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A Personal Account by

Thies Christophersen

Introduction  by Dr. Manfred Roeder
First published in German in 1973 under the title Die Auschwitz Luge


More than 100,000 copies in five languages distributed!


First English edition 1974 under the title The Auschwitz Lie
Completely revised and supplemented new edition, August 1979
Preface by Dr Manfred Roeder ……………………………… iii
About the Author, Thies Christophersen ………………. vii
About Dr Manfred Roeder …………………………………….. viii
Horror Propaganda Against Germany …………………… 1
The Truth of Auschwitz: Silence by Blackmail ……… 3
Kok Sagis ………………………………………………………………. 5
Life in the Camp ……………………………………………………. 7
Olga ……………………………………………………………………….. 13
The Death Camp …………………………………………………… 15
Epilogue ………………………………………………………………… 25
Liars at Work” Reprint from Jewish Weekly …. 28
A Letter from Simon Wiesenthal …………………………… 29
Manfred Roeder’s Reply to Wiesenthal ………………….. 29


by Manfred Roeder, ‘Attorney-at-Law’

For God’s sake, can’t you carry on with your fight against pornography and moral degeneration without getting tied up in politics. Why are you so concerned about the past. Surely, you don’t want to justify National Socialism or deny the crimes of the past?” Even very good friends made such imploring appeals to me after I had mentioned the word Auschwitz in connection with horror propaganda for the first time. An honestly concerned priest wrote to me, “I have to tell you that your turning to political right-wing radicalism has frightened me a little, but I will stand behind you also in future, because I know you.
As pleased as I was about the confidence, it was alarming to realize how every effort to find truth and justice for Germany is termed: political right-wing radicalism. Yes, how much I would like to let the past rest if there was a mutual promise from all sides to forgive and forget as it was done in the peace treaty after the Thirty Years War in 1648. Nothing was to be touched upon, no persecutions were to be held. This was indeed a heroic achievement of dignity in the spirit of Christ!
What do we see today? Who is willing to forgive, to forget and heal old wounds? Only the Germans, and especially German refugees, have offered their intentions again and again, supported by deeds. What does the other side do?
The government of the German Reich was illegally removed from office. German officers, who had done nothing but their duty, and whose characters were far superior to those of the Allies passing judgment on them, were sadistically strangled, whilst no single soldier or partisan of the enemy was brought into court for war crimes. German jurisdiction and search for truth was made impossible. Only the victors were to sit in judgment and to write history. The persecution of war crimes in any other country was promptly prohibited. Not only were alleged deeds of Germans prosecuted in a most brutal manner, without consideration for any international legal principle, but it was explicitly ordered to lift the Statute of Limitations for so-called German war crimes or genocide. The Germans, thus being marked as outlaws as a result, can now have revenge taken on them until doomsday. This way, insidious partisans became national heroes; honorable German officers who defended themselves against these scroundrels were called war criminals.
The present government of the German Federal Republic has ordered a 14-volume documentation concerning crimes committed on German prisoners of war and civilians-not to be published, but to be pulped.
Golda Meir, as prime minister of Israel, made it known in unmistakable terms that “completely normal relations between Germany and Israel” would never exist. How can a past be left alone which is stirred up anew daily to be used against our people?
All schools continue to spread the lies about atrocities in concentration camps. There is, for instance, at this very moment an exhibition being shown in Wiesbaden under the patronage of the prime minister of Hesse, which is titled “Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen,” where all the long-disproved propaganda lies are brought up again. As class after class is being channeled through the exhibition, the horrified children read that a gas chamber was built in Sachsenhausen in 1943, although it has been [Page iii] proved long since that there have never existed any gas chambers on German territory. It causes one to shudder when you read, “Day and night the sweetish smell of burnt human flesh was hanging over the camp.” Such statements are being made in spite of the fact that the international Red Cross regularly inspected the concentration camps up to March 1945, and never reported on any gassing or cremating facilities or the sweetish smell.
It is further maintained that every SS-Man in Sachsenhausen had the ‘right‘ to beat up and even kill a prisoner during roll call. Of course, cruelty occurred occasionally, but almost entirely between inmates themselves or were committed by auxiliary guards, the so-called ‘Kapos.‘ If an SS-Man or any other German official committed any crime against prisoners or touched their property, he was immediately court-martialed.
What possible interest could Prime Minister Osswald of Hesse have in spreading such lies about Germany?
Our entire school youth is being poisoned with these lies about their fathers to deepen the hatred between generations ever more. But this is the recipe of the world conspirators to destroy a people. And we who know better, should we keep silent? One who then still wants to tell us that this is the Christian thing to do, is in my eyes nothing but a worthless coward and scoundrel.
The Minister of Education in Hesse has commissioned the Jewess Hannah Vogt to write a book about Germany’s past entitled Guilt or Destiny, which already had its 11th printing, and is distributed to all high school graduates. A Jewess will hardly be qualified to judge Germany’s past objectively. This book turned out to be an absolute masterpiece of historical smear and hate propaganda in a scientific cloak, and can be put on a par with the works of the Komintern agent, Willy Muenzenberg, the unsurpassed master of anti-German agitation and lie propaganda who would shout to his collaborators, when they wrote an article against Germany:
Too weak, too objective! Knock them on the head. Make the world stand aghast with horror. Make them the stench of the world. All men must curse them and shudder with horror!
There is not one authentic document in existence which places the overall losses of the Jewish population during the last war higher than 200,000. During one single night, in Dresden, more defenseless, innocent Germans perished-children, women, old people and especially wounded men than Jews have died in all the concentration camps in the years of the National Socialist Regime!!! And in these Jewish total losses even natural deaths are included. Thus the losses, taken as a percentage and absolutely, are much below those of any other power taking part in the war; keeping in mind that the Jewish world organizations had already in 1933 declared a holy war on Germany to be fought to the death.

