Becoming a National Socialist Warrior — Dutch SS

Am 13.06.2017 veröffentlicht
Every shot included is of Dutch people. An ode to the 55,000 Dutch men that volunteered to fight against communism, for the safety of their own folk, and for the National Socialist ideal. For comparison, the modern Dutch army would be over 4 times as large as it is today if the rate of joining it was as high as the rate the Dutch volunteered for the SS. This doesn’t even account for the countless men denied access at the time, as the SS was an elite unit that had high requirements. The man speaking is Hendrik Feldmeijer, leader of the Dutch SS. He represented the more hardline National Socialist faction in the Netherlands and over the last 5 years of the NSB a split started to grow between Mussert and Feldmeijer, the latter being much more set on further deepening the bond with the other Germanic peoples. (YouTube)