesis 1: ‘The Rothschilds control both sides of the conflict/war since Napoleon’:  False

Next Hypothesis.

Hypothesis 2: nationalism was created by zionists following the Hegelian dialectic as antithesis for communism (thesis) in order to be able to start a war, while controlling both sides and ending in a synthesis of both.

Ähnliches Foto

Let us investigate

Some say Hegel used the method of: thesis-antithesis-synthesis, and others deny this. Who is correct?
The most vexing and devastating Hegel legend is that everything is thought in “thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.” […] The actual texts of Hegel not only occasionally deviate from “thesis, antithesis, and synthesis,” but show nothing of the sort. “Dialectic” does not for Hegel mean “thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.” Dialectic means that any “ism” – which has a polar opposite, or is a special viewpoint leaving “the rest” to itself – must be criticized by the logic of philosophical thought, whose problem is reality as such, the “World-itself.”
Hermann Glockner’s reliable Hegel Lexikon (4 volumes, Stuttgart, 1935) does not list the Fichtean terms “thesis, antithesis, synthesis” together. In all the twenty volumes of Hegel’s “complete works” he does not use this “triad” once; nor does it occur in the eight volumes of Hegel texts, published for the first time in the twentieth Century. He refers to “thesis, antithesis, and synthesis” in the Preface of the Phenomenology of Mind, where he considers the possibility of this “triplicity ” as a method or logic of philosophy. According to the Hegel-legend one would expect Hegel to recommend this “triplicity.” But, after saying that it was derived from Kant, he calls it a “lifeless schema,” “mere shadow” and concludes: “The trick of wisdom of that sort is as quickly acquired as it is easy to practice. Its repetition, when once it is familiar, becomes as boring as the repetition of any bit of sleigh-of-hand once we see through it. The instrument for producing this monotonous formalism is no more difficult to handle than the palette of a painter, on which lie only two colours …” (Preface, Werke, II, 48-49).


So much for Hegel. Next in this hypothesis is ‘Nationalism is created by the zionists specifically for Germany after WWI. Really?
Definition of nationalism
  1. loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially:  a sense of national consciousness (see consciousness 1c) exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups
  2. a nationalist movement or government
You know what I think? Nationalism is as old as the existence of nations. Why else did people invent a national flag, a national anthem, a national language, a national culture and a national army to defend it’s nations territory? The combination of dividing the world up in nations and the human need to belong to a group makes nationalism a reality. It was never created, it is something that evolved naturally when local communities and tribes were forcefully pushed into one entity called a nation state.
Nationalism is essential for the survival of a nation.
In Africa, where different tribes are forced to live together in one nation, while part of their tribes have ended up in other nations due to the ridiculous way the British carved up the continent, up to this day, they have serious problems finding a feeling of nationalism, which often results in conflicts.
Whenever there is a threat from the outside, people will grow tighter to each other, be it a family in danger, a community, a tribe or a country. The feelings of belonging to each other, caring for each other and fighting for each other will become stronger.
In Germany after WWI the Bolsheviks had taken over the country and seriously attacked German culture, norms and values. It was not only natural but even essential for the survival of the nation that people got stronger feelings of nationalism.
Have you noticed that, when there is a war going on in a country more people walk around with a flag and identify themselves with these flags, than in countries where there is relative peace? The more flags you see, the stronger the feelings of nationalism are. This feeling has nothing to do with religion, race or tribe but a collective feeling of defiance and defense against a foreign threat. NOBODY created nationalism, it is a human condition/instinct assuring the survival of the tribe/nation.
When more and more people awaken their nationalistic feelings, it just means their survival instincts are forcing them to react to a serious, maybe mortal threat.
So, nationalism is not created, it is an instinct. But then was the National Socialist Party created or funded by the Rothschilds? Well , the party was already created before Hitler joined. According to David Irving, who has spend decades reading everything he could find about Hitler and WWII in archives all over the world: ”If Rothschild ever gave him money, he must have seriously regretted it. But, I have not been able to find any evidence that the NSDAP ever received money from a Rothschild.”
The reasons for that regret would be:

wwii masonrychurchill

germany economygermany nationalism

I will attach some video’s with more info at the end of the article.
Let me throw in some common sense here for people who love to go wild on that everybody who is funded by the Rothschilds & Co are evil:

If all the banks are in the hands of Rothschilds & Co, then everybody is funded by the Rothschilds & Co, that means YOU too. Are you evil too?