Judea Declares War on Germany

[Image] “Judea Declares War On Germany” headline in the Daily Express, (Note: this image is not in the original booklet)
At that time not a single hair on a Jew’s head had been touched! Yet, the world resounds with the clamour for the dead Jews. But no outrage is voiced about Dresden and the genuine figure of six million murdered East Germans. No voice is raised about the millions of murdered German and European war prisoners who had fought on the German side. No plaque tells us of the 105,000 Frenchmen who were murdered because they were pro-German. No days of remembrance are held for the Dutch, Danes, Belgians, Norwegians, Rumanians, Russians, Cossacks, Ukrainians, who were slaughtered in a most bestial manner for having worked or fought on the German side. They wanted to save Europe from Bolshevism or, in [Page iv] some cases, German control was probably considered to be the lesser evil.
An employee of the present German Postal Service can be dismissed on the spot if he denies that Jews were gassed. This strange concept of ‘justice‘ was supported by a court in Hesse which agreed that no employer needs to tolerate such utterances against Jews, which “cannot be surpassed in their offensiveness.” Every scoundrel though may freely boast today that he committed sabotage and treason against Germany.
One of the concerned readers asked me if I were not perhaps falling victim to a new kind of Anti-Semitism? On the contrary! I like to see the Jews being treated the same as everybody else and not enjoy special privileges. These privileges, and the lies spread by certain Jewish World Domination Cliques are the cause of a new Anti-Semitism. Mr. Wiesenthal promotes more Anti-Semitism than I do. Every decent Jew will welcome our search for truth and therefore agree with this brochure. By publishing this sensational report we do not stir up nationalism or hatred, but merely serve the truth, and only the truth will make us and others free. Only injustice which was really committed can be made good or forgiven. Invented ‘atrocity’ stories will create new hatred and sow seeds of discontent without fail.
We are not so much interested here in running up and down the scale of losses and crimes, but first of all we are concerned about the spiritual recovery of our people. We have been accused of the worst crimes in the history of mankind: namely to have willingly started a global war, to have murdered millions of innocent people, and if we had had the time and opportunity, we would have eliminated also the rest of all ‘subjugated’ peoples.
One who can accept such an accusation without protest has neither heart nor brains! Now suddenly there are witnesses who stand up and say: All this is not true! Germany neither wanted nor started this war but has been forced into it by her deadly enemies. Hitler had no intentions to kill Jews and never has he given any orders for their extermination nor for the destruction of any other peoples. There were no gas chambers. All these are the inventions of morbid brains. Nearly all of the so-called war crimes and concentration camp trials have been held with perjured witnesses and falsified documents.
Any person who is accused of a crime will certainly be pleased when he is found not guilty, all the more so if it was proved that the crime in question had not even been committed.
We Germans should, therefore, rejoice when today witnesses do appear who can prove that Auschwitz was no death machinery, but an enormous armament factory and that the inmates of the camp were on the whole treated decently, and that any people from outside could visit the camp at any time. Most of our people react quite differently though. They behave as if one wanted to deprive them of their most precious post-war experience-their guilt complex. With claws and teeth they hang on to a German guilt. This is quite a unique phenomenon in the history of mankind. In any other people such a reaction would be unthinkable and can only be described as a deep mental disturbance, as it is not normal that someone should insist on being guilty.
This is the real problem and the true reason for the publication of this brochure. It is not a question of which side has done more wrong; that is almost common knowledge to everyone who even superficially studied the [Page v] available sources. It is a plain aquital for Germany. The book by Colonel Dall, son-in-law of Franklin D. Roosevelt, America’s War Policy, was not even necessary to prove that. Nevertheless, this book has uncovered, beyond any doubt, the sole guilt of Roosevelt and Churchill for this war and their criminal conspiracy against peace. Whoever still maintains the opposite is being malicious!
