The Economic Plan that led to WWII: The Economic Plan of the NSDAP

Bear Aryan
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Historian Rodney Martin of the World View Foundation narrates in 2012, A English translation of the National Socialist Economic Plan (1932) to rescue and restore Germany’s economy, to put the population back to work, increase production and prosperity for the people, to halt usury, exploitation, foreign speculation and interference in the economy, and to increase independence, etc. Mr. Martin simultaneously compares and contrasts what was happening in the Weimar Republic and with the USA in 2017 !
National Socialist German Workers Party
“We were not foolish enough to try to make a currency [backed by] gold of which we had none, but for every mark that was issued we required the equivalent of a mark’s worth of work done or goods produced. . . .we laugh at the time our national financiers held the view that the value of a currency is regulated by the gold and securities lying in the vaults of a state bank.” – Adolf Hitler
“Germany issued debt-free and interest-free money from 1935 on, which accounts for Germany’s startling rise from the depression to a world power in five years. The German government financed its entire operations from 1935 to 1945 without gold, and without debt. It took the entire Capitalist and Communist world to destroy the German revolution, and bring Europe back under the heel of the Bankers.” Sheldon Emry
Full text of “Gottfried Feder The Program Of The NSDAP The National Socialist Workers’ Party And Its General Conceptions”…
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