The whole idea of the theory is based on that Hitler was paid to start a war, only he never started a war. He tried to prevent war, all up to the end he pleaded for peace

DE aggrassor or victim

Hypothesis 2: ‘Nationalism was created by zionists following the Hegelian dialectic as antithesis for communism (thesis) in order to be able to start a war, while controlling both sides and ending in a synthesis of both’: False

Because no. 1) it was not created according to the Hegelian dialectic because Hegel never said this; and 2) nationalism is a feeling/instinct as old as the existence of nation states.
So, where does this come from? Well, to re-enforce the lie as mentioned in the first hypothesis.
Message: the nazis were created by the Rothschilds and everybody associated with nazism is an agent of the zionists. The national socialist party was set up with the sole intention of starting a war with the USSR. Therefore, nationalism is the most dangerous ideology on the planet and should be eradicated everywhere, because the only thing they want is global war to spread this ideology over the world.
I hope that by now you will understand that the absolute, ridiculous, contradictory statement that nationalism is dangerous because it wants to spread over the world (= globalization) is a lie, pure propaganda and a brainwash meme to scare everybody out of a sense of belonging to a certain group of people.
People who have lost a sense of belonging are a million times easier to control than people who have a strong sense of belonging to each other.
The eradication of our past leads to the eradication of culture. The lack of past and culture will lead to the loss of a sense of belonging, which will lead to fear because everybody becomes a stranger whom you cannot trust.
And that is where they want us to be: in a perpetual state of fear.

ppl without knowledge of past is tree wo rootsFear destroys the soul

Hitler’s NSDAP:

10 commandments nsdap

There is a chance you have entered this stage by now:

cognitive dissonance

But as I said, in science and analytical processes you need to leave your emotions at the door, otherwise you will never reach at the truth.
Never Forget:

Animals are the most tribal, racist, supremacist beings on this planet because they solely live for the survival of their own tribe.


beer id vuilnisbakimg_20160629_0001donkeys

People having problems with that?
I treat everybody who is perpetuating the lies we discussed as opposition. I don’t care if they are controlled and get paid by the rulers or are just plain ignorant, they are equally dangerous to the survival of the indigenous peoples of Europe and their brothers and sisters living in the USA, Canada and Australia and the rest of humanity.

My Definitions of the Right-Left Paradigm & Nationalism

Right Wingers (Capitalist) & Left Wingers (Communist)

Right & Left Wingers are people who
  1. think they are god’s given gift on earth, whether they are white, black, yellow, brown or whatever colour jews think they have; and
  2. are willing to use violence (verbal and/or physical) to proof their point and spread their ideology over the planet;
  3. can call themselves nazis, neo-nazis, altright, fascists, far right, left, altleft, far left, antifa, communist, globalist, liberal, centrist, democrat, republican, conservatist, Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist, Duginist, humanist,  post-humanist, ‘scientist’, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, or whatever else labels people have invented;
  4. are all having the same supremacist idea that their opinions, ideas, ideology, believes or culture are the only true one, that everybody else should agree on that, and if they don’t, they don’t have the right to exist;
are a danger to humanity as a whole.