Why are we Germans so in love with the fairy tale of the six million gassed Jews? I can speak here from experience because I, myself, believed in it at one time. We Germans like brooding about a problem. We are God-fearing by nature. Therefore, we had to have a profound religious explanation for the immeasurable misery our people had been plunged into. To merely except the explanation that the others were stronger and more reckless, is insufficient for the German soul. We believe that nobody has to suffer such misery without a reasonable cause. It is the well-known problem of Job, who was talked into believing — by his ‘friends‘ and re-educators — that every blow from fate is a punishment from God. In that way, many Germans saw in the catastrophe of 1945 a divine judgment for sins and Crimes committed. The myth of six million innocent, murdered people actually satisfied the demand for a metaphysical explanation and was therefore so eagerly accepted. It seems to become all the more plausible when based on the Bible: We did not murder just ‘any‘ people, but we murdered the ‘chosen‘ people! As one of the readers wrote to me in these words: “Yes, we have assaulted the apple of God’s eye.“; what a ‘wonderful‘ explanation! Now we know why. Now we have got something to suffer for, and through subservience to all Jews and by paying colossal sums of money, we can regain at least part of God’s favor, or, as repentant sinners look forward to forgiveness. That is the reason why the German clings to the ‘murdered Jews‘ as though it meant the salvation of his soul. Without this explanation our terrible downfall would have had no higher meaning and be all the harder to bear.
We cannot therefore blame the poor citizen for believing in the concentration camp horrors. It would deprive them of their faith in a just God, the basic problem of Martin Luther’s reformation, which seems to be still deep-rooted with many people. But Job wrestles with his re-educators and gives them the proper answer:
This affliction comes upon me for no understandable reason. I don’t know why. It is beyond me. But I have not sinned against God. I have not gone astray from the right path. I want to reason with Him. I have kept the faith. One day He will justify me in public!
This is the voice of a righteous man. isn’t that the way we ought to speak? We do away with the two great lies on which the whole post-war development rests: There is no chosen people Israel who could claim to be identical with the Jews; and there is certainly no condemned, criminal German people! We shall fight uncompromisingly against anyone who upholds one of these lies or versions thereof and thereby drives our people deeper into its misery. The time has come to stand up and be counted to bring about a change of fortune. We shall conquer fate because we are fulfilling God’s commission. Therefore I am so very grateful to Thies Christophersen, who has set a shining example to our people with this courageous work and is a guarantor for the fact that we shall reverse the tide of the time.
Manfred Roeder
[Page vi]
About the Author, Thies Christophersen
Thies Christophersen, born in 1918, was a farmer in northern Germany before the war. As a soldier in the German army he was wounded during the western campaign in 1940, and was thereafter unfit for active military service.
After an agricultural study he was ordered to serve in the Ukraine on India Rubber research. This research department was transferred to Auschwitz in Poland after the re-occupation of the Ukraine by the Soviets.
Thies Christophersen, as a member of the German army with the rank of a second lieutenant (Sonderfuehrer Z), was part of the research team. Having worked with concentration camp inmates, Christophersen is publishing his observations and experiences in the brochure now before you.
Today, Christophersen is active as a writer and journalist on agricultural subjects. He is the publisher of several publications, i.e. the periodicals Kritik and Die Bauernschaft. The author resides at D-2341 Kaelberhagen/Mohrkirch, West Germany.20121108 0248
Thies Christophersen
[Page vii]
About Dr Manfred Roeder
Manfred Roeder, a successful farmer and an attorney, was born in 1929. His father was a dedicated National Socialist, and Roeder himself fought in the battle of Berlin in 1945 as a member of the Hitler Youth.
His initial involvement in politics goes back ten years, when he led a nationwide fight against pornography. Soon after that he became aware of numerous injustices in West Germany. He is the founder of two patriotic organizations: The German Citizens’ Initiative and The Liberation Movement of the German Reich.Manfred Roeder pic
In particular, Roeder has actively refuted the propaganda put forth, by the West German government which seeks to instill a sense of guilt and shame in the German people for the Second World War. Roeder has led mass demonstrations demanding the release of Rudolf Hess, and has been a leading figure in the movement to demolish the hoax that six million Jews were ‘gassed’ by the Germans during the war.
Manfred Roeder fled West Germany in 1977 to avoid incarceration on charges of;
defaming democracy in general and the West German democracy in particular and unconstitutional propaganda.
Roeder had received word that once imprisoned, the Bonn regime planned to file many additional charges against him in order to keep him locked up indefinitely.
Roeder has traveled extensively in North and South America since he left Germany, making friends and contacts for his organizations. He is presently being sought not only by the West German police, but by Interpol as well. While in the United States, the F.B.I. was interested in his movements. It is to be hoped that someday Manfred Roeder will be able to return to his farm in Germany where his wife and six children now wait for him. For the time being, however, this man who loves his country and his people must remain in exile from them.
From White Power, Nov.-Dec. 1978


Die Auschwitz Lüge
AUSCHWITZ A Personal Account by Thies Christophersen (Version 2)
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