National Socialism Is Not Racism


By HerrPaulusAug 11, 2012

A true, a genuine, National-Socialist does not go around “hating” people of other races just as National-Socialists are not disrespectful of the customs, the way of life, of people of other races.
National-Socialists respect other cultures, and people of other races, because we uphold honour. Honour means being civilized; it means having manners: being polite; restrained in public and so on. Honour means treating people with courtesy and respect, regardless of their race and culture. We National-Socialists express the view that a person should be proud of their own culture and heritage, respectful of their ancestors and their ancestral way of life, and accept that other peoples have a right to be proud of their own culture and heritage as well. The ideal is a working toward mutual understanding and respect. What we must remember is that whenever we hear or see the words racism and racist we are hearing and seeing Zionist social engineering at work. Our duty, as Aryans, is to uphold and strive to live by our own Aryan values of personal honour and loyalty to our folk.
The government and officials of National-Socialist Germany strove hard to uphold and live by the ethics of National-Socialism, as did every genuine National-Socialist, even after the defeat of NS Germany in what has become known as the First Zionist War.
In NS Germany, groups such as Muslims and Buddhists were accorded full respect, and allowed to practise their religion freely. In the pre-war years, NS Germany helped organize a pan-Islamic world congress in Berlin. Berlin itself was home to thriving Muslim and Buddhist communities, of many races, and the Berlin Mosque held regular prayers even during the war years, attended by Arabs, Indians, Turks, Afghans and people of many other races. Indeed, the Berlin Mosque was one of the few buildings to survive the lethal, indiscriminate, bombing and bombardment, and although damaged, it was clearly recognizable as a Mosque amid the surrounding rubble.
NS Germany was home to exiles from many races, including respected individuals such as Subhas Chandra Bose, leader of the Indian National Army, and Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Both received significant financial support from the German government and both enthusiastically collaborated with Hitler.
There was also, of course, the alliance with Japan, and while the Allies – and particularly the Americans – were revvelling in and spreading derogatory anti-Japanese propaganda (many American GI’s thought “the Japs” were not human) the Germans were extolling their virtues and regarded them as “comrades-in-arms”. While the Germans honoured Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto with one of their highest decorations for gallantry, a Knights Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords, American GI’s ruthlessly exterminated Japanese soldiers, it being common practice for them to “take no prisoners” and execute any Japanese soldier who surrendered. Incidentally, two other Japanese warriors were also honoured by Germany by being awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves.
To quote Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle:
” German racialism meant re-discovering the creative values of their own race, re-discovering their culture. It was a search for excellence, a noble ideal. National Socialist racialism was not against the other races, it was for its own race. It aimed at defending and improving its race, and wished that all other races did the same for themselves. That was demonstrated when the Waffen SS enlarged its ranks to include 60,000 Islamic SS. The Waffen SS respected their way of life, their customs, and their religious beliefs. Each Islamic SS battalion had an imam, each company had a mullah. It was our common wish that their qualities found their highest expression. This was our racialism. I was present when each of my Islamic comrades received a personal gift from Hitler during the new year. It was a pendant with a small Koran. Hitler was honoring them with this small symbolic gift. He was honoring them with what was the most important aspect of their lives and their history. National Socialist racialism was loyal to the German race and totally respected all other races.” Leon Degrelle – Epic: The Story of the Waffen SS (Lecture given in 1982). Reprinted in The Journal of Historical Review, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 441-468.
We do not claim, as do the blank slate egalitarians, that everybody is the same. Instead, we consider it self-evident that everybody is different, that no two individuals (with the possible exception of identical twins) are the same, whether within “the races” or between them. Dismissal of “the races” is not denial of heritable diversity, but recognition that classification of heritable diversity can be done in so many informative ways that focus on one classification convention to the exclusion of all others is intellectually dysfunctional (or, more likely, intellecually dishonest). What Jews and Gentiles call racial awareness or race realism, we call racial tunnel vision.
For example, much is made of studies that show “the races” vary in average IQ, yet it is statistical regularity that when a realistic data set is divided along any marker-based criterion, the resulting subsets are unlikely to have equal averages. If, for example, we regrouped IQ data by somatotype (endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph), we would find different average IQ for each somatotype, as documented by William Herbert Sheldon (and indeed recognized since Plato, Pythagoras and even earlier). But there are no “Somatotype Realists” talking about the horrors of ‘mesomorph-on-endomorph crime’ (even though mesomorphs are in fact the most crime-prone somatotype),  or “Endomorph Nationalists” calling those who reproduce outside of their somatotype “metabolism traitors”, nor would anyone take them seriously even if they existed.
The tunnel-visioned Zionists who tout crime disparity between “the races” as an argument for segregation between “the races” would never advocate segregation between the genders on the same grounds, let alone as a higher priority, despite the fact that crime disparity between the genders far exceeds that between “the races”. Indeed, every time you come across a racist who cites crime disparity to blame an entire ethnic group, compare him with a feminist who cites crime disparity to blame all men. If the feminist contention sounds absurd (as it should to any rational mind), remember that it has stronger statistical backing than the racist contention.
Meanwhile, the Zionist agenda to cause interethnic hostility is best served precisely by this rather coarse racial identity classification, both so that statistics can be manipulated conveniently, and so that people can easily be fed with the required stereotypes (something that would be much harder with a classification scheme involving hundreds of anthropometric categories). So this is why Zionist government organizations do not tell us about the Dinaric unemployment rate or the Phalic divorce rate: because this does not help them start fights between groups of non-Jews nearly as well as the coarser classification.
But the point is not merely to switch to self-identification based on a more honest or more detailed system of classification, because in so doing we remain passive to past evolutionary circumstance. Any kind of static racial identity promotes acceptance of the defects in whatever race one has decided to belong to (and corresponding attachment towards the cultural expressions of these defects). Racism is most dangerous not by its intolerance towards the out-group, but by its tolerance towards the in-group.
The only positive response – the National Socialist response – is to take control and redefine race as a product of our control. We agree that culture is significantly a product of genetics. Unlike the ethnopreservationists, however, we despise the cultures they support – cultures of arrogance, colonialism, industrialization, finance, fuel machines, cruelty to animals, exploitation of the environment and almost every other evil imaginable. Their aim is to preserve their cultures, and thus by logic the gene pools that produced them. Our aim is to start fresh. Authentic National Socialism was never about comparing one gene pool with another, but about recognizing and promoting the high-quality elements from any number of gene pools for the sake of a new, idealistic beginning (hence Hitler speaking of “two Germanys” and “two Japans”).