Instinctive Social Nationalism/Tribalism/Localism*

Instinctive Social Nationalists/ Tribalists/ Localists are people who
  1. follow their natural instincts in taking care of, and live in harmony with, the members of their own nation/tribe/community; and
  2. are looking forward to work with all other peoples, tribes and nations;
in order to help in the preservation and well being of ALL the different peoples, animals and nature in peace and cooperation.
* Localism:


Back to the controlled opposition: check my other post: C.I.A. Connections of White Nationalist Leaders and Alternative Media Figures.
Have you ever wondered why David Duke keeps insisting that the jews are a race and that the Khazar theory is a lie? I did. Anyone who insists that people looking like Netanyahu are genetically related to Ethiopians are totally loony, in my opinion.
The ‘jewish race’ is invented by Khazars to convince people that they are the ‘Chosen People’ of the bible. They have (re-)written the bible in order to fit their narrative of history: they belong to the tribe who was running around in Israel 2000 years ago, and they were chosen by god to rule the world.
They claim that the jewish race can only be inherited through the maternal line. That makes jewishness not a race but a delusion.
Every race is being passed on by the mother AND the father.
But in their theory:
>> If you have a black mother and a white father: you are black
>> If you have a white mother and a black father: you are white
As I said: A delusion.
If you are interested in why science is such a mess: It’s because you can invent conclusions that will fit your political ideology.
Anyway, my question was why would David Duke or anybody else claiming to fight the jewish influence perpetuating this delusion? But then, Duke and Co are obsessed with race ‘science’, continually telling everybody Africans have a lower IQ and not even able to build 2-storey houses. They were obviously never in Africa or read about Africa, because the smart-agenda is being rolled out in high speed gear in Africa. Rwanda was way faster in adopting IT solutions than the Netherlands on several fronts. Rwanda is ground zero when it comes to the smart-agenda and that is probably the reason why the people are stuck with Kagame for another 7 years. Nigeria is number 3 in the world when it comes to cybercrime. But, hé just keep saying they are too stupid to build a house.
They don’t stop there, according to Duke & Co, women are too stupid to vote, be involved in politics, study or work and their sole reason on this earth is getting as many babies as physically possible. There are actually women who agree with this nonsense, which is maybe even scarier than that men are capable of coming up with this BS. Women can make up their own minds, they don’t need the likes of Duke & Co telling them how stupid they are and what they are allowed to do and not to do.
Clearly Duke & Co have an agenda preventing Africans, Asians, Caucasian men and women to work together to preserve the different races from extinction. To me, they sound like agents of the ‘Divide & Conquer’ strategy: insisting that those, who they perceive as ‘unintelligent people who are way below their level’ can never be partners. It prevents people from uniting to fulfill our duty in this world:

To preserve what the creator created and prevent it from being destroyed.

We are all in this together and there are people hard at work to distract us from our goal: living peacefully together. Everybody who is whining about the IQ scores of the different races is an enemy of the truth. It is total BS and is invented to grow feelings of supremacy among people whom they then can accuse of being supremacists. They try to get all instinctive social nationalists in the camp of the right wing nationalists. Unfortunately it seems to be working and that makes me very, very, very sad.
You can claim that a man from a pygmee tribe in Africa has a lower IQ than a white man in US. But that pygmee did not let himself:
  • be lured into a debt based slavery system,
  • be corrupted culturally by Hollywood and cultural marxism,
  • destroy his own livelihood with pesticides and GMO,
  • poison his body with artificial food and ‘medicine’,
  • pollute his living environment with toxic waste.
Now who is the intelligent person here? Maybe people should come down from their high horse and learn how he was able to preserve his heritage and culture and respect the man for not letting himself being corrupted by greed but live the life that he chooses in balance with nature.
Humanity exists of various different races with all their own characteristics and qualities. That’s what makes the human species great and strong together, we all have a contribution and role to play in the survival of our species. ‘Divide and conquer’ only works when we start believing their lies.

Please Be Smart & Stop Playing Their Game!!!

Focus on the bigger picture, connect the dots, unite and fight the enemy who is trying to destroy us all.