Russia And NATO Forces Engage In Competing WW3 Simulation War Games

By Jack Kenrick
Were you aware that at this very moment both NATO and Russia were involved in their own separate full scale War Games? Two concurrent military exercises the scale of which neither side have attempted in recent memory. It’s not surprising if you are unaware, as the powers that be would rather you focus on their never ending stream of propaganda filled entertainment offerings, rather than any actual happenings in the real world. It’s not like the mainstream news is a help there either, as they would rather spend their time defending the rights of child killers then tell you Putin is currently overseeing the largest amassing of Russian military might since the fall of the Soviet Union.
Russian President Vladimir Putin uses binoculars to watch the Zapad 2017 war games, held by Russian and Belarusian forces, with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (left).
Russian President Vladimir Putin uses binoculars to watch the Zapad 2017 war games.
These Russian War Games, meant to better prepare the Russian and allied Belarus militaries against a possible future engagement with NATO forces is known formally as the Zapad 2017 exercise. Zapad being the Russian word for West. Experts have also noted that other recent Russian military drills proceeded actual engagements in places like Georgia and Crimea, leading to a high level of anxiety among Eastern European nations at the moment. To help combat these concerns a NATO show of strength is occurring right next door in Sweden. Where Aurora 17 is happening, an ongoing show of Western military force set to run through months end. This exercise originally meant to just be a large scale Swedish military drill was expanded in scope dramatically when the full scale of Russia’s Zapad War Games came into clarity. Sweden formally extending an invitation for NATO to join their drills, and make a show of force against perceived Russian aggression.
A soldier in a tank taking part in Zapad 2017
So just how big is this Russian aggression? It’s hard to say, given the fact thatNATO believes that Russia is lying quite heavily with their official reported numbers. Some NATO member nations like Estonia believing that the Russians intend to bring as many as 100,000 soldiers to bear for this exercise. While one might normally think that Putin would want to boast of his large numbers, there is a reason for possible deception. As underOrganization for Security and Cooperation in Europe protocols that Russia signed onto back in 2011, any military drill employing more than 13,000 men has to have international observers present. By intentionally stating the numbers below this, Russia has made it clear NATO representatives are not welcome. Here below is an outline of the drills based on Russian numbers.

Map of the maneuver

While the media continues to argue their conspiracy claims of Russian backed fake news here in America. Putin seems more concerned with actual physical military might. The War Games also serving as a proving ground for an array of new weapons including a state of the art cruise missile that has NATO forces worried given its seeming long range and accuracy. All of this leading to people like the Lithuanian President calling the drill nothing short of “open preparation for war with the West.” Which is why in turn Aurora 17 has morphed into little more than open preparation for war with Russia.

Dismounted Swedish soldiers clearing a valley during Aurora 17 War Games
While it remains to be seen if open war between Russia and the West will ever come on any scale. It’s clear from these two competing exercises the forces on both sides are increasingly prepared to fight it, if it does come. Even normally neutral Sweden has felt the rising hostile tide and seemingly hooked its fate even more to the NATO alliance of which it remains formally not a part. As we continue to fight a seemingly never ending series of proxy wars with Russia in places like Syria, its worth paying close attention to events like these two War Games. As it is always possible someday the drills being practiced here might have to be put to actual